ChaosMen: Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop)

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Watch Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at

ChaosMen wrote:

I thought this video was gonna be a super easy one!. Not so much.

Bralin emailed me wanting to do a couple gigs, and I figured fans of Bralin might like to see him in the saddle again. Plus he is a versatile player, top or bottom, and I wanted to get some raw footage of him.

He’d been doing straight porn, so showed up with a few whiskers as pubes…grrrr..I didn’t even think straight porn want their guys shaved anymore.

And Dunham was ready to get fucked and to fuck for the first time on film. I think much like his Serviced video, he was most happy laying on his back with a cock in his mouth, while he jerks off.

We actually had a lot of “down” time during this video, and Bralin was taking forever to nut. VERY unusual as he always pretty much cums on commands and then shoots 8 feet.

Bralin got it into his head that if I would just suck on him he would get close and do the creampie ending. I have to say, this does not happen often at all. Like maybe 5 times out of close to 800 videos. But he remembered his Edge video and I think I had fluffed him once before, and he had it in his mind that I would do the trick.

So there is a spoiler/outtake at the very end, that gives me an ego boost, but also shows how on VERY rare occasions we have to make the cumshots work. I never like doing the ending this way because there is an obvious disconnect between the pull-out and the cumshot, but sometimes even the pros get in amateur mode.

Overall though, I think it turns out to a rather nice flip-flop fuck film.

Watch Bralin & Dunham (Raw Flip-Flop) at

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  • Trepakprince

    See Bralin that cocaine messes with your dick vein!


    The guy with the tattoo on his chest has been in stuff before. He’s done it all from what I can remember.

  • Dave1896

    I was just thinking yesterday that I miss James and I was thinking that he was done with porn. Glad to see him back, love his street/trashy/bad boy style, but seriously, he need to lay off the drugs.

  • Daniel


  • LA Clergy

    The drugs have taken a toll there. He looks like used chewing gum.

    • Jay

      He looks exactly like he always has. It’s not drugs, just him.

    • Blackwatch

      I think he got into an accident and had to have major reconstructive surgery.

  • Paschal

    Such a truly awful dye job!

  • Mike

    I’d be very disappointed if Bryan paired me with Bralin in my first fuck vid.

  • AaronJL

    Bralin – meh.
    Dunham – YUM! Cute. EYES!

  • seymour dix

    Bralin one of the sexiest men in porn, that cute/hot face is too much with the ultra-sexy body….Woof!

  • ei8htinches

    they have silly names. thats about all i can comment on because this is blah

  • Alex S

    I like the long skinny ugly one with the big dick. He looks like the kind of guy you fuck, when you’re really drunk, then pray you never see again.

  • Vegasrich

    I have to say I love Chaosmen but I swear some of these guys look like they were literally recruited off the streets. Even Parker, who was so hot in previous videos, looked like he needed a fix in his last one.

  • LadiezMan

    Something is super sexy about James Biehn (Bralin)…he’s one of the few dudes in this world that actually almost get me hard. I will never forget the video with him and Brandon Monroe on Extra Big Dicks (I think)…Brandon fucked him nice and good with that big dick of his, and James’ big dick was boned out — super hard the entire time! I just like the guy tons. Dunhan is super cute too, I like the “bad dye job” and his pretty eyes, very handsome guy. Nice video…The Ladiez Man likes!

    • Riley

      I wanna be just like LadiezMan crazy *in a good way* and pulling up gay porn references from a year ago!!!That was Men Over 30 not EBD by the way.

    • porndog

      I always had a crush on James Biehn/Bralin ever since his days on Mike Hancock. He did a scene with a sexy black guy that I saved and kept for a very long time. I like that he’s a versatile gay-for-pay guy. So this vid is a special one for me and, btw, he looks just as sexy as he always did imo.

    • LadiezMan

      Ahhh, thanks Riley ;-) I’ve got a BUNCH of old material I can reference, believe me! I’m sure they’ll pop up every now and then in my comments. Aha, you’re right! It was “Men Over 30”, my mistake! I’ll never forget that scene…uber hot.

  • tyler

    i love james [bralin] and i like the backstory about his cumshot. dunham is pretty hot as a bottom despite the colored hair- “much like his Serviced video, he was most happy laying on his back with a cock in his mouth, while he jerks off”
    gotta love him!

    • porndog

      Tyler, didn’t realize that was you, lol! Very nice pic. Sorry, but I can be slow sometimes.

  • Ryder25

    They’re not pretty boys, but we get enough of them. This is really hot.

  • Established One

    I see Bralin still doing his thing. I say YES!

  • Orion Hunter

    Bralin/James Biehn/James Hamilton/Devin – whichever name he goes by – still remains one of the hottest and most reliable actors working in porn today IMO. His scenes never fail to impress.

    Dunham, while cute, is still a little creepy to me. Pic 13 from the bottom could have been a still shot from almost any horror/slasher movie. Dude gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “killer eyes.”

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Chaosmen rarely seems to have so-so updates. Instead they they tend to be either big winners or big losers. This one falls in the latter category. Since it’s now two losers in a row, I’m betting that Friday’s update will be sublime.

    • Riley

      What was the other loser Johnny?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      It was Jamie on Jan 10, Riley. Maybe “loser” is a little too strong for that one..he’s not such a bad-looking guy, but I’m not into the hirsute look so that killed it for me. Also, I prefer a bit more muscle.

  • WeaponX

    Awful clip, I don’t think the guys even made eye contact once, it was all business and the ugly skinny one who looks like an ex-con looks more disgusted than anything else. Hope he never comes back.

    • Riley

      If our talking about te one with all the tatts and shaved hed thats James* the ugly skinny one*

  • andrew09

    faggots above are so hard to please. we always have to point out every single fucking flaw.

    • Riley

      Wow really andrew09?

  • Grant Urwish

    Bralin is looking good, must be his haircut. Dunham I’m going to keep, both guys did a good job. Wait till you see what Isaiah does to Nash in Chaos’ next video……excellent.