ExtraBigDicks: Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes

Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes at

Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes at

Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes at

Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes at

Addison Andrews & Parker Brookes at

Addison Andrews & Parker Brooks at

EBD wrote:

Making his debut on this week is the now infamous Addison Andrews. At 26 years of age and at 6’3″ this international man of intrigue is a 9.5” cut above the rest. (Feel free to read into that one!) Born in Israel, Addison grew up in London; got that sexy accent and has spent the last few years traveling the states. The second hottie making his debut this week is a home grown boy from one of our bordering states here in Florida.

Parker Brookes is 22 years of age and still calls Alabama home. The chemistry between these two is insane. They start kissing before Parker takes the lead and pushes Addison back so he can start exploring his smooth pecs and abs with his tongue. Addison drops his drawers to discover his massive cock looks impressive even asleep. “That’s a huge cock” says Parker only to be assured it’s not done growing yet. Surprisingly, that python dick has met it’s mongoose in this mop-topped Alabama stud who has no problem deep-throating every inch Addison’s brought to the table. Damn, Son! Addison then gives some back as he takes Parker’s cock in his mouth and sucks on his hard cock and balls. That hot tongue then heads south as it starts to explore that sweet ass he’ll soon be fucking. “Eat that ass.” Parker groans as Addison tongue fucks that hot hole. All that rimming has got Addison’s dick begging for more. Addison slides his cock inside and immediately starts to fuck that hot ass. “Aww fuck me” begs Parker as he gets that ass nailed. They move to the floor where Addison keeps fucking Parker doggy style. He grinds and slides that dick in repeatedly as Parker fucks back wanting every delicious inch inside him. But WAIT there’s more! Addison the sits back as Parker sits on that dick in a hot reverse cowgirl. Parker bounces on that dick like he’s on a bouncy ball and its sending Addison into overdrive. On his back with his legs wide open, Parker’s ass is getting dick deeper and harder than ever before and it’s hitting him in ALL the right places. As Parker starts to explode, Addison buries his dick even deeper. Addison then pulls out and shoots his load all over Parker’s smooth chest and face. Whew. These two might need to re-hydrate.

  • FeydRautha

    I guess they wanted to release this scene before the news becomes more widespread…

    Further cementing my belief that bisexual men are mentally unbalanced psychopaths. Excuse the hyperbole, but that’s just been my experience.

    • J-Williams

      I take serious offense to that. I’m bisexual and completely normal! I have no desire to do anything that would even hint at psychopathic behavior. I can’t stand when gay people bash bisexuals. The world makes you outcasts, and then you outcast us! That hardly seems fair.

    • NE1956

      I’m a gay guy with the attitude that Feyd needs his head examined. What the heck does bisexual have to do with ANYTHING but being bisexual?

      Here’s my belief: you’re a freak and a dope!

      Shames me to my core, J-Williams, that even ONE person in the gay community has that opinion. Well, it’s just that, an opinion, albeit a stupid one.

    • FeydRautha

      It’s merely my opinion and I said as much.

      Geez, “my belief,” “my experience,” “hyperbole”…

    • FeydRautha


      I’m sorry to seem insensitive. It’s just that I had a rather bad experience. Had a boyfriend in college (well, that’s what he was to me). Turns out he also had a girlfriend. When I threatened to tell this girlfriend about us (geez, how stupid and naive I was!), he beat the living shit out of me. Ever since then, I’ve tried to steer clear of bisexual men. And none of the bi men I’ve met socially have caused me to reverse my opinion.

      I guess I should count myself lucky. I read of similar story a while back. A married cop killing his gay lover when he threatened to expose their relationship…

    • Jared

      Personally i think your ex-bf was just gay and trying to live a lie. Guys that are truly bisexual and comfortable with their sexuality tend to be pretty stable. Clearly your ex wasnt comfortable with it. His reaction, while not justified, does not surprise me. You threatened to expose him and destroy his facade. I would expect someone to react violently to that.

      And the trouble with SOME same-sex relationships is people get confused about domestic violence. Everyone knows it is wrong for a guy to beat a female. But many same sex couples falsely think since they are the same gender it is a fair fight.

    • Marsx09


      While I don’t agree 100% with what you said, I’ve also had a really bad experience with a “bisexual” man. I understand how that could make you embittered…even against those who don’t deserve it. I was lucky enough to be across the country [he was in the military, on the west coast; his wife in Wisconsin] when I exposed his dirty dealings
      This is a really sad thing that’s going on with James Andrews aka “Addison”; I’ve been a fan since the Sean Cody days

  • Kiron

    WOW!!!!!!!! I’m so happy Addison is back. He’s got such a cute face amazing huge dick and can fuck. I love him!

    • NE1956

      Duh, get with it Kiron. He is not ‘back’ for long. He’s accused of murder. Read the link above.

    • Kiron

      Yeah Yeah whatever Ne1956..He’s still hot. That’s all I’m saying!

  • Established One

    They both have nice dicks and all….i would have to give them a thumbs up.

  • PauloD

    The bottoms face in the last pic. That’s the same expression the trick had before he based his head in with a sledgehammer.

  • brandon85

    Addison has crazy eyes n this he didn’t at SC.

    • Josh J.

      You’re right. He does have a bit of a crazed look in his eyes when you look at these pics. It’s almost like he wanted to hurt this dude the same way he hurt and killed that guy. I’m glad this will be the last of him because gay porn gets a bad enough rap with these studios hiring all these losers with major criminal records.

  • Stanley Kowalski

    Love, Love, Love the choleout picture. That is definitely the hottest thing about this scene. The bottom looks scared, but is he scared of being murdered or being fucked by a guy who has shaved all his pubic hair off? At any rate, this scene looks more exciting that reading a bunch of boring comments speculating on other guys’ sexuality.

  • Info

    ExtraBigDicks should be ashamed of themselves!

    I just thought that would be a funny thing to say.

  • tyler

    now we know why ADDISON always was SWEATING so much!
    I love his sledgehammer, and wouldn’t mind dying from it.

    • tyler

      “Sweating” being a euphemism for DE-TOXING [criminal activity usually springs from drug addiction]…

  • Britboy

    Looking at the pics I was thinking there’s something a bit harder, rougher about him than there was in his SC days and there in the first comment is probably the reason why. What a waste but I’m with tyler, he can still hit me with his sledgehammer.

  • Looks only take you so far. Murder is an ugly that seeps to your exterior in my eyes. He’s lost all appeal for me:/ May he find what he was looking for in jail I guess

  • Jay

    This is definitely not the same Addison (sanity wise) from Sean Cody. I wonder what exactly happened to make him homicidal. Was it drugs? His girlfriend? Who knows… shame.

    • darkthunder1983

      From what it’s been said, his girlfriend convinced him to do it but that’s just a rumor. Any and everyone has the potential to kill but whether or not you do it as a means of defense or get pleasure from it is you.

    • Mean Gene

      And THAT’S why I won’t have a girlfriend! Well, that and the being totally gay part.

  • brandon85

    To b fair he hasn’t been found guilty.

  • seymour dix

    Addison is so dreamily handsome and has a sexy body, the longhair looks scared, but a bit turned on. It’s just ok

  • Daniel

    It’s Addison and his big cock!

  • von schlomo

    I have never understood the appeal of Addison. His personality seems like asshole/smartass.

    • Anton

      It’s the British accent, Von. Americans get weak in the knees when hearing British accents! ;)

      I thought he was an incredible performer at SeanCody, on par with Harley. Too bad he may be an actual murderer. Sort of taints any fantasies I had of him.

    • Jay

      hehe, Anton said taint.

  • Ike

    Thank providence it’s the ugly psycho-looking one.

  • livelifeG

    it`d be a little scared if i were Parker Brooks and Addison kept having his hands around my neck like that too many times. there`s a line between hot and in the moment versus borderline strangling and suffocating.