RandyBlue: Drew Collins

Drew Collins at Randy Blue

Drew Collins at Randy Blue

Drew Collins at Randy Blue

Drew Collins at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue wrote:

One really good perk of being a trainer in a gym is that you get to work out every chance you get. When you take one look at the incredible hot muscle jock body of Drew Collins you can tell he spends a lot of time working every individual muscle. He’s also got such a laid back personality that you can easily see him kicking back with a bunch of horny college guys just jerking their cocks the way straight buddies sometimes do. He really got off on the idea of all the Randy Blue members watching him caress his big hard muscle, showing off his rippling abs and hard pecs, letting his hand roam down to his stiff rod. All those hours at the gym have given him such an amazing body, from his huge bulging biceps to his nice muscular legs. And for a straight hunk he sure loves playing with his hole. It probable won’t be too long before we see some hot dildo action and hopefully some hardcore gay sex with this adorable stud.

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  • AaronJL


    • jackson803

      Aaron, you read my mind just now with that comment!! I seriously need to move to wherever Randy Blue is finding all these guys. Randy has been on a roll lately with some scorching hot guys!

    • BladeX

      Agreed, another winner from Randy Blue. What a absolute hunk :)

  • Bob-omb

    Why does that look like jizz dripping out of his hole in that second to last picture?

    Anyway, this guy gives off major Levi Johnston vibes. They have the same exact goofy smile.

    • Fazz

      lol you’re right! Kinda hot though!

  • Fazz

    I see a resemblence to Mark Wahlberg, in his face.

    I think he’s a Winner.

    Now ladies and gentlemen, watch and see, how RB ruins this and makes him into a mannequin at Harrods! So lifelike but ooouuh so lifeless.

  • Dustin

    Oh, he needs to come back!
    And soon.

  • scottnyer

    that’s a BIG guy. Nice dimples. We got a hot one here.

    RandyBlue flicks do seem boring tho. So maybe he can spice it up.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Yeah Drew is wicked hot with a gorgeous body and sexy face! Nice big dick too. He’s definitely a winner.

  • Guy

    I like this guy also. Good body, dick, and tight hole which apparently he likes to play with. A winner in my book.

  • Well, he’s obviously a bottom.

  • alias74

    SCORE is right! Like a hot cross between Levi johnson and Brett Swanson….and what a sweet fucking hole!

    RB better not screw this one up….GET this guy fucked ASAP! May I suggest Travis James, Mike West (flip flop), Max London, and Chris Rockway (flip flop)!

    • von schlomo

      Neverminding all the great aspects of these potential tops, but, do they consistently get and maintain wood? I know I’ve seen plenty of Mike West vids where he’s limp the entire time. It’s been a disappointment as I think he’s really hot!

  • Established One

    Approved! Nice bubble butt.

  • fabrice

    Another hot newcomer!

    Only problem is the hot newcomers usually are done in one. It’s the twinks and queens that go on to become regulars.

  • Daniel

    What a cutie!

  • jirojiro

    this may be sounds crazy but he looked like my dad in his 20 something.