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Callum Stuart at EnglishLads

Callum Stuart at EnglishLads

Callum Stuart at EnglishLads

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Horny str8 PT Callum is one fit bodied lad who relishes in showing off his body; today in the hot tropical sun it’s too hot to wear more than shorts and he is quick to feel his uncut meat through his shorts… and the bulge in his shorts showing he is more than a hint semi! Lying back on the rocks he pulls down his boxers and a stiff cock springs out and sticks straight up! Every muscle in Callum’s body is hard and he is gripping and wanking his cock with real enthusiasm as though he is taking part in a new Olympic Sport! When he bends forward to show off his slightly hairy hole he gets drenched by a wave his hole covered in salt water! Playing in the sun has made him so horny that when he lies back on the rocks and power wanks he blows a nice big load over his abs!

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  • clusterfuck

    Those nips look ripe and ready for nibbling!

    • Yes they are quite tantalizing !

      Approved ! Hawtest Brit I’ve seen in awhile ! =D

  • Kiron

    I can’t believe how ripped his chest is. He’s a really hot sexy blonde boy!

  • Riley

    Calvin Klein has never had a better spokesman YUM!!! ;)

  • tyler

    holy fuck this guy is gorgeous

    • elmtree

      Well said Tyler…well said and so true!

  • moondoggy


  • moondoggy

    omg, I didn’t even notice the annoying way they’re hiding his dick. It took me a good 15 minutes of staring to remember to look for his dick!!

    • elmtree

      OMG, I didn’t notice either Moondoggy until I read your post. He’s truly that hot…damn!

    • tantiboh

      Wow, you’re right. Judging from where his hand is, I’d guess it’s probably because he has **horrors** an average-sized dick.

    • LikeWhoa!

      Judging by the long & thick tubular shape in those Calvin’s, I’d say it’s a slight over-average.

    • poison824

      could be because its cant get hard, only semihard/soft like his previous vids.

    • Daniel


  • tantiboh

    Great looking guy… but I’m sure tired of seeing friggin’ tattoos.

    • jmdrwac

      And what’s the point? All he had to do to get noticed was take off his shirt. Now he has a back that looks like a tacky subway ad. Not hot, and not cool.

    • Brock722

      yeah… when tats go “out” again (and they will, for better or worse), there’s gonna be a lot of regretful people out there. Until they’re “in” once again :-)

    • josh69

      I kinda like the freedom one under the arm…but wings all over the back seem a bit much…if he jumped off a building would he be able to fly with those “blessed” angel wings? ..God sure did bless this one with an amazing body!!!

    • fredo1919

      They really should pass a law that prevents anyone under about 25 (the age, these days, when young men seem to develop some sense) from getting tattooed. These guys look ridiculous now – they’ll be horrifying when they’re 40.

  • Established One

    Hot. Damn he is incredibly hot. Ripped and sexy. Why don’t all the English lads look like him…it’s a 100% YES for me!

  • I hate English Lads promo pictures. They conceal just about everything.

  • brad323

    Super hot!

  • Mak

    My god what a beautiful chest. And the rest of him is nice too.

  • AL

    As everyone knows, I prefer a no-cifer. No clothes. No ink. No foreskin. But on this occasion, 1 out of 3 is VERY impressive. Meaty nipples are as rare as that sunny day in England.

  • Daniel

    HOT DAMN! This stud is perfection