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ChaosMen: Dino ‘Serviced’

Dino 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Dino was open-minded from the beginning to receive head from a guy. I think he might have had some off the job training beforehand. But he certainly wasn’t going to return the favor.

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ChaosMen: Dino

Dino at ChaosMen

Dino has got that whole Jersey Shore thing going for him, though he is not from the Jersey area. He says people routinely think he is on the show and will come right up and ask him if he is.

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ChaosMen: Taylor & Tobin (Raw)

Taylor & Tobin (Raw) at ChaosMen

As soon as Tobin came on board to do more work, I knew I had to put him with Taylor. Only problem was, like most new guys, Tobin wanted to top his first time out.

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ChaosMen: Brooklyn ‘Serviced’

Brooklyn 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

This is one of those funky Serviced videos that just leaves you wondering what is going on in model’s head.

Brooklyn is the epitome of a nervous straight guy, clearly uncomfortable with having a dude suck his dick. The body language says it all.

Brooklyn was also one of those guys that claims he can’t cum from a blow job, so actually Ransom and I were thinking we were going to be in for a long haul.

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ChaosMen: Crew

Crew at ChaosMen

Crew is a Southern Boy. He has done some stripping at gay clubs, and now is doing construction work. I think his idea is to work “harder” doing this kind of work than the toll construction work is taking on him.

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ChaosMen: Brooklyn

Brooklyn at ChaosMen

Brooklyn was a little shy to start with. He has a lot of confidence in real life, but I think the cameras made him a little nervous. His interview is cute when he admits to jacking off a lot during a single day.

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ChaosMen: Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop)

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin emailed me wanting to do a couple gigs, and I figured fans of Bralin might like to see him in the saddle again. Plus he is a versatile player, top or bottom, and I wanted to get some raw footage of him.

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ChaosMen: Jamie

Jamie at ChaosMen

Jamie is a friend of one of the scouts that sends me potential models. Not wanting to mix friendship with work, the two never really talked about him doing some adult modeling.

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ChaosMen: Hayden & Jamison (RAW Flip-Flop)

Hayden & Jamison (RAW Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

It was time for Jamison to get fucked, and for his first time I wanted someone smooth and could stay hard so there would be no rushing to shove it in before it goes down type of Trauma.

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ChaosMen: Turner ‘Serviced’

Turner 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

I had Turner come in and do a solo and a Serviced video. He was pretty nervous for the solo, but he did better getting head. So I have kind of shelved the solo, but wanted to air this Serviced video during the Holiday Blowout.

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ChaosMen: Marek

Marek at ChaosMen

Marek has twink written all over him. Long, Lean, and Young looking. Nice uncut cock on him too!

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ChaosMen: Ivan & Rory (RAW)

Ivan & Rory (RAW) at ChaosMen

Ivan informed me he was back from overseas and wanting to get back into the swing of things. He told me he was in great shape (though I think a little lean these days) but I didn’t count on him sleeping outside the nights before the shoot. Got himself quite a few ‘squiter bites and scraped up his backside too. ~sigh~

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ChaosMen: Micah & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop)

Micah & Nash (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

These two practically look like brothers! I am so pleased to put them together!

Micah and Nash really hit this out of the ballpark.

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ChaosMen: Isaiah ‘Edge’

Isaiah 'Edge' at ChaosMen

An Edge video… done in….Lavender!?

Did some different stuff to try and keep things interesting. It is dang hard to come up with fetish type things each time…and stick within the model’s narrow limits.

I actually think this one is pretty cool. Hope you like it.

Isaiah was WAY aroused. The most turned on I have ever seen a guy. His dick was dripping in the jockstrap I made him wear. (I know, pretty feminine undies, but it went with the theme). He stayed hard from start to finish.

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ChaosMen: Burke

Burke at ChaosMen

For some reason I really like Burke’s interview. It’s ironically my favorite part of his jack-off video.

Oh it’s the same ‘ole questions, but his voice is really pleasing and his demeanor is friendly and happy. You can tell he feels a little goofy jacking-off or flexing for us, but it is all done in good fun.

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ChaosMen: AJ & Micah (Raw)

AJ & Micah (Raw) at ChaosMen

I knew Micah was going to be on for guy-on-guy work, as long as we took it slow.

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ChaosMen: Jeremy

Jeremy at ChaosMen

Not sure, but my guess is Jeremy is not the scoop I thought he would be. He came out and did a solo and serviced video quite a while ago.

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ChaosMen: Stone ‘Edge’

Stone 'Edge' at ChaosMen

I thought I would explore a little food fetish, as well as trying to do some body hair worship.

I hope you will think this one is. . .tasty!

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ChaosMen: Danny

Danny at ChaosMen

Danny is Jamison’s best friend since Jr. High. When he heard what Jamison was doing, he wanted in on the action. So I scrambled and got them out at the same time.

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ChaosMen: Jonah & Orlando (Raw)

Jonah & Orlando (Raw) at ChaosMen

Jonah has really been after to me to bottom again. Apparently his girlfriend is now routinely fucking him with a dildo. Frankly I think the kid is bisexual at the very least, but I wonder if he will be playing for Team Gay full-time in the future.

Watch Jonah & Orlando at

ChaosMen: Jamison

Jamison at ChaosMen

Jamison is not very tall – about 5’7″ on a good day. He has got a stocky build, but I think he wears it well, and makes him charming and extra hot. He just looks like a dude. I think he would look great with Clay or even Gerin.

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