SeanCody: Luke (II)

Luke II at SeanCody

Luke is not from California, but he very well could be!

Luke II at SeanCody

Luke II at SeanCody

Luke II at SeanCody

Luke II at SeanCody

Luke II at SeanCody

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Sean Cody wrote:

Luke is not from California, but he very well could be. He fit right in running around wearing board shorts and carrying a surf board on the beach. He’s six feet tall, blond, and has a chiseled body that is very ripped.

“What is your favorite part of your body?”

“I always had a good chest. People always say I have great legs, but I definitely love my chest,” he said as he showed off a bit with some resistance bands.

I can see why people would say his legs are outstanding — they are big and muscled through and through. He also has an incredible ass covered with a bit of hair…

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  • Chuliaka

    forgettable and ugly dick

    • Bob-omb

      Yeah, that gnarled stump must terrify his sexual partners — how the hell is that considered pornworthy?

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Every thing this guy has except the fug face is hot! His ass and legs are HOT! His cock is rather small but this guy looks like bottom material, hope he comes back and gets his ass ravaged!

    • brandon85

      I got a feeling they’ll pull a Jeffrey and have him topping.

    • elmtree

      He’s not pretty but, I gotta agree with Fresero (what??), his legs and ass are HOT, beautiful, OMG and yummy! The 4th pic from the end is…flawless!

      Please let him come back as a power bottom…and let Ethan top him.

  • moondoggy

    I liked him from the very first pic. I was sorta hoping he’d be monster hung and circumcised, and of course he is neither, but I don’t mind. I would love to see more of him even though Sean Cody actually appeals to me more through the solos than through the sex.

  • chipp

    fucking great guy – fit the dick.! want to suck that dick and tongue that ass!!

  • Jerome

    Yummmeh! Im not a big fan of uncut dick, but the rest of him looks absolutely lickable :P

  • brandon85

    Lol I never can guess how you guys will respond to a guy I thought yall be excited about this guy. I like him and hope to see him in action with Jake as a bottom

  • floodboy

    This guy is smoking hot, from head to toe. I would like to see him fucking or fucked, despite his tiny (but cute) dick.

  • Kelo

    I don’t like his scrotum.

    • Auggy


    • Juan Diego

      I guess he has phimosis.

    • NineHorseTop

      Alright this fukkin’ kills me: You don’t fukkin like his scrotum?!?!?! Really?? You mean the one with the balls inside trying to get warm & snuggly up between those fuzzy legs?? Well, fukkin warm his dick up with your mouth and maybe, just maybe his sack will drop an inch or two!! Why? Try it. Do something with your hands/mouth: grab his balls and stretch/suck on the fukkers so he doesn’t think you’re a complete lame fuck!!

      Oh wait, he probably still thinks you are because you saw a snapshot that happened to be taken when his foreskin wasnt pulled back from his cockhead and you said: “I guess he has phimosis.”

      I swear some of the shit you guys say really make me think–(but just to be fair, I dont think “that” much or that “hard” about it–cause clearly I want to be on the same sexual wavelength as the “BTW” peanuts here)–
      Oh, what was I thinking?? Oh yeah: Why would anyone want to fuck your ass or suck your cock?? or rather why would anyone let you in/take you home/invite them over or whatever the inevitable un-event may be, if this is the shit that’s coming out of your mouth???

      moondoggy, chipp, alias74?? Nods to you & your next fukk session or sessions :)

  • Jazz

    It’s a crying shame that he had to follow Jeff. It just makes his scene look even worse in comparison.

  • Mike

    Not the least bit interested.

  • effierum

    Last guy was much hotter and had a bigger dick (and hopefully comes back with some man on man action!) but of course this guy will get more praise and positive comments. He looks like John Magnum but slightly better facewise. John has more going on bodywise though

  • porndog

    I simply can’t resist a blonde, and this guy is no exception. He’s cute enough, and his body is totally lickable. I love his legs, feet, and the blonde fur. I used to think that uncut cocks generally ran larger than cut; guess that ain’t true, huh?

    I just hope he returns. Blondes have more fun.

  • porndog

    Btw, does anyone remember the original Luke? Remember he had long-ish hair and played in a band? Well, I was searching on the SC site, and only found a few vids of him after he cut his hair.

    Either I’m getting old-timers or SC has deleted some of his vids.

    • porndog

      Okay, I think I see a pattern. (It could be that) Any of the early vids in which Sean Cody appears have been removed? Now ain’t that a kick?

    • fresero_abre_culos

      I remember because the Luke you talk about fucked Lee young a.k.a. Joel a.k.a. Abel and that scene was HOT. I can’t remember any other asian that has had sex at SC (i’m not counting the guys who are mixed race).

  • Torrie

    Ewwww! Ugliest dick I’ve seen in a long time!

    I demand my Jess/Jake scene, Sean Cody! It’s been long overdue!

  • zemyazem




  • Auggy

    Nice legs and ass like Fresero said. But he isn’t my type at all so…no thanks, SC.

  • Mr. Black

    I really want to love my uncut brothers cocks, but his is the very reason I won’t suck one. Gross.

  • muffintop

    Hot body, ‘meh’ looks, not-so-pretty cock and balls. Overall I’m not excited about this guy. He looks a bit like Paul Bettany though.

  • Ryder25

    No thanks. Throw him back.

  • alias74

    “Ugly man…tiny dick…queer face…”

    DAMN, you all are crazy harsh!

    Personally I’m in love with this guy: great smile, great body, KILLER legs and ass, and quite frankly the fact that he’s six feet tall and ISN’T hung like a horse turns me on even MORE! (much like my FAVORITE Sean Cody guy ever: Perfect Dave…as in Dave “I’m a little over 6” Dave who bottomed for Rylan).

    If that’s a terrifying ugly stump….BRING IT ON! PERFECT in my book!

  • Sushi

    No thanks. For those who like him, that’s fine, but he does zip for me. Maybe I just don’t like 40 year olds.

  • Fazz

    One word… Forehead !!!

  • Urs Jans

    I thought I was going to be the only one rejecting this one. Even his nice ass can’t save him.

    Oh, btw, good riddance to OBL and long live BHO!

  • Hotslimeuroguy

    I am sure he will be a great bottom. Like blondes. Never fucked one.

  • 007james

    Ok…I’m not into this guy, or even interested in him naked. I usually like blondes…but he is not attractive to me (like a lot has mentioned)…I’m stuck on the fact Sean Cody can’t afford new shorts/trunks for his models to wear. Those same shorts have been worn by other guys year after year. Can you imagine how much dna is on those things from previous dudes? Like using the same towels in a hotel that others have been using before you. Yuck! Sean buy some new clothes for your guys- you can afford it. << ok I'm more interested in the shorts than the guy, that proves this is a fail. LOL

  • Diamone

    His back muscles look mersmerizing, especially in the beach picture. That’s about it. I notice that he doesn’t exactly look young like most of the models. Does anybody know what’s with all the older gentlemen doing porn for studios with a younger criteria? Is because they are trying to grab a bigger audience?

  • tomtomson

    Ok his dick is not the biggest, so what, you damn sizequeens! But it is untouched and huge kudos to parents for not cutting his foreskin!!! Hurrah!

    • LuckyinKentucky

      Such low standards…

      So your only basis for a guy to have a nice cock is to be uncircumsized?

  • Established One

    Failure. I’m not feeling him at at..

  • humanoid

    ugly face, ugly little cock.