ChaosMen: Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop)

Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Vander & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Watch Vander & Nash at

ChaosMen wrote:

As I have mentioned in the past, Vander kinda likes that manly scent.

Nash is straight, but he is always running up to me making me smell his pits cuz he gets the funk going and knows I like it and tries to torture me by giving me a whiff and dashing away.

Nash liking the way a dude smells is about the only really gay thing I can think he does. Okay, so taking Vander’s cock up the ass is pretty gay, but I am talking Nash in Real World life.

Nash didn’t have to go but a day, and was a little musky, and when Vander walked into the room, you could tell he was turned on by not only Nash but just the way he smells. Like a dude. No cologne or deodorant.

My goal for this video was to do I have never got on film, but get plenty of suggestions for, and that is for fuck some armpits fucking. You know, get the cock nice and musky, and make the other dude suck it.

Lick some pit and kiss with the smell of the other dude all over you. Trading scent.

You may be a bit vanilla for this one, but it is pure hotness for me and those who like the way a dude REALLY smells.

The two are way into it too. You can just tell.

This is one of the very few videos that I could do a Director’s Cut. People ask me for them all the time, but frankly I use every last bit of usable footage.

The video was over 36 minutes and there was scene where Nash fucks Vander, doing push ups into him. It’s hot, but hit the cutting room floor to get the video down to a downloadable size.

That’s not to say this video is lacking in any way. It is off the hook energy, and both guys creampie each other. And there is plenty of fucking. I just wanted the focus to be on pit worship.

Nash discovered that fucking Vander while doing push ups was making him get too close, so we used that to cum and its one of those rare moments when you see a guy fuck someone till he starts to actually cum, pulls out, and then shoves back in, cum oozing down Vander’s back.

If you are grossed out by the armpit worship, I am sorry, but this video had me hard when I shot it, and when I edited it.

It’s a keeper!


Watch Vander & Nash at

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  • Res1

    Vander is so fucking hot! Tis all.

  • jazz

    I just wish Bryan would stop talking about the smells….it’s kinda gross. But Nash is almost perfection. I LOVE him…he is def one of the HOTTEST guys in porn today.

    • elmtree

      Totally agree with you Jazz. Funk is totally not my thang. But Nash is totally my thang…luv him and I get hard the instant I see he’s in an update! And Vander is a perfect match for Nash cuz he’s also hot as hell. Perfect way to start a Friday.

    • moondoggy

      It’s just evidence of the fact that sometimes these porn impressarios have no idea what people find attractive. I know now to disregard the descriptions, but people are going to comment on them anyway so there’s no avoiding them because I generally enjoy the comments.

      I can live with the stink because Vander is unbelievably hot. I wish I could see Vander fuck Park Wiley. BTW, they have got to learn the art of the screen grab. Some of these pics were not worth posting.

    • sliderboi

      Well FUNK is totally MY thang! I love musky funky manly smells. WOOF!

    • King Henry VIII

      2 sliderboi Well NOW we know two people who have weird fetishes. I would not want to be friends with Bryan for anything no matter if he is running a porn site full of OT guys. Just some thing that the public does not need to know TMI and Big Time with this.

  • Established One

    Another hot update from CM. Vander is one stud. This is hot. It’s a YES!

  • muffintop

    Alright, I’ve never been that bothered by the smell thing but this time it got even me. I’ve never been that big a fan of Nash but at least he ditched the terrible spiky hair. Vander looks really hot when getting fucked.

  • von schlomo

    I wish I hadn’t read that.

  • alias74

    HELL YEAH!!! The matchup I was waiting for!!! I cannot get enough of Vander….thank God he threw caution to the wind and just went for it as a porn star. He and CM are as good a fit as you are likely to find when it comes to performers and the right studio to work for.

    Although Bryan’s very candid and honest descriptions are curious…on the one hand, it’s great that he’s open about what you are going to see, but then this one in particular seems potentially off putting.

    IRREGARDLESS….it’s a LEGENDARY clip! Download it and have at it! I couldn’t make it halfway through without making sticky keys…

  • Carl
    • FeydRautha

      What the fuh… what is that supposed to be? Do I see Josh Stark and… Simon Dexter?! Nooooo! He can’t go around corrupting one of my new favorites!

  • bob80

    Nash tweezzed his f*cking eyebrows! Now he looks like a fugly queen. Guys, my advice, DON’T MESS WITH YOUR EYEBROWS, it’s really unattractive.

    • Res1

      If you’re gay, honey, you’re a queen. At least to society you are. If you’re a man and like men, you’re a queen. Accept it.

    • AshBry

      Great advice bob80

    • AshBry

      You don’t always need to accept what society deems you Res1 ;)

    • bob80

      Res1, I have nothing against queens, I said he looked like a fugly queen, but I think that before he used to look like a beautiful queen ;-)

    • porndog

      Have to agree with you. Plucked eyebrows are a total NO!!! I like ’em natural, and if they’re bushy, so what? It looks much more masculine. I think the girlfriends are having a really bad influence which makes them pluck and shave their bodies.

      BTW, Nash’s body is perfection!

  • clusterfuck

    I like it when I get my man sweaty.

  • AaronJL

    Not much into Vander. He’s okay but not much else.

    Nash is hot as usual.

    A flip flop just makes this better than if Vander topped. Looks like Bryan is getting the message about how to do a duo right. Now, let’s talk about a hot three-way where they ALL give and take. Yum!

  • Alex S

    The ending is great!

  • AshBry

    Looks HOT, both guys are sexy meat! I’m with AaronJL for a give-and-take threeway

  • Daniel

    This looks hot

  • Clippy

    I want Vander to have my babies. God I wish I could fuck him into oblivion.

  • tyler

    this is gonna be good….i will get back to you on it!

  • Chuliaka


  • sliderboi

    Nash is sex on a stick. And I wish it were MY stick he was on! ;-)

    • elmtree

      Sliderboi, its funny how I totally agree with everything you said on this post but totally disagree with everything you said on your above post about musky smelling men being a turn on :) Nash is beyond sexy but the boy has got to freshly cleaned and showered to play on my stick or my stick will be limp as a noodle (or as limp as a RB top!) :)

  • Grant Urwish

    The scene was hot, the two guys were hot, especially Nash, the rest of all this stinks.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Don’t you guys see what’s going on here? Corbin Fisher sells his lube, so Bryan has to take a different tack, and all of theis guy-smell stuff is leading up to the introduction of Chaos Colognes.

    Obviously, first up will be Eau de Nash.

  • RyanRed

    Nash is straight…? say what?

  • Fazz

    Hello Nash’s penis, I love you! :D

  • fabrice

    Vander = !!!!!

    The other guy — ugh — to twinkish.


    I love this. The boys are hot and the uninhibited sex is even hotter!

  • geoffy23

    Nash is AMAZING

    Vander= equally hot

    This is why I pay for Chaosmen…LOVE IT…Nash’s creampie of Vander is SOO HOT

    • elmtree

      Yep, that Nash’s creampie was a thing of beauty!

    • hollydick

      Yeah, creampie is damned hot !
      Nash is the best top/bottom @ ChaosMen ☺

  • Ryder25

    I don’t know why anyone is shocked about Brian’s smell fetish. He’s been sniffing buttholes for years.

  • fyrefly

    man musk with his favorite deoderant = delicious. natural afrodisiac for me anyways.

  • fyrefly

    oh and Vander = delicious.

  • Tom

    OMFG … this one it one of the hottest CM-vids of all time !
    This armpit-bang is one hot fetish … OMG I think I have this fetish too … I don t know if I would like to do that but it s really extremely hot to look at it ! ^^
    Vander and Nash match perfectly … Nashs arse is perfection … Vanders woody is perfection too ! ^^