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Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

Clayton at SeanCody

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Clayton is 25 and he’s been in school for about five years now.

“I kept switching majors,” he said. “I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do.”

He finally decided on a finance major.

“I’m not going to switch again. I like the subject. I’ve got about a year and half left and then I’m done.”

Clayton said he gets mostly A’s with a few B’s here and there.

He’s also a jock — he was on the football team and he’s currently practicing mixed martial arts.

Clayton has a smooth, muscular body and an uncut cock.

“I spend about two to three hours a day in the gym,” he told us. “An hour in the morning and then an hour or two in the afternoon.”

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clusterfuck says:

The too-small eyes and the teeth creep me out… and then the legs behind the head thing made me throw up a little. Definitely a Monet – much better looking from far far away.

Fazz says:

I can agree mildly on the eyes, and the yoga pose. Easily solved, don’t do that pose :p
This guy confuses me so much, be he turns me into a horny dog, for some odd reason.

Urs Jans says:

Looks older than 25 up close. Dick kinda small. I say pass.

Fazz says:

There is something about Clayton, he made me Rock hard at the first stroke of his delicious throbbing flopping Cock.
And WoooW What a cum shot in the first part, right in the face, mouth even the eye.
That dick is just begging to be sucked so hard, it looks so moist and soft to the touch, I could go down on him for hours, feels like. And still beg to be fucked unconscious!
And while he’s not a 10, there is so much sexual energy inside of him and honestly all around him, that all I can do it to basically drool, right down on my cock and jerk until I go blind and get hair on my palms. J/K

scottnyer says:

i’m impressed by his flexibility. I don’t think many people can do that, especially people who are of his bulk and size.

not bad. i think he’s cute.

rj says:

I agree he’s cute and he’s certainly ambidextrous. The yoga pose is, well, interesting–might be better without that “gotcha” facial expression. Speaking of facials, I like the one he gives himself at the end. He seems more than familiar with the territory and how to cover it.

Grant Urwish says:

I like him, I think he is great. I especially like it when a man presents himself to me in a pose like his yoga pose. He’s telling me he want’s me to get up close and personal.

Mike says:

Wow. Not the least bit interested.

tyler says:

what a dumb hunkasaurus rex! good specimen of that variety-
i like so far
but that wasnt nice of the camera dude to request that yoga pose- not for a guy that looks like this

jayare says:

That’s quite the popshot. He reminds me of some dudes I see at my gym. Not bad

Bradster says:

Barbed wire tats on the biceps, how original! There’s no way in hell this guy is 25. He’s more like 35. Nice try, SC.

Vic says:

I’d eat him & lick that spunk off his face………..

Will says:

From the ankles behind the ears pose it isn’t hard to guess what position he plays.

pubert says:

I thought he was hot as hell until I saw that nasty uncircumcised dick.

Is he European?

Oh Boy says:

That’s one of the nicest uncut cocks I’ve seen in a while…..and just in case you weren’t aware, this is how men are born, uncut is how a cock is meant to be!

tomtomson says:

I hope americans have come to their senses and stoped this male mutilation with cutting foreskins. And happy to say we see more and more untouched American. Hear hear!

ThomT says:

Why would he have to be European? He could be Canadian, Mexican or – on God are you ready for this – AMERICAN! Yep pubert, there are lots and lots of guys right here in the USA that haven’t got nasty circumcision scars and our numbers are growing!

Established One says:

Yes Yes! Yes! I lve everything about him. Especially the uncut dick. It’s a thumbs up and a YES for me!

Nate says:

I wouldnt mind seeing him back. He shoots a ton.

elmtree says:

Not the greatest face but I’m down with everything else. Damn nice body and cock. Love the cum shot and I dint have a problem with the yoga pose at all. Just means easy access for me :)

ben84 says:

i think hes hot id do him

Daniel says:

Not bad. Nice cock and cumshot!

ichiban says:

He looks much older than 25..

Rebel says:

yes, he is older, but so flexy… and he’s shoting amazeingly :)
amazeingly… if that word exist.

TaterTot says:

Hubba fuckin’ hubba!

AL says:

Don’t like uncircumcised men very much but he pulls some great faces. And what a gusher!

KSaguaro says:

AHHH I wanna fuck him!

AL says:

There is something very sexy about seeing a man’s face splashed with his own semen. Perhaps it is the combination of what is most public (his face) with what is most private (the most intimate substance a man’s body produces). This guy’s rugged and handsome face is the perfect landscape. It displays his semen beautifully.

ThomT says:

I think this guy is totally hot – everything about him screams sex to me. It’s unlikely that he’ll be back though because he looks to be more of an (solo) exhibitionist than a performer to me.