Fratmen.TV: Theo (Naked Paintball Jock)

Theo (Naked Paintball Jock) at

Theo (Naked Paintball Jock) at

Theo (Naked Paintball Jock) at

Theo (Naked Paintball Jock) at

Paintball, mother fucker… get out of the WAY! Welcome Fratmen Theo.

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Established One says:

Nice body, abs and ass and oh yeah, dick too. Don’t like the name and the face is average at best. Albeit, I give him a thumbs up.

Riley says:

2.HOT and never thought about paintball, but will def. give it a whirl if the guys look even Half as HOT as THEO
3.ABS AWESOME and so HOT and HARD you can wash the *** stains out of your underwear when you do the laundry on his abs. His backside not too bad either I’d Love to help Theo wash the paint off of his body SLURP!!!!!!! :)

Off topic can we stop wasting water. Yes, it does look good

AaronJL says:

Riley he hasn’t learned to shower with a friend yet. ;)

tyler says:

these frat guys must be blow up dolls cuz theyre all perfection

krlos19 says:

i’ll take him from the neck down :)

Bradster says:

Saw the video. This guy is so hot.

clusterfuck says:

Paintball jock?!? Where’s the Ultimate Frisbee jock? How about the Twister jock?

Daniel says:

Everything is A-OK from the neck down.

AaronJL says:

LOVE the serious expression in shot #5 followed by the smile.

Sweet. Hot.

Mate says he’s ready to trade his blow-up doll. (I’m going back to work — sigh).

Orion Hunter says:

It’s the hair (especially in that first pic). Trim the top, taper the sides and add some soft waves or texture to get rid of the unfortunate helmet-head look.

Everything else is a go.

floodboy says:

Perfect. To look at only.

Lucas says:

He’s not necessarily the hottest guy on the site, but something about him tells me he’s quite cocky, which is a big plus in my book. ;)

FFVIIMidgar says:

He’s a neck down kinda guy.

Jasentylar says:

He seems gay in the feeds