SeanCody: Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop)

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

Jonathan & Lance (Flip-Flop) at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

The guys are quite busy when they aren’t here running around naked. Jonathan had just returned from India, and Lance has been making some big career changes… but his car has been in the shop, leaving him home with some time to kill.

“How do you keep yourself busy when you’re locked up in your place?”

“Ah, well lots of porn, so, I’m happy to be doing this and giving back to the industry… because I’ve taken so much,” Lance replied.

“What kind of porn do you usually watch?”

“Well, you know, it might just start out with something on YouTube, then the next thing you know you’re looking at porn, then the next thing you know it’s getting freaky, it’s getting weird, you know what I mean.”

“What’s freaky?”

“It depends, you know, I get my S&M moments… I consider that dark horny, I guess,” Lance explained.

“Have you ever been tied up?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, definitely.”

“Do you usually tie up or get tied up?”

“I like to do either, I mean, if it’s a first time with someone else, I like to tie them up. If we’re a good team, then I like to get tied up too, ’cause it is more fun when it’s on, you know,” Lance said.

“Well, unfortunately I didn’t bring the whips and chains today,” I laughed.

“Well, you know, maybe next time. It’s still gonna be a good show… I promise,” Lance said with a smile.

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Established One says:

Not bad. Not bad at all. Actually Lance looks better in this update then the previous update he did. It’s always good to see flip-flops. This gets a YES for me!

Riley says:

YUM!!! :)

elmtree says:

Well said Riley…I agree!

Fazz says:

Worst pairing in Sean Cody history, I’m not even sure if I’m watching Sean Cody or Cocksuremen. I’m getting so sick of SC, what the fuck happened to that site?

Riley says:

WTH are pigs flying outside *leaves laptop to go check* no
I didn’t think so. Sean Cody comes out on TOP this week kicking
CF’s BUTT big time. The pigs reference is to Sean Cody not writing a BS BTS story and getting straight*pardon the pun*
to the HOT man on man sex Sean Cody on FIRE this weekend!!!

Ryder25 says:

I’m not a huge Lance fan, but I’ll take him over Trevor and/or Lane any day. I love Jonathan.

LJ says:

The best thing about this video is Lance’s ass. It’s a work of art. Getting eaten, getting fucked, bouncing as Lance tops Jonathon. All good. Too bad it’s attached to Lance – he’s a loser. No car, watching porn in his apartment, can’t decide what bondage role to take… dude, you’re a couple weeks away from selling that ass on the street.

jmdrwac says:

My thoughts exactly. The ad on Craigslist for a massage with a happy ending is already running. In calls only, under the circumstances.

Glad to have Jonathan’s emaciated body explained. A trip to India will take pounds off anyone.

WeaponX says:

Lance doesn’t do it for me. With the other flops from other sites for this weekend, I guess I will be looking at old clips, LOL

clusterfuck says:

Lance is cute but the old guy Jonathan not so much. Can’t be bothered with this one. Too bad it’s not Lance and Esteban.

brandon85 says:

Wow I expected far worst reviews. I like Lance but only when he is getting fucked by someone really hot. Jonathan isn’t old he’s just not my type

muffintop says:

I love me some Jonathan and seeing him get fucked is great, but I’m not a fan of Lance…

Dave says:

I don’t really like these two, but the flip-flop ended up being super hot.(Atleast in pictures)

Mike says:

I like both of these guys a lot. Lance is very attractive and a very expressive bottom.

I liked this vid, but I think Jonathan was better with Calvin and Lance was better with Jess. For me, the foreplay was the hottest part of the vid. (I was a little disappointed, though, that neither guy took a cock in his mouth.) Jonathan shoots a beautiful creamy load but Lance doesn’t even go in for a taste! And, hey, did it magically disappear before Lance shot his load? ;)

Both guys are from the stick-it-in-and-fuck-like-a-jackrabbit school. Not my favorite style.

Still, I like lean guys, and these two are the leanest in SC’s stable.

Bradster says:

This is a case of Beauty & the Beast. It’s a shame Lance was paired up with paper-bag Jonathan.

Ted says:

LOL, I read this and was thinking “I agree” until I got down to the Lance needing Jonathan paperbagged. LOL

Robo-lance is just not attractive to me at all!

muffintop says:

Hahaha, my thoughts EXACTLY Ted!

Sushi says:

Jonathan is not my fav, but it was nice seeing him fucked. Lance is delish, and I’ve liked him from the start. He’s a real bottom. This is two gay dudes going at it.

josh69 says:

A real kinky horny pig bottom…Look at the big smile on Lance in the first pic…

Sushi says:

Ha ha! I FIRST wrote pig bottom, and then changed it, thinking it was too much.

But it isn’t!

Mike says:

Right. I was amazed at how much Lance in his vid with Jess seemed to enjoy getting fucked. I hope he’s around for a long time.

Jakub says:

Lance is cute

Jonathan,well…He is ok.


BladeX says:

This is how the Calvin & Jonathan update should have been, because that update was not a true flip/flop. That update was more of Calvin the bottom and Jonathan as the top update. Also, it would have nice to see the Jess & Lance update as a flip/flop. It did surprise me because Sean usually has his uber tops bottoms for smaller guys. So a Lance and Jess flip/flop would have been nice.

AaronJL says:

8.5/10 because it’s a flip-flop.

brandon85 says:

I think Calvin must have had problems staying hard and that’s why it was a short flip flop bc john obviously loves being on da bottom

rojo says:

This one really did it for me. Lance gave Jonathan the fucking I wish he had gotten in his flip-flop with Calvin. I don’t think there’s anything hotter than 2 hot versatile guys going at it. This one gets a huge YES !

Lucas says:

Nothing new here. Meh.

darkthunder1983 says:

Is this the first time or one of the few times Lance has topped? I didn’t know there was one where he did because he mostly bottoms.