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Kieron at ChaosMen

Kieron at ChaosMen

Kieron at ChaosMen

Kieron at ChaosMen

Kieron at ChaosMen

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ChaosMen wrote:

Talk about a good mix of genetic material!

Kieron is half Chinese half Polish. He got all that gorgeous Asian skin tone and facial structure from his Chinese side, and his 6’2″ body and 8.5″ cock from his Polish side!

As he states in his interview, most girls are surprised by how big his cock is, given the typical Asian stereotype.

He likes Latin and Asian girls, mostly though, I think it is a size thing as he likes to pick ’em up, and move them however he wants.

Kieron was a bit of a surprise as I had been wooing him for several months, so I thought I would surprise you today with his solo.

I don’t think he will be back to do more work, though he did like the way the money sounded for just getting head. He said he has a lot of gay friends, and he thought word would spread too fast to friends and family.

I don’t get too many Asian guys come my way, so please enjoy, because he is definitely an Elite model!

And if he comes in for a blow job, I swear I am doing it. He is as nice as can be and that foreskin was making me horny the entire shoot! But I suspect he won’t be back for ‘more.’

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  • mason5011

    there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do with him…. very hot

  • floodboy

    A tall, muscular japanese with a long, thick, uncut cock? It’s a fantasy came true, I’m all in!!!

    • von schlomo


    • jeremy

      He is half Chinese half Polish

  • porndog

    “And if he comes in for a blow job, I swear I am doing it. He is as nice as can be and that foreskin was making me horny the entire shoot! But I suspect he won’t be back for ‘more.’”

    I try not to judge, but this alone made me wonder what I would do if I had a site. I think I might be tempted, but it would feel too much like I’m paying someone for sex, esp if the point of the site was NOT to see me having sex (oral or otherwise). I say this to try & get some insight about guys like Brian, Jake Cruise, and others who “interact” with their models.

    Would luv some input from you guys on this.

    • 1americaninkorea

      I’m not sure what your issue is: are you uncomfortable with the idea of paying someone for sex (i.e.- prostitution) or are you saying you don’t like it when the site owners jump in on the action?

      For me- I think prostitution should be legal and regulated everywhere. Prosties should be allowed to sell their wares to consenting adults of whatever persuasion, and in return must have routine health checks from State-approved clinics. Customers know what they’re getting and don’t have to worry about getting tossed in the clink for trying to get a quickie, and the working girls/boys don’t have to hide. Plus, tax revenue goes to schools and shit. It’s win-win-win.

      As for site owners jumping in on the goods- well, it’s proprietary. If he has access and the model is willing, what can you do? When I see young, ripped studs kissing and rimming and fucking Jake bare, I don’t get mad at Jake- he’s just taking advantage of his opportunities. But it does make me look at the model as someone who’s *most likely* just doing it for the cash. And that takes part of the fantasy away (for me…)

      What gets ME about this particular update is this:

      [I don’t think he will be back to do more work, though he did like the way the money sounded for just getting head. He said he has a lot of gay friends, and he thought word would spread too fast to friends and family… I suspect he won’t be back for ‘more.’]

      Basically, what I’m reading is: If this guy DARES to lower himself to come get a blowjob, how lucky are we? After all, he’s putting his reputation on the line!

      I know porn is a ‘fantasy’, and most of the time the updates are full of shit. But I don’t really need to hear, “Yeah, this guy is only doing it for the cash and he feels kind of disgusted by the whole thing. But you fags sure are LUCKY to see him in action!”

      Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. There’s plenty of hot Asian guys who LIKE GAY SEX. Find them.

    • baz

      porndog, you could bypass the whole Jake Cruise thing by having an initial “casting couch” of sorts for the ones who really strike your fancy.

      Oh, and 1americaninkorea, I agree with every word of your post, especially the last part.

    • Vic

      1americaninkorea, You made a couple of good points.
      Thanks for the sermon dude.

    • Riley

      Thank-You 1AmericaninKorea took the freaking words right out of my mouth after your What gets ME statement. Sometimes you have to really wonder if Bryan is a straight guy pretending to be GAY by some of the things he writes in his BS back stories.
      Just wanna make ou jump through you screen and slap a b….. talking about Bryan not Kieron*SEXY BABY*
      HELl if Kieron doesn’t want to come back stop trying to throw money at him. It makes you look DESPERATE BRYAN and as a fellow GAY man you should know BETTER WT…..

      Notice how he wasn’t into pressuring best friends Aaron,Jacob and the HOTTIE Joshua to come back and they were all equally HOT:) @ least to me! And Thank You know who that I CAN HONESTLY SAY I HAVE NOT EVER STEREOTYPED A GUY BASED ON RACE AND WILL NOT EVER unlike the SHALLOW girls Kieron has come across in his life.

    • Mike

      1americaninkorea got it right. Do some legwork and find the hot Asian GAY guys.

  • Ryder25

    Hottest guy of the week, so far.

  • Bradster

    Very nice. Hoping for a return for some raw action.

  • Fireball

    Nice cock and skin tone. The face is a different story.

    Chaos Men really bugs me though. Bryan’s descriptions always make me cringe. I just find it kind of demeaning that he’s got all the gays on their knees (double entendre, I know) begging for models to come back so they can, at the minimum, get sucked off by some ugly guy. If I ran one of these Gay for Pay sights, I would have all the “straight” guys be ugly so I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing anything.

    • Arden

      What’s wrong with his face? Too ethnic for your liking?

    • Nate

      I always laugh at his updates. He always talks about what went wrong, or how late the guys flight was, or why he has a huge bruise on his ass. Always some tragic story or excuses for the videos

    • Ted

      I think Bryan just likes to put his foot in his mouth, lol. All his discriptions sound kind-a awkward to me now.

      I dunno… the guy is hot but… I dunno. I’ll see what I think of him later I guess, but for now I say he’s pretty/kinda hot (but best new guy for a while).

      Also great user name and icon, lol

    • scottnyer

      actually he looks ok in that first pic. He looks Spanish. But in the later pics I’m not digging the face either. And it’s not about ethnicity. At least for me. Because there are really hot Asians or Mixed-Asians. This dude, not so much.

      Cody from SC is a great mix of Asian and whatever.

      Separate note, I have a small problem with peeps of Mixed being called Asian or like President Obama being called Black. He’s not really. They are half-breeds. So it’s half-Black, half-Asian, etc.

    • lovelivelife

      @Scottnyer It all about the dominant features… if you’re half Chinese and half Mexican, whatever is more dominant is what you’ll be called. As for President Obama calling him black is simply referring to the color of his skin and not his race.

    • scottnyer

      from Wiki: The term black people usually refers to a racial group of humans with skin colors that range from light brown to nearly black.

    • Orion Hunter

      @scottnyer: Here’s a thought: Why don’t we let the “half-breeds” (those who actually have the most at stake in the decision) determine how they wish to self-identify (including President Obama, who obviously sees himself first and most recognizably as an African-American or black man)?

      That might be the better option for mixed-race, biracial, and multiracial individuals – they get to make the decision for themselves rather than having their racial identity thrust upon them by often well-meaning (though somewhat presumptuous) people.

      Btw, Kieron is a real cutey and I hope we get to see a lot more of him in MOM action (if not at CM, then certainly elsewhere).

    • Anton

      Amen, Orion Hunter!

      “half-breed yet black American”

  • Established One

    Yes! Totally hot. Very cute. It’s very unusual that Asian has big dicks like he does. And it would be a shame if he did not return. I would hope to see him come back to get a blowjob. It’s a YES for me!

  • baz

    Wow, very nice. Although, my appreciation of hot guys on ChaosMen is always tempered by the whole bareback issue.

  • Fazz

    Absolutely Perfect! There is not one thing about this man that I dont like, NOT ONE!

    There are way too few hot Asian men in Porn i.m.o.

  • lovelivelife

    I find this guy very hot.

    I’m in love with his face(very cute) and his dick(foreskin, foreskin, foreskin).

    • LuckyinKentucky

      Let me guess…you’re circumcized, right?

    • lovelivelife

      yes I am.

  • lovelivelife

    I love all the “he has a nice dick for an asian” comments. I could imagine you guys saying “President Obama is very articulate for a black guy” and “Justin Timberlake dances pretty good for a white guy”


    • scottnyer


    • Delovely

      giggle*. I don’t generally like asians, but he has nice facial features, a long member and an okay body. If we saw him again, I’d like to see more ab and chest definition. Here’s hoping for the best.

    • Orion Hunter

      A-fuckin’-men, lovelivelife!! A guy is rarely judged solely by his looks or individual traits alone – it’s almost always in relation to or in the context of his ethnicity or race (“cute for a black guy” or “hung for an Asian” or “nice ass for a white guy” or some other such tripe).

      You’d swear by a few of these clueless posts that the authors had NEVER interacted with someone outside of their own ethnic or racial backgrounds.

      I can’t understand how a country that claims to pride itself on its vaunted multi-culturalism produces so many insular, narrow-minded and provincial souls.

    • Riley

      Geaux Get ’em Orion HunterDitto on everything you said
      YEA!!!! ;)

  • clusterfuck

    Too bad he got his ass (or lack of) from his Chinese side.

  • Daniel

    Damn I wanna see him FUCK!

    As delicious as that cock looks, there’s no way it’s 8.5″. It’s a great cock nonetheless.

    • von schlomo

      HA! I couldn’t believe it took this long for someone to observe he’s not nearly 9 inches!!! Please. It’s very nice and big but it’s not huge. There’s just no need to exaggerate when most people are going to be very happy that he’s big. :)

  • Zee Brat

    He is so cute. Perfection.

  • Mike

    He’s hot, and I would love to see him back. In any context.

    So jacking off on a gay Web site is less gay than getting a blowjob on a gay Web site?

  • Anton

    I wish he was at SeanCody’s rather than ChaosMen. He’s too sexy for ChaosMen.

  • Mamzelle Naomi

    Where’s that whiny betch Pubert? Pubert, if you are reading this, I’d really LOVE to read what you have to say about this one, LOL.

    Like someone else already said in the above, I also thought this Kieron was a full Japanese just by the first picture alone! Oh my god, but that dick… that dick… that HOLY DICK!

    Why is it that there can’t be more Far Eastern Asiatic (and yes, that is actually a word) men that are as well-hung as Kieron!?!? Surely, if there were, there’d be less of that stupid and ignorant “I-am-not-into-Asians” bullshit!!!

  • retrophysical

    He is perfect.

  • Matty T Luffy

    This guy is so hot. Half Asian and half white. Would be much better to see him with another guy docking that long foreskin. Nice solo, but solos tend to be boring. His is no exception unfortunately.

  • blakbottomboy

    My GAWD he is the hottest white guy EVAH!!! I usualy stick with black guys, but I would this polish god dominate my tight little chocolate hole ANYDAY! He can be my master and me, his little slave boy he can throw around and caress when I feel mistreated!

  • Luke0090

    Please don’t do anything to this dude anymore !