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IslandStuds: Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!)

Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!) at IslandStuds

Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!) at IslandStuds

Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!) at IslandStuds

Watch Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!) at IslandStuds

If you like Californian or Hawaiian smooth young naked surfer boys with hot athletic smooth bodies and friendly sweet personalities, Luke is NOT to the missed! This story is REAL! I spotted Luke, a beautiful 20 year old sexy hazel-eyed surf boy, skim boarding on a public nude beach early in the morning with his board shorts on. Watch his reaction to my video camera when I approach this young jock WITH my camera rolling! Listen to our first conversation! He confidently confesses that he HAS skim boarded naked before, but NOT for a camera! Without hesitation he agrees to be photographed skimming naked for the right price! After we negotiate, he strips out of his swim trunks to expose his perfect white bubble butt, accented by his bronzed copper-colored sun-kissed skin & that yummy smooth boyish athletic body and uncut cock! This is his very FIRST TIME photographed naked… and on a public nudist beach! This video is full of extended footage of sexy Luke gliding across the water’s surface on his skimboard balls out – fully nude! The camera catches Luke’s perky man butt from every angle as he plays in the waves with his board, caught on film for the very first time! Wow, what a sexy athletic jock! Look at his very fine white ass as he paddles out on his surfboard to catch some waves! After this sexy surf session, Luke suggests that I photograph him diving and jumping off lava rocks and cliffs on the nearby beach. This smooth-body swimmer does a BACK FLIP off the jagged lava rock, fully naked in the hot Hawaiian sun! What a Stud! There are great photos and video of him jumping and driving into the water below. Feast your eyes on his sexy surfer body, dripping with warm sea water as he climbs the rocks for his next jump! After all this nudist beach action, I suggest we move to the privacy of the adjacent forest for some hard dick shots. Luke is even more sexy with his throbbing uncut cock dangling between his tan muscular thighs! Foreskin lovers will LOVE Luke’s thick natural uncut head peeking out from his ample foreskin! What a beautiful BIG boner on a sexy young surf Stud! This sweet sexy surf boy with a thick uncut cock and amazing white bubble butt is not to missed performing all his surfing skills for us on Island Studs!

Watch Luke (Sexy Uncut Surfer Skimboarding Naked!) at IslandStuds

  • jinger

    Nice guy :P

  • CA

    Not familiar with this site, do they just surf and jerk off? No hardcore? Shopping around to replace CF, ha.

    • Jay

      Surf, Clean Naked, Take a Leak, all while interviewing and finishing with a solo J/O is the usual modus operandi.

      And this guy has a really flat butt.

    • jmayer!!!

      They retract their foreskins and show their moist glans

    • JDavid

      They usually clean the yard, do housework and then jerk off. He’s had a couple jerk off in the same place and time, and even one gay sex vid that I remember. While the guys are more “real” and not as pretty and plucked as the CF and SC guys, there’s not an element of gay sex all the time.

    • ThomT

      I think his butt looks flat because of the crazy tan line from the sagger board shorts. Obviously it’s not very toned or muscular but the tan line just emphasizes that.

  • tomtomson

    OH YEAH, he can come to have some fun on my lanai anytime!!!

  • pubert

    That ass should remain covered.

  • dio

    if I saw this guy on the bus/street/@Ala Moana I wouldn’t even looks twice. Really, really below average. This site must troll Hotel Street, or something… :-x

  • Orion Hunter

    Not sure which was flatter, his ass or his board.

    Cute guy tho (but the lack of ass is a tragic deal breaker).

    • JDavid

      HAH – Yeah, like if this little straight boy walked up and offered you his cock or ass, you’d tell him no. I don’t think so.

  • Sushi

    Very cute, natural guy.

  • von schlomo

    Cute! I’d do him

  • Joc

    Nice outdoor scene

  • Daniel

    Not bad.

  • Sexy!