CorbinFisher: Aiden II

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

Aiden II at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Smoking is bad for you. I don’t smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. But after shooting Aiden’s solo … I need a cigarette. Right NOW. Aiden is one of the hottest, most engaging and flat-out amazing guys we’ve ever had at CF. He’s got superstar written all over him.

Aiden’s smile is boyish and charming. His body is built like not one, but two or possibly three brick houses. If there is a god of college jock guys, he just sent me the answer to a lot of people’s prayers.

This outgoing 23-year old lifts weights at the gym three hours a day. It shows. He’s also an artist and juggles his free time between drawing and working out. I’m curious about what Aiden likes to draw. Maybe some nude self-portraits if we’re lucky!

Aiden’s had his first sexual experience when he was 17. He met a girl at a party and they went to her house. He said it was over too quick – “I was a ‘two-pump chump.’” I don’t think anyone could ever classify this hunk as a chump! He laughs a lot and seems very comfortable in his skin. He clearly enjoys his life, and his sex life.

Aiden notices a girl’s eyes and smile before he notices anything else. He loves girls with long legs and a nice ass. One of his favorite things to do during sex is to take a girl from behind so he can reach around and play with her clit while he kisses her. He mimes this for Pete. It conjures up some great images, and I suddenly feel nicotine cravings.

He says a lot of girls can’t take it when he slams full-force into them – “Balls slappin’, I love that!” I make a mental note to find someone who CAN take Aiden full-force.

Aiden says he doesn’t jack off often. But he promises when he does jack off, he really gets into it. He soon proved he was telling the truth!

He doesn’t drink or go out that much, and is pretty picky about girls, but he is single right now. Aiden likes older women and reveals he’s had a long standing crush on his art teacher.

Aiden loves older women because they’re more experienced, and even had sex with a college girlfriend’s mom! If Aiden was any less cool and self-effacing, he would sound like a dog. Instead, he’s so appreciative of everything, you just want to cheer him on for anything he does.

After Aiden flexes and shows off his sculpted muscles, he strokes his long cock. He hasn’t jerked off in two weeks. He jerks with an entertaining intensity. He rubs his massive chest. Aiden’s fingers linger in the deep divide between his huge pecs.

He slaps his cock against his stomach a few times. “Sometimes you just gotta smack it against yourself,” Aiden says. I’m not sure why, but its sure looks and sounds hot!

Aiden strokes the shaft slowly. “Oh god, it feels so good,” he says. He gets on his knees and moans as he grabs his ass and strokes his cock.

Laying back down, two weeks of cum is about to explode. “Oh, god!” Aiden says, “I’m gonna come” His whole body literally convulses as load after load shoots out of his cock! Veins press against his muscular torso and arms as he hangs onto the chair.

Aiden tells Pete he was thinking about his art teacher. He says he didn’t think this scene would be so intense. He laughs, a little amazed at how much he came.

And he tells us he definitely wants to come back. I’m heading out for that pack of cigarettes, now …

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  • Blackwatch

    Didn’t he do some work for Chaos Men? He’s still hot.

    • AaronJL

      My first thought is that he looks like a cross between Connor and Zack Randall.

  • poochie

    8″, oh brother

    • MikeinNYC

      It truly is and gorgeous to boot!

  • this guy is sex on legs for me. Total hot. He went by “ronan” on seancody a while ago!

    • LikeWhoa!
    • FeydRautha

      Another straight guy opportunist hopping from site to site, hoping to make a quick buck by preying on the insecurities of gay men. Notice that in both previous cases he moved on before had to do anything serious. At least with CF, he’ll get the kind of sex he wants before they force him to fuck Travis (or whoever the designated bottom is nowadays).

    • TrueWords

      He did receive an amazingly HOT rim job and blowjob at Sean Cody

    • porndog

      Well, at least on SC he did get sucked and rimmed. We’ll see if he does more this time. At first, I thought maybe SC didn’t use him, but I can’t imagine they would not call him back.

      BTW he sure has beefed up since those days. Looks good!

    • FeydRautha


      It’s all in the editing with SeanCody. He might’ve been hard for only one or two minutes at a time, running to another room to jerk off to pussy porn to get it up again. Notice that Cole (the gay guy giving the beej) had to keep his clothes on and wasn’t allowed to pleasure himself (that might’ve thrown “Roman” off). I challenge SC to do a video in one continuous take with a fixed camera. Then we’ll see hot it really is.

    • elmtree

      I remembered him from SC but did not know he was on Chaos. Agree porndog, he has bulked up since his prior porn days. Not sure I like the new look…well, let me correct myself. He’s still fuckin hot but I liked his prior build more then the current bulk. And his cock is still flawless…omg the things I would luv to do with that :)

      Sure hope he finally fucks someone.

      BTW, Feyd, what do you mean “preying on the insecurities of gay men”? Are we now insecure if we find a straight man hot?

    • TrueWords

      Here is the link of Roman and Cole at Sean Cody

    • elmtree

      And yes Feyd, we all know how much you dislike SC and they can do nothing right in your book. He also might’ve been hard the entire time he was getting his blow job on SC. And wouldn’t you challenge ANY porn site to a vid in one continuous take with a fixed camera…why just SC?

    • FeydRautha



      It would be insecurity if his “straightness” were the primary attraction, and if all other aspects being equal, you would prefer a straight guy to an equally hot gay one.

    • elmtree

      Ah, I would agree with your explanation Feyd but I certainly hope these insecurities you reference are not the norm for those of us gay men who enjoy hot porn dudes.

    • elmtree

      And, do we KNOW Aiden/Roman/Gage is straight? Couldn’t a gay guy hop from site to site with out going all the way with another guy? Maybe Aiden is as gay as they come but just decided not to have sex on camera with another guy…maybe.

    • FeydRautha


      Ugh. There are several sites that do something similar already. ChaosMen primarily uses two fixed cameras and one free camera moving in/out of the scene. CorbinFisher scenes are often more continuous and usually not cut up to all hell like SC scenes. I noticed in a CD247 clip last week a take that lasted several minutes. They also showed the top achieving orgasm from actually fucking the bottom; they didn’t cut away for the cumshot.

    • Fazz

      Straight guys Stay the fuck out of Gay porn! Mkeeeey!

      So sick of this BS, i don’t want to spend time looking at a person who isn’t enjoying what they do; only being there for the cash. Effin greedy breeder whores.

      And he’s not the slightest bit attractive either. *sigh*

      It seems impossible for people to just say what they are, to be proud of it. Instead we see homos that claim to be straight in gay porn, and we see straightoes that can barely get it up who claim to experiment.

      I’m looking at almost every model at RB.

    • King Henry VIII

      @ Fazz Thanks for my laugh today as well as being so insightful.

      @ at all those here who think that AidenII is HOT myself included but in saying that do we really need to see another *Tevin* eyes closed imagining himself anywhere here? I think not.

    • whitestealth

      The guy did a great jerk on SC onto a piece of glass, in front of a mirror!

      But he is quite straight, I think. Although he was open enough to come back for a blow job. And he said he enjoyed the rimming, and I believe he did.

      He said he ‘fucked three moms’, one of whom was his best friends mother! And his friend was really pissed! Do tell…! lol

      So, I think he’ll do the ACS thing, which should look pretty good, with that tool, and then that’s the last we’ll see of him.

      And, BTW, CF has had a number of vids where the guy pulls out and cums. And as for the guy who said he hoped he would not be topping Travis, can’t believe it. I don’t think anyone is good enough an actor to do what he does without really enjoying it. I think he LOVES it! lol And there is at least a couple where they cum inside and pull out with a condom full. Connor and Jeff come to mind. Travis REALLY enjoys bottoming and is the best bottom in porn.

      However, all this is moot, as we’ll never seem him with another guy.

  • opps it was “roman” on seancody and not ronan

  • KingSize

    Bout time they get a thick slab of meat on here! I like em. I was getting tired of the skinny-ass twinks on here. Also…

    “I make a mental note to find someone who CAN take Aiden full-force.”

    So I take it Travis is going to break him in? Please no…

    • FFVIIMidgar

      Agreed. Sick of the twinky dinks. I like the hunky, muscle men!

    • EJ

      Please let it be “Austin” — that’s a pairing I’d love to watch! I think I liked his body type more in his Roman/Gage days than I do now with the extra bulk, but he’s still a major cutie. Thank heavens he didn’t add a whole pile of tattoos during “the missing years” — the scorpion on his back is plenty, and he already had that before. I always wondered why he didn’t become a porn superstar 3 years ago when he first burst onto the scene, but after all this time I never imagined we’d see him again!

  • scottnyer

    Hot guy. Too bad he’s on CF and was on SC. Now that I know about how they screw the models over, I can’t respect CF and SC. The whole Jake Lyons thing really isn’t cool. I like how Mike Hancock calls SC and CF out.


    • FeydRautha

      As if Mike Hancock were any better. Why doesn’t he put his energies toward updating his lame-ass site instead of these silly podcasts? Seriously, I had to sit through several minutes of he and his fag-hag reviewing the latest Katy Perry video…

    • OberonOZ

      Yah. I agree the whole Jake Lyons thing isnt cool. Jake worked for CF, signed the contracts etc, then went out to work as an escort and called himself… Corbin Fisher! So not cool. He was asked to stop. Several times, politely. Jake has given some strange and inconsistent explanations for what has happened since he left CF but none of them really hold up. According to CF’s attorney if he had simply done what he was asked first up none of this would have happened. I think he only has himself to blame. I think that CF’s version of events is much more believable and I dont think he left them much choice. All the disgust about CF suing him is a bit OTT I think.

    • OberonOZ

      Also.. having listened to both CF and Mike Hancock I think CF’s version is more believable. Mike Hancock has some very strong opinions but they dont seem to be backed up by fact. He says that he doesnt have all the facts but rants as if he does. He states that CF lock all their models into 1 yr exclusive contracts for example, but CF’s attorney Marc Randazza says that all their models are initially only tied to 90 day exlusive contracts. It is only after that time that models who ask, or are asked by CF, get longer contracts. These longer contracts have much higher rates of pay and are guaranteed a minimum amount of work. Which is not at all what Mike Hancock says, even though he admits he doesnt have all the facts. I dont know about Sean Cody, but thats what CF have to say for themselves.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    My GOD what a hot hunk of a man! So beautiful! And that cock! I could throat that for hours!

  • King Henry VIII

    apparently Blackwatch,danni,and others see something I’m missing cause sex with your supposed gf parent is never cool and not sexy.

    @ FeydRautha right as always he left both those sites before more work with guys came his way which was sad.

    So should we start placing bets NOW a solo and ACS and then disappear from ACM forever.

    Can he redeem himself in my eyes HELLLLLLLLLL ……..

  • alias74

    I always truly truly wonder about performers like this guy. Maybe a year or so ago he did solos for Chaosmen and Sean Cody and even a ton of nude photography for some noted photogs. He gets sucked off on SC(?) and pulls a Copperfield…disappears and leaves the scene! And now he’s back…looking bigger and somehow changed and a bit aged in the face…
    So my wonderings are: Why now? Why back again? What happened (or didn’t) in his life that made him turn to adult film work again?
    Answers I clearly wont find in fake bios no doubt…

    • elmtree

      Interesting points and good questions. I often wonder the same thing about those who come out of “retirement”. Hmmmm…

    • cdman

      I suspect that money sometimes may be the reason for these guys not coming back. If these guys are really “straight”, they may ask for more money for man-on-man sex as opposed to a solo or male/female sex or even oral from another guy. They figure they are doing something they wouldn’t ordinarily do for a certain audience (gay men), so they feel they should be compensated for it – even if by a studio’s standards it’s over-compensated.

    • porndog

      @ cdman, sites like CF, RB, and SC as well as Chaosmen are gay-for-pay studios. CF, RB & SC esp already have a budget that pays the str8 guys very well for performing. So, I don’t think it’s a money issue, since they pay very well. I think it has to do with the model and what he will or won’t do.

      If you’re as hot as this guy is and you don’t see him again, it’s either because he lied on his application and the studio won’t use him anymore or he refuses to do the work. I can’t fathom any studio not giving someone like him enough work to make lots of money; just doesn’t make sense.

      So my point is, SC would have used him, CM would have as well if he were willing to do more. We’ll see if CF will waste their money on somebody who won’t do the work.

      BTW, does anyone know of a CF model who didn’t bottom at some point but got lots of work? I know this happens (a lot) at SC, but not sure about CF.

    • FeydRautha


      SeanCody may have dropped him after they discovered he worked for ChaosMen. CF seems to be okay with taking SC leftovers though. I wonder who else will be making the switch…

      A word of warning to the “pretend-straights” at SC: you might have to lick some fish to get more work. :P

  • muffintop

    Beefy, in more ways than one. Expect to see him on ACS because any guy who checks ‘straight’ on his CF application gets a solo/ACS bundle. Not that I care about that. We’ll see if he shows up for man on man…

  • Urs Jans

    Looked better on SC.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    He could be the new TOP at CF!!!

  • Ryder25

    He looks great, but I hope it’s not steroids. He bulked up rather fast.

  • MikeinNYC

    This boy puts the “master” in masturbation. He has a very appealing personality. I hope that we get to see all aspects of his sexual nature. He is truly star material!

  • WeaponX

    Looked much better 20 lb ago…

    • shock55

      I agree. Though he is still pretty amazing.

  • Established One

    Wow Aiden (aka Roman and Gage) looks all beefed up and hot. Nice dick. From all the videos I seen of him, he never fucked a guy. Had his dick sucked, but never fucked or was fucked. I wonder will that change at Corbin Fisher. I am sure he will get some pussy coming up on Wednesday’s update if not in the near future. He’s hot and he gets my YES!

  • moondoggy

    Wow, every comment is interesting — maybe the most interesting of all is how much discussion one male model (and accompanying description) provoked. I never would have guesssed from the first pic that the conversation would take this many turns.

    A few replies to a bunch of different people, and I won’t take the time to name anyone —

    * Eight inches doesn’t tax my imagination. He certainly looks bigger than average.

    * I love him beefed up.

    * I don’t require a guy to fuck or get fucked to get sexual enjoyment out of looking at him. I think I’ve made this point before in other ways, but I go into a post or a clip with the expectations set up by the history of the site and, especially, the model. I expect CorbinFisher to give me a mixture of experiences. If this was Cocksuremen, I would be somewhat confused if not miffed. Or similarly, if this was Park Wiley, I would be yawning — and I LOVE Park Wiley. But at this point, if he is not taking or giving loads, I can’t be bothered.

    * I don’t see why a straight guy couldn’t actually enjoy being blown, or even simply being looked at, by other guys. The pictures here are pretty neutral if not altogether gay-friendly — the man is in a number of “fuck me” poses. There is a huge difference between this and Hagan — Hagan goes all the way with a guy physically but refuses to emote. Aiden II is doing less, but committing to it more, and I don’t have a problem with it.

    • FeydRautha

      “But at this point, if he is not taking or giving loads, I can’t be bothered.”

      Which is exactly my point. Roman/Gage/Aiden has done two solos already. He’s been rimmed and gotten a blowjob. If he’s not going to do more, he should just go away; he’s wasting my time.

    • cdman

      In all fairness, maybe the reason (or at least one of the reasons) why he’s back is because he finally realizes that if he wants to make decent money by doing this, he’ll NEED to do more. This is only his first vid for CF. Let’s wait and see if he does anything more before it’s assumed he won’t.

    • FeydRautha


      We say this with every model. I’m tired of playing the is-he-or-isn’t-he-will-he-or-won’t-he game. I do enough of that IRL! LOL!

    • King Henry VIII

      @cdman and agreed with FeydRautha Ditto,but you forgot the most important part if he does come back i will probably be like Tevin from a couple of videos back eyes clenched closed wishing he was some where else. I’m sorry IDK about everyone else,but I need my Lvrs and whatnot looking at me as they make sweet LOVE to me IRL!!!!! ;) Just saying!!!! ;)

  • EmpireState

    I only dislike him because he reminds me of a younger Benicio Del Toro. I want to like him, but something about the face kills my mojo.

  • Ryan–

    Yeah…nah. Boring head/too chunky. Swear CF’s recruiting style has changed from cute fit guys to beefy bush pigs.

  • Delian07

    Anybody else want to see him fuck Cain, and then maybe Connor? I think it’d be hot to see him paired with CF’s resident muscle tops.

    Or maybe even Cain AND Connor (a threesome)?

  • TK

    His smile bothers me

  • poison824

    everyone hoping for a fuck scene, the most he did was an oral at sc. he looks huge now :) but always hot as fuck

  • brandon85

    I think the reason so many gay for pay actors exist is bc there is a smaller pool for gay porn actors than say straight porn. I don’t get offended by gay for pay bc I recognize that a lot of these guys don’t have the brain power to go to college so they use what they got.

    • cdman

      Actually, I think many of them have attended college to some extent or another. If I remember correctly, Chris Rockway, Pat Bateman and Malachi Marx are G4P’ers who have atteneded. I think Bateman has a degree in business. Leo Giamani also comes to mind. (Although there is some question about his being G4P – he told “Unzipped” magazine last year he identifies as bi). I would think G4P mainly exists to help fuel the fantasies of gay men who fantasize about st8 men. The studios know there’s a market for it, so they tell the actors to say they’re st8 to make the fantasy even more exciting. In reality, many of the G4P guys are probably bi or even gay. But since fantasy sells more than reality, they can’t always admit it.

  • tyler

    a very mouth-watering, delicious cock on a gr8-looking young man! woof!

  • Mike

    Liked him on SC. Loved watching Cole suck and rim him. He’s a lot more muscular now, some extra weight around the chin, but still hot.

    I guess we’ll see him fuck Ashley or Delila; then a tag-team with Ashley/Delila and Austin/Travis/Philip; then, maybe, topping Austin or Travis. I don’t think he’s going to bottom.

    But, okay, I’m in.

  • Info

    Don’t forget that Corbin Fisher’s Marc was originally on Sean Cody and did nothing but a solo. We all see how far he’s come at Corbin Fisher. Aiden may take the same path!

  • Auggy

    OMG YES! HOT! CF better not fuck this up and make him another “Cameron”. More Aiden, please. :) 
    I kind of wish Aiden hadn’t bulked up as much though. I’d like his build during the CM-phase of his career, but damn, there’s no denying his freaking hot! ;)

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    With 55 comments so far, he certainly is popular ;-) We all know Cain is very popular and well loved by many here. If Aiden 2 does some TOPping, he might just pass Cain for popularity.

    • FeydRautha


      He does one solo (on CF) and suddenly he rivals Cain in popularity? Perhaps, a little perspective is in order…

    • King Henry VIII

      Maybe Chicago RN but unlike AidenII/Gage/Roman ;)My Cain ;) didn’t have to site jump to get popular and he has done it all maybe with some left to go. But like I said we’ll see if CF can push his boundaries but I doubt it I may be wrong who knows.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    I’d love to see a Aiden and Cain do some tagging with another guy..;-)

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Perhaps i’m making this presumption way toooo early. I’m just basing this from what i have read so far and numerous response.

    Would be nice if he does a scene with a guy for a change before he hops to a different site again.


  • scottnyer

    He can’t hop to another site. SC and CF makes these guys sign 1 yr exclusive contracts. These models are stuck for a year and may not get any more work from said studio. Thus, they get screwed figuratively. Think about it, you’re not getting booked to do more movies with CF or SC but can’t go to other studios. So, how does one make money for that year?

    • OberonOZ

      Well, first of all, CF say they dont make every model sign a 1yr exclusive and that most of their contracts are 90days. However, IF they are signed to a 1yr exclusive contract they are paid much higher and are guaranteed a minimum amount of work. As to how do they make money for that year.. well they dont have to do ONLY adult work. They’re only exclusive to CF in porn.. they can go work in a bar or whatever just like everyone else can if they want to. Its not like theyre condemned to no work at all anywhere else just cos they are exclusive for a year. Just no other porn work.

    • scottnyer

      ahhh. good points.

  • MikeinNYC

    “So how does one make money for that year?”

    Well, by honoring your contract and agreeing to fuck and get fucked by anyone CF assigns you to. These porn sites are like the old studio system of Hollywood. With that said, I am sure that we will be seeing more of Aiden. Either CF contacted him or he contacted the site he was ready to reenter the porn world again. He was a known quantity and is fully aware of what he is getting into. All the best to him.

    • clusterfuck

      “Well, by honoring your contract and agreeing to fuck and get fucked by anyone CF assigns you to. ”

      Imagine signing up a one-year contract with CF and your first man-to-man action is sucking Dawson’s teenie-weenie and having to swallow his sperm – UGH !!!!

    • elmtree

      “Imagine signing up a one-year contract with CF and your first man-to-man action is sucking Dawson’s teenie-weenie and having to swallow his sperm”

      Yum!!! Where do I sign up??

  • clusterfuck

    I liked him much better on SC. He looks puffy here, too much creatine and roids. Hope he gets lean and does some more man-on-man action besides getting sucked and rimmed.

  • Daniel

    Way too bulky now

    • elmtree

      Yep I agree Daniel. Liked his size SO much better when he was with SC. Still wouldn’t kick him out of bed tho!

    • AshBry


  • pubert

    The dick is nice, but the face screams HEE HAAAAW! Especially in the SC pics. Too gummy.

  • AshBry

    Can’t believe the overwhelming response on this guy! I actually think he’s OK, but his not I’d look at twice if he wasn’t paired with someone more interesting and sexy in the porn business.

    • ChicagoBoyRN

      Totally agree with ya regarding the enormous responses for this guy. This is solo, can you imagine the response if he do a scene with another guy?

  • floodboy

    Wow! He grew a lot since his days at SC. I think it was an improvement. It’s a yes for me. I expect him to become the new hot top at ACM and fuck Austin, Cain, Brody, Preston, Dru and, of course, Travis. And, despite of what all people normally say, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dawson or Connor pop up his cherry.

  • Orion Hunter

    I don’t get the overheated praise of this guy. He ain’t half-bad but I wouldn’t knock over any drinks or step on any toes rushing to saddle up next to him at the bar or club.

    Perhaps I need to see him with a dick in his mouth or up his ass to appreciate his virtues. Or not.

    • brandon85

      Well Orion hes pretty hot with a tongue n his ass I wanna see him top Ryan and bottom for Connor

  • CTT

    Hello everyone,

    I’m very very very love this stud, but I can not find any video of him, solo video, video he do fuck with Asley… Huhuhu, I really want to see him more… I hear you guys told he from SC but I can not find, could you give me a link relative to him… I’m very thank you!!!

    Sorry for my bad English, my email is

  • lanztn

    8 inch perfucktion.

  • vistasins

    i want his cock