BangBangBoys: Bahiano Bangs Guilherme

Bahiano Bangs Guilherme at

After teasing you with their action set last month, now comes the video for Lucas and Guilherme’s steamy encounter. The ever-versatile pair take part in one of the hottest flip-flop fucks I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming.

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BangBangBoys: Bruninho Bangs Douglas

Bruninho Bangs Douglas at

Bruninho and Douglas proved to be the perfect couple in this video. Just look at the way Douglas takes his cock – whether in doggie or riding it hard on top, they look smokin’ hot together. This little tattooed Brazilian bottom was born to take that dick in his ass.

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BangBangBoys: Alan Romero Bangs George

Alan Romero Bangs George at

So, you guys wanting to see Alan in some action will love this little sneak preview of the upcoming video where he’ll work George’s ass and fuck him silly.

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BangBangBoys: Douglas & Guillermo

Douglas & Guillermo at

Douglas and Guillermo made for a very hot shoot when they took part in my new action set. You’re going to be reaching for the tissues in no time with this one.

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BangBangBoys: Marley Bangs Poax & Bahiano

Marley Bangs Poax & Bahiano at

You really don’t want to miss this threeway musclefest. From spit-roasts to anal daisy chains it’s got more hardcore action than your can poke a dick at and the guys look fantastic throughout. Wouldn’t you give anything to just jump straight in the middle of that big, meaty sandwich.

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BangBangBoys: Marcus P & Jason Bastos

Marcus P & Jason Bastos at

Young though they may be, Marcus and Jason are incredibly kinky for their age. Just check out the hot toy play they get up to in this action set. Talk about horny!

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BangBangBoys: Justin

Justin at

This spunk is a new model I met on my last trip to Rio. Justin is a 19-year-old white freshmen and he’s got a nice little body on him. Not to mention the fact that he has a fantastic cock. He is from north of Brazil and was vacationing when I found him.


BangBangBoys: Paulo Massa Bangs Poax & Gabriel Liarh

Paulo Massa Bangs Poax & Gabriel Liarh at

This has got to be the video of the year, I think. You get to see my boys Poax and Gabriel ride one amazing cock in it. As you can imagine, this was a very hot shoot. I was hard the whole time – it’s not easy been me, I need to jack off 3-4 times a day that’s why I love my job! This guy Paulo has got one amazing cock and he sure know how to use it. Check it out and I’d love your feedback.

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BangBangBoys: Kelvin

Kelvin at

You’re going to love this shoot of delicious new-cummer Kelvin. This glam set is going to fetch him a legion of new Bang Bang fans.


BangBangBoys: Rod bangs Jason Bastos

Rod bangs Jason Bastos at

Last month you got to meet Rod and I think its time to see him in some action. I put Jason with him and, as I’m sure you can see by the images, they were having a lot of fun!

Watch Rod & Jason at

BangBangBoys: Ricky Ferraz Bangs Bahiano

Ricky Ferraz Bangs Bahiano at

Here is one hot video of my boy Rick and my new cummer Bahino. Two very hot guys with two very hot cocks – I’d call that quite the collaboration. There’s also that very dark, brown bubble butt that’s just asking for a good filling. I’m talking about Bahino’s, of course. He is going to get the ride of his life in this video so buckle in and enjoy all the hot and heavy action as it unfolds.

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BangBangBoys: Rick Tarazan, Lucas and Jason Bastos

Rick Tarazan, Lucas and Jason Bastos at

Here is a great new 3-way, its start with Rick & Jason playing with some ass toy play than my boy Lucas join in, as you can see all of them getting to have fun Special that boy Jason

Watch Rick, Lucas & Jason at

BangBangBoys: Vitor Bangs Kaio Castro

Vitor Bangs Kaio Castro at

From the vault comes another hot encounter that has never seen the light of day before. This time we have Vitor banging Kaio Castro. You’ll be pretty familar with Kaio by now, and that means you’ll know this guy just loves getting fucked. His dark-skin and smooth body combine with Vitor – another great Bang Bang Boy – and he really has his way with the spunk.

Watch Vitor & Kao at

BangBangBoys: Marcos P (with Toy)

Marcos P (with Toy) at

So Christmas is here and guess what Santa has got for our boy on Christmas day? A few hot toys for him to play with. You can bet he didn’t get the elves to make these in the workshop though.

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BangBangBoys: Marley and Bahiano

Marley and Bahiano at

I couldn’t think of two guys I’d like to see together more, and lucky for you: we have Marley and Bahiano in some very candid behind-the-scenes photos to make this set even more attractive.


BangBangBoys: Andre Silva bangs Gabriel Liarh

Andre Silva bangs Gabrial Liarh at

I’ve got a great new video for you guys of my friend Andre fucking one of the hottest boys on the Bang Bang block. Gabriel loves to get fucked by huge cocks and especially likes it when guys are rough with him – even to the point of slapping and spiting . Luckily, we can oblige him his small favors with this great encounter. The duo really get into it, in what is by far one of the hottest videos to date.

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BangBangBoys: Marley

Marley at

Marley is another Carioca (guy from Rio) boy. I didn’t realize what I was getting into until he took his pants and showed me his big cock. Holy cow what a find this hottie is. Stay tuned for a hot threesome scene with him, early next year.