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SeanCody: Louie

Louie at SeanCody

Louie at SeanCody

Louie at SeanCody

Louie at SeanCody

Louie at SeanCody

Louie at SeanCody

Watch Louie at

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love a pair of low hanging balls! And Louie has a great set… the kind that you can feel slapping you from behind as he is fucking you or feel on your chin as you suck on his hard cock. I am not sure what role he enjoys most during sex, but I can say that there are probably several.

He is bisexual. He was very shy and nervous about admitting it at first… pausing and reaffirming that the question asked was in reference to his sexuality.

“What brings you here?” I asked.

“Just curious I guess. Just having fun.”

“Define curious…”

“I guess you are asking me on a sexual level?” he paused. “And I guess I would consider myself bisexual. Not necessarily straight.”

That’s always good to hear! He’s acted on both attractions and really loves the male anatomy. His is nothing to be shy about either. Like I said, his balls are great, he’s very handsome, he has a defined smooth build and a fantastic butt that he owes to years of playing basketball.

Watch Louie at

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  • dio

    wow, nice ass, nice lean bod, nice smile – cuuuute. I like him. It’s been ages since I’ve DL’d a solo, but I REALLY want to hear his voice, so I might DL his…

    “I would consider myself bisexual. Not necessarily straight.”

    awesone. Very, very awesome to hear. Have Calvin fuck him and let him fuck Curtis, please. :D

    • dio

      btw, he looks REALLY familiar, like I’ve seen him on TV, or something. I dunno.

      ps: i have a woody from his smile… jeez.

      pps: dat ass… @_@

    • Costumer

      He looks a fair amount like Miles from Work Of Art. Maybe that’s the similarity you’re seeing?

  • scottnyer

    Seriously. I was not expecting that ass on his profile. He’s cute and fits the SC profile. Also wasn’t expecting that tattoo. Which Is too big and fug.

  • Dorse

    Very cute looking young dude. Beautiful smile. Nice body (in spite of the tat). Delicious looking ass, and tasty, tight hole.

    Let’s put him in a flip-flop with Byron, and then bottom exclusively. I’m sure he love cock.

    • LA Clergy

      I totally agree. He is definitely a bottom.

  • Ed

    he is really handsome. finally.
    wanna see him get fucked soon (but not by jess please).

    • Torrie

      I’d love to see him get fucked by Jess! That would be one HOT pairing!!

      Do it, Sean Cody!!!

  • fresero_abre_culos

    how predictable! Yet another white guy! Boring, boring, boring! He’s very cute, has a nice body and hopefuly will stop putting stupid tattoos on!

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Would have been perfect to me.. That tattoo on his back somewhat ruin his cute image.

    Still a YES…

  • danni

    this guy is a cutie pie!

  • Timrod

    I’d be happy to fuck this attractive young man.

    But under the respectable surface and radiant smile, I suspect he’s a big sex pig. lol Let’s get those shapely legs in the air fast!

  • kinezo

    hot, but why did he have to ruin his body with that big ass pointless tattoo?!? i dun mind tattoos dependin on where they are and how big they are but this one is shite! at least its not on the front hof his body so i can still enjoy the video

  • Ryan–

    FInally. Handsome look, tall, great ass, not too buff and not too slim, STRAIGHT UP with asked about sexuality etc, and most of all he doesn’t look like all the other models that ever appear on this site. I really like him! Now, Sean, just find a top that’s equally as hot and I will renew my membership.

  • MarissaCooper

    Where is SeanCody finding all these similar looking guys? Did he find some backwoods town where all the guys are related?? Does he have a cloning factory somewhere? My god.

  • Aries16

    What A Fucking Fuckable ASS!!!:)

    Louie you are the new JAMIE…

    Sean Cody…Have him TOPPED BY CALVIN and ETHAN NOW!!!

    mmmm… mmmm… mmmmm. what an ASS I just scrolled down and its just bang a wopping bubblicious ass and love his stament “bisexual not really straight”

    Sean Cody by the Way Where is Byron he shoul be Topped by ETHAN, CALVIN Too…

  • Mike

    He’s okay. I’d be surprised if he isn’t a bottom. I prefer Charlie, Steven, and Lance. Still waiting for Donovan and Byron to return. Maybe SC should put out a call for Alan and Landon.

    • Timrod

      And what happened to the hot, sexy Marcus?!? He was beautiful piece! Shame of shames that SC did not have him back–as he seemed ready and willing for man-on-man fun.

      A real loss, imo.

    • Riley

      Can we please stop you know Landon and Alan * have to e-mail* Sean Cody for there comeback a’la Chris and Curtis.

      As foor Donovand and Byron hat ship has sailed unless they are in Sunday/Mondys update so you can stop requesting cause SC never listens.

      i.e. Sanders and we know how many people here HATE/DISLIKE him *I’m NOT one of them*.

      @ Timrod that is the eternal question cause MARCUS WAS/IS my personal favorite!!!!

  • Torrie

    Yes!! Now he’s pretty damn cute! I’d love to see him come back and get fucked by Jess!!!

    It would be cool to see 2 cute guys together fucking. :)

  • JamieP

    Short but really sweet. A yes.

  • WeaponX

    Very nice, but most of all, what a hot ass, hope he gets it on with Calvin

  • Fazz

    Predictable & Forgettable with a nice ass.

  • Ryder25

    Gorgeous guy! I really like him and hopes he comes back for some hot action. The tattoo isn’t great, but the ass makes up for it!

  • Established One

    I can see it on the horizon….Brodie or Johnny gives him a good pounding. It’s coming….I can see it clearly.

  • Zee Brat

    He is just the cutest guy. There’s no reason for him to be doing porn at all.

  • Jared

    I don’t get it. I find nothing special about this guy at all. He just looks like any plain white guy.

    • BladeX

      I agree with you Jared. Everything about him is just average, well, except he does have a very nice derrière:)It is like everyone it try to make a joke about how “gorgeous” he is when they really “saying” he is just average in a sarcastic manner. Not to start any arguments, but I have a feeling if this guy was any other color than(fill in the blank)you would not read such flattering comments.

    • KURT10677

      This guy is very plain I have to pass on this one and that little shribbled dick dosent help things either. whats with these guys and those stupid looking seventies hairdos aka Campbell.

  • alias74

    You all disappoint me….where are all the snarky “well traveled-holland tunnel asshole” and “meh…ok bod, small dick” comments?

  • jag2power

    Grease it up and it’s good to go.

  • Daniel

    Aww shucks how cute

  • Res1

    I liked him until I saw his dick.

    • Ike


  • clusterfuck

    Shame about the tat, but the bubbly ass is plenty distracting.

  • Sushi

    OMG that tattoo is heinous…..but the rest of him is rather delish. And oh how he will get fucked. Can’t wait to see it. It’s a good thing Louie came along to give Amos a chance to rest up.

  • David

    Boring. And that tattoo is ridiculous.

  • Dav1d

    One of the best faces in amateur porn. I can’t wait to see him get fucked.

  • AaronJL

    Louie! Now HE is my idea of a perfect guy. Cute as all hell … EYES EYES EYES; lean and fit, nicely developed dong, great potential as a bottom boy. Woof! He got me going. My coffee is about to get cold. :-D

    • AaronJL

      Yeah I can even overlook the tat. Gives me something to do while I do him. Really. I’m serious.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Looks like something has been on that hole before…

  • Guy

    He’s very cute, don’t see him as a top at all though, and judging from his ass which is very nice he does love to take it and is anxious to explore his boundaries.

  • dio

    gawddamn… I keep scrolling pass the updates to this guy, just to see that SMILE.

    he must return. MUST. P_P

  • james08908

    Cute!!…I am hoping he will definitely bottom soon becoz is dick is surely not a topping meat!! lolzz

  • Joc

    aww cute, nice little cock

  • brucesteggert

    A very attractive young man.

    I hope he is back soon for some action.

    CF has a number of “go to” bottoms (Austin, Trey, Justin, etc.). Hopefully, Louie will fill the same role at SC.

  • Urs Jans

    I’d love to see SC produce a threesome with two bottoms, this guy and Chris, and stack the bottoms and let the top go back and forth, first rimming then anal.

    • custard

      I agree. That would be excellent!

      In the meantime, let’s get some two-way traffic in that shapely butt!

  • ragou19

    Lots of nice traits, and yet the smile from the video is actually the best.

    I like him… which means I’ll probably never see him (on Sean Cody) again.