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ChaosMen: Kristopher ‘Serviced’

Kristopher 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Kristopher 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Kristopher 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Kristopher 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Watch Kristopher & Teo at

ChaosMen wrote:

I am not sure who is Servicing who in this video.

Kristopher identifies as straight, but every now and then he finds a dude hot and from the looks of this video, has definitely messed around with a guy before.

Teo does a fine job keeping him hard, but Kristopher steals the show with all the dirty talking.

That’s right folks! We have another dirty talker! I LOVE IT!

Then to top it off, Kristopher was fascinated with Teo’s uncut cock, and was eager to suck on it. At one point a tear is weeping out of Christopher’s eye as he sucks with such energy and fighting back his gag reflex. HOT!

Twice the two go into 69 and twice you see Kristopher in real time wake up Teo’s cock. It got Teo really turned on and was so ready to do the cumshot that he had no problems ass eating, nor taking Kristopher’s load down the throat.

If you watched Kristopher’s solo, then you know he got in the habit of using a personal massager at the base of his cock head to make himself cum. He was finding it hard to jack off without that extra stimulation.

But we get him to unload “pretty much” into Teo’s mouth and seconds later Teo is busting a HUGE load. Certainly he is not grossed out by another dude’s cum anymore!

Kristopher is a ham and starts eating some of Teo’s cum and then finally bends down and kisses him with a nice cum-bination of their loads.

Teo has come a long way. I love that he really pushed himself in this video. Yeah, he can’t seem to get the cock sucking down, but everything else about him is so on the money. I really adore working with him.

As for Kristopher, he is back for more in the future. In fact some day I am going to have to put him on Servicing another dude, cuz the boy has no limits and loves to be dirty, and wow! he can suck a cock!

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  • Alex S

    This is one of the hottest service videos ever. Kristopher and Teo are both fucking sexy as hell. Loved watching Kristopher suck Teo’s cock. Bryan needs to team them up again for a flip flop.

  • AshBry

    Kristopher is Sexy as F@ck! Teo’s cool too, but Kristopher is definitely one of the sexiest guys in porn so far! :D WANT to see an endless supply of vids of him please!!!!!!!!

  • Riley

    DAMN 2 people beat me. grrr Anywho YUM and YAY FOR MY TEO and KHRISTOPHER!!!!

  • Daniel

    Bet it tastes good.

    • tyler

      my sentiments exactly

    • elmtree

      So true Daniel and Ty. The cock, the cum, the ass…it all looks tasty! :)

  • Fazz

    WoooW This has to be one of the hottest Serviced videos in quite some time.
    To see Kristopher actually taking the leap and attempting to blow Teo, who if I might say so my self, has a fairly hefty piece of meat, is very encouraging.

    I adore Kristopher, he’s just dreamy, and absolutely sweet and gorgeous. I truly hope that he gets to stay as a performer and that he becomes a regular as CM.

    I really wanna thank Brian for letting Teo do this “serviced” video instead of Ransom. He never did anything for me, just not my piece of cake.

  • clusterfuck

    Hot video, nice to see Kristopher gagging on a cock

  • WeaponX

    The cum eating at the end was great and Kristopher’s ass is a dream, lucky Teo

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Agreed on all points.

  • Guy

    YUMM! Dick looks great and i would love to tea bag him as his nuts looks heavenly.

  • Established One

    Very nice. It’s good seeing Teo again.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    …and it wasn’t even a week ago I was complaining about lack of any cum-eating in the G-Hole scene; and the the oral-only scene really need it, especially because of the focus on creampies in the scenes with fucking.

    So Bryan comes through immediately. He’s the anti-Corbin.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Someday I will start proofing before posting. Probably the same day CF takes ACM bareback.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    The above was posted just based on the pix. I should’ve waited until seeing the actual video, because as hot as the pix are they do NOT do it justice! It is just full of heat, with super-sexy, built Kristopher and hot Teo absolutely swept up in the excitement of each other and the fun boy-things they’re doing.

    And Bryan puts together a perfect — and perfectly-flowing — mix of long, medium and close-up shots. It’s such a turn-on to see Teo erupting in a big load the moment after Kristopher spurts a nice load into his mouth (with no cuts to make you wonder if it really WAS simultaneous!). Then it is replayed several times, including in naughty close-up detail. All topped off with with some after-sucking and wide-mouth, hair-pulled-back cum-filled tongue-kisses by these cuties. Just great!

    While Chaos still has occasional lapses, overall they keep raising the bar (in more ways than one ;)).

    PLEASE have Kristopher in some fucking, Bryan!