Fratmen.TV: Vance (Naked College Frat Boy)

Vance (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Vance (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Vance (Naked College Frat Boy) at

Vance (Naked College Frat Boy) at

This week’s addition is a buddy of Graham. He’s a bit of bad boy, but nobody believes it because he has such a sweet face… Welcome Fratmen Vance.

Watch Vance at Fratmen.TV

  • funsicles

    OMG!!! I went to school with this hottie and always wanted to see him naked!

  • Established One

    Yes I must say he cute with a banging body…nice did too. I say YES!

  • wompman

    Wow, Funsicles, that’s hot! He’s got a great body and really nice dick, what was he like in school? I’ve always wanted to see someone I had a crush on turn up naked online, but so far no luck.

  • Urs Jans

    He really doesn’t do much for me, just avg. But that cockhead makes me horny. I’d suck that thing all day.

  • tyler

    gorgeous wiener!!!

    • Enders


    • alias74

      Tyler shoots and scores….AGAIN!

      I was just remarking to myself about how hypnotic his cock is….

  • clusterfuck

    Not a fan of the pubic hair hairstyle on top of his head, but everything else is delectable!

  • pubert

    He appears to have some sort of fungus growing on top of his head.

    WTF was he thinking to get a perm like that? Jesus Christ.

    I’d give his dick a little suck, but the head’s out of proportion so I wouldn’t care to have him blow in my mouth.


  • AaronJL

    Decent enough, but the first pic of him reminds me of Connor from CF. (Not much into Connor).

    Overall he’s okay. Most of my favorite Fratmen are in the past. For sweet example:

    • Riley

      AaronJL, hate to tell ou but recently saw your favorite Connor on a straight site a year or two ago and he had gained the “Freshmen 15.” it did not look good on him. at least in my opinion.

    • alias74

      LINK PLEASE! I wanna see the Freshman 15 on Connor….and that dick in action!

    • AaronJL

      Riley, I’ll just chase him around the house a few times. He’ll lose that 15 soon enough and be back in shape. Ick, I just can’t picture him different than he was. That floppy dick was just awesome. I can deal with the fact you saw him on a straight site. I had no fantasy that he’s gay.

    • Daniel

      Riley, link us!

    • von schlomo

      As near as I can tell, Connor is “Connor” on, too. It’s difficult to know for sure which scenes are his because they’re not very good at always crediting, or even mentioning, who the dudes are in scenes. I found about a dozen from July ’08 to Jan ’09.

      I knew this guy was familiar but I could not remember where I had seen him. I didn’t spend much time researching as I wouldn’t count him among my favorites from Fratmen.

    • Riley

      It was a Bang Bros site MIL*SOUP. And ok so it wasn’t the Freshmen 15. Connor just needed to tone up some. Man I wish he would do GAY PORN. He would fit in so well
      in that arena!!!!! ;)

      PG 3 of Mil*SOUP of Bang bros
      The Good Friend
      and Door to Door Service are the 2 that Connor is in.

    • AaronJL

      I tried to watch a bit of this, but too much T&A for me. I have to go boil my eyeballs for a while.

      Conner was still pretty appealing though. Definitely not Fratman slim but cute enough. And I agree with the ‘go gay’ sentiment. Then I wouldn’t have to boil my eyeballs.

    • josh69
  • Bradster

    Boring. He does nothing for me. Next!

  • Daniel

    Beautiful cock!

    Not so beautiful face

  • luca

    wompman, no luck here either. damn we need to start putting out ads to these pornsites in schools, else the guys wont show up!!

  • FFVIIMidgar

    I really don’t like the Justin Timberlake hair, but he’s pretty cute. Nice cock!