Men Hard At Work: Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel

Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at MenHardAtWork

Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at MenHardAtWork

Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at MenHardAtWork

Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at MenHardAtWork

Watch Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at

Cliff has some serious doubts about Jake’s technical know how, to the point of thinking he can’t even read a leveler. When doing construction, the smallest thing can result in very big problems, so no harm in double checking, just to be sure. As it turns out, Jake does know what he’s talking about, and is pretty handy with the right tool. Besides, Jake points out that “straight and level” aren’t the only way to go, and he goes to work on Cliff’s tool which is more than up for the job.

Watch Cliff Jensen & Jake Steel at

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Timah says:

I’d like to have that bottom on my lap.

tyler says:

never heard of CLIFF til now and you can bet i will download everything he does from now on. have i rhapsodized enough about JAKE yet? god, he is my idol.

elmtree says:

Yes you have rhapsodized enuf about Jake :) But he deserves all the accolades you throw his way. He is such a fuckin hot power bottom…yum!!

elmtree says:

Oh, and the top ain’t so bad either. Tasty looking cock.

JakeSteelxxx says:

Tyler this is Jake Steel, you need to hit me up on my facebook or my twitter :)

FeydRautha says:

Tyler, I’m totally with you there on Cliff. He’s also done a scene for (the 3D porn guys). His scene partner was Micah Andrews (ex-CF model), so I really didn’t pay attention then. But he and Jake together are enough for me to take notice!

MikeB says:

This scene is a great pairing. Jake is hot as both a bottom and top. Cliff is one of the contestants of Dominic Ford’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK. He definitely gets my vote there.

jmdrwac says:

The bottom is very hot. The other guy is repulsive.

JakeSteelxxx says:

Thank you so much for the love, hit me up on facebook or twitter.

FeydRautha says:


I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but wow! Might I suggest a visit to your ophthalmologist, ’cause there’s nothing about Cliff I’d deem “repulsive”. Is it the tattoos?

Established One says:

Cliff really has a nice piece of meat doesn’t he? I must say, he is hot and I’d like to see more of him. It’s a YES for me!

Joshimi says:

I want me some Jake Steel.

Res1 says:

I want me some you. Enough said.

Blake R. says:

take me now.
that is all

hollydick says:

I love both : Jake & Cliff have both a damned big sexy dick !
they match pretty well together
hot scene

Daniel says:

This is hot. Jake in particular has a body made for eating ice cream out of.

AaronJL says:

Jake Steel can grab me like that any time. I’d grab him back too.

Orion Hunter says:

For some reason, these panels reminded me of a gay-themed superhero comic book come to life.

The cover blurb: “Bottom-Boy Battles His Arch-Nemesis Top-Guy In the Age-Old Clash Between Hard Dicks and Sweet Asses”

Bam! Pow! Splat!


Res1 says:

The top looks like he got some black in him.

jayare says:

I think that Cliff dude is from that new “reality” porn game SO You Think You Can Fuck

I think he’s cute, and Jake is definitely vurrryy adorable

hollydick says:

I watched again this video : Man, that Cliff is really a hottie,
and his thick big dick in Jake’s smooth ass, love that scene !!!

poison824 says:

WTH? those pics are fug. CLIFF is so much hotter in the vids! cliff is hot as fuck and has a biggg plump cock.

pornojunky says:

Mmmmmmmm Jake Steel