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IslandStuds: Alec (US Marine Muscle God Works his Hairy Hole!)

Alec (US Marine Muscle God Works his Hairy Hole!) at IslandStuds

“I can’t stop having FUN when I’m NAKED!” Alec says with his big beautiful Greek smile and a laugh as he lifts weights FULLY NUDE outdoors. Alec the former US Marine Muscle God is back jerking his BIG BUSHY COCK in the hot Hawaiian sun!

Watch Alec (US Marine Muscle God Works his Hairy Hole!) at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Sexy Shane and his 9″ Cock Surf Naked!

Sexy Shane and his 9

Horse Hung Shane, the 22 year old straight surfer boy with the monster 9″ cock, is back for more naked surfing in Hawaii!

Watch Shane at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Donny (Ripped 18 Year Old Uncut Russian)

Donny (Ripped Uncut Hawaiian Surfer) at IslandStuds

Donny, the barely legal ripped 18 year old uncut Russian bodybuilder boy, is back for more naked lsland action!

Watch Donny (Ripped Uncut Hawaiian Surfer) at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Brian (Surfer Boy Jerks His Massive Meat)

Brian (Surfer Boy Jerks His Massive Meat) at IslandStuds

Brian is so friendly and relaxed that it is a joy to be with him. He has no problem getting his massive cock hard outdoors. This video contains so many great moments of Brian smiling into the camera and talking openly about his BIG DICK and his personal life on the Islands. “Does that BIG THING ever hurt your girlfriend?” I ask. “I don’t think so, she likes it,” Brian says with a sweet smile and a laugh.

Watch Brian (Surfer Boy Jerks His Massive Meat) at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Kaleo (Solo)

Kaleo (Solo) at IslandStuds

Watch Kaleo (Solo) at IslandStuds

Kaleo, a handsome polite Hawaiian, is a real life sport jock fantasy! Standing 6’2″, 185 lbs he is major boyfriend material! He is just the college jock you would want to take home to meet your Mother! This friendly Hawaiian with a tight body and furry ass played just about EVERY SPORT in High School: soccer, football, basketball and baseball!
What a stud!

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IslandStuds: Darius & Devon (The Muscle King Brothers)

Darius & Devon (The Muscle King Brothers) at IslandStuds

The horse-hung muscle stud King Brothers are back again – turning heads in Honolulu and jerking off TOGETHER! These two REAL-LIFE brothers are looking better then ever!

Watch Darius & Devon (The Muscle King Brothers) at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Darren & Kaleo (Play Naked Football)

Darren & Kaleo (Play Naked Football) at IslandStuds

Big Dick Darren, the sexy Waikiki lifeguard & surfer is back with his buddy Kaleo for another Island Studs outdoor photo shoot! Kaleo, Darren’s college buddy, is a tall handsome Hawaiian football jock! Darren, the tan surf stud with the tight body and HUGE cock and balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked with other guys…

Watch Darren & Kaleo (Play Naked Football) at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Kaimana (Returns)

Kaimana (Returns) at IslandStuds

Kaimana is Back! Ripped Hawaiian Surfs Naked & Jerks Off on the Beach! The super sexy Local Hawaiian Boy, is back showing off his rock hard muscle body at the public beach. He takes us on a naked surfing safari to one of his favorite surf spots. Watch Kaimana strip down outside at a popular surf break revealing his brown Island skin and round bubble muscle butt! It is very hot to watch this jock walk around in the sun with his big HARD dick dangling while he carries his surf board into the warm ocean. He is a real nudist Hawaiian dream boy! If you have ever wanted to see a real live surfer with a great ass paddle out to catch waves FULLY NAKED, Kaimana is not to be missed!

Watch Kaimana at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Dane (Furry Muscle Jock)

Dane (Furry Muscle Jock) at IslandStuds

Dane is a semi-pro body boarder living in Hawaii with a great body sculpted from hours in the gym and dedication to his sport. This young jock has a great set of pecs, rock hard abs, and an amazing hairy muscle ass! His pretty boy face and friendly smile attracts both women and men when he is out in the water catching waves. This is Dane’s first time modeling naked for the camera.

Watch Dane at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Ollie (Hawaiian Marine with Massive Nuts)

Ollie (Hawaiian Marine with Massive Nuts) at IslandStuds

If you like your men straight, married with children and in the military, Ollie is your man! This real Marine stationed in Oahu has the thick neck, fine meaty ass and extremely low hanging donkey-balls that you would expect from a well trained service man! If you love low hangers, Ollie will NOT disappoint!

Watch Ollie at IslandStuds

IslandStuds: John (Smooth Tourist Boy)

John (Smooth Tourist Boy) at IslandStuds

John is a shy, soft-spoken innocent young boy with a polite attitude and a sweet smile. A true corn-fed boy from Iowa, John was actually on holiday in Hawaii with his parents when these photos where taken! Despite being shy and very nervous that his parents might see these naked photos one day, John is willing to strip out of his clothes for us! This is his first ever nude photo shoot, and he NEVER imagined doing this on his Summer Vacation!

Watch John at IslandStuds

Island Studs: Darren 2

Darren 2 at IslandStuds

Big Dick Darren, the Waikiki lifeguard, is back for his second outdoor shoot. Darren got so excited when I suggested photographing him surf naked on a public beach! This tan surf jock is a true exhibitionist with a tight body and huge cock and balls. This is Darren’s first time ever surfing naked!

Watch Darren’s Video Clip | Visit IslandStuds

IslandStuds: Deo

Deo at IslandStuds

Deo is a beautiful, shy 18 year old neighborhood boy who has been working around our property doing odd jobs since he was only 16 and in High School. Like our other neighbor Jack, Deo was well aware of our site and had met several of the other models before I asked to photograph him. Here is the actual footage of me asking Deo to strip one day while he was in the middle of dirty outdoor work, repotting plants. Like Nic, Deo is full blooded Greek-American!

Watch Deo at