SeanCody: Franklin & Lance

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Watch Franklin & Lance at

Franklin and Lance had some time to kill before we were ready to start. They ended up meeting up at a restaurant and got to know each other before REALLY getting to know each other!

“So you guys got to hang out a little bit?”

“Yeah,” Franklin responded. “We had couple of beers…”

“…Quesadillas,” Lance finished off.

“Beers and quesadillas and now you’re ready to ‘chill’…”

“Totally straight… he had the Smirnoff Ice. I had the beer.” Franklin joked.

“Oh so does that mean he’s bottoming?” I asked.

“I guess so. Yeah…that’s the deal.” Lance smiled.

And Lance did get fucked, with Franklin’s balls slapping his ass with every thrust. Lance didn’t stop moaning and even grabbed onto Franklin as if he wanted him deeper inside. It was like he had not been fucked in a long time and was really wanting it! Well, he got what he wanted all the way up to Franklin’s huge load of cum!

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fresero_abre_culos says:

Barf! The big nose fug is back! Yuck!

kiki12 says:

thought the same

Bradster says:

WTF is this? Franklin is not attractive in the slightest. The majority hated his solo update – so of course Sean Cody has to bring him back. Bullshit.

Kelo says:

I totally forgot about Franklin and wanted to keep it that way.


darkthunder1983 says:

Franklin aside, I’m happy to see Lance back.

anoir says:

Despite my list of grievances against the Sean Cody formula, I love watching Lance getting fucked like the bottom slut that he is…

ToraTora says:

is franklin the ugliest guy on Sean Cody ever? everyone, including me, seems to dislike him A LOT

Torrie says:

Ewww. I thought we’d seen the last of Franklin and his disgusting balls! I guess not….

Tom says:

I personally like Franklins big nose and big balls ! lol
But I d like to see him with another bottom !

porndog says:

First of all, I think Franklin is far from ugly. Look at the updates from other sites featured this week. Case closed. However, as much as I like Lance, I’m tired of seeing him bottom and wish Sean Cody had other bottoms they could call. But I won’t begrudge Lance the work, lol! But I don’t really care what Sean Cody does or doesn’t do. It has become a loser and I’m done with this studio.

Kenji says:

LOL. Sean Cody is a big joke. This is my last month subscribing to this site. They have a lot of hot guys from the solos but non of them come back. (Kennan, Brandon etc.) They bring back the guys we don’t care much for.

Maybe when the site starts being serious, I’ll come back.

Mike says:

Lance is one of my favorite Sean Cody models, but Franklin does nothing for me. Not interested in watching this.

CarlosEduarc says:


jag2power says:

Nice t-shirt.

twinkemopunk808 says:

i think franklin is not ur typical hot dude but i like something about him a lot lol

Ted says:

Lancatron returns! Commencing Sexual Routine!

Res1 says:

I’ve been gone since Tuesday morning, and still no good updates. I could probably leave the internet for a month and come back to nothing. SMH

elmtree says:

Another disappointing update from SC. I don’t know what’s going on but they haven’t had a great update in quite a while. This certainly doesn’t make me want to keep my subscription…

adowhat says:

i find neither of these guys attractive, especially gonzo. why isn’t he dunzo?

Fazz says:

Uuuuuum Ewwwww!

muffintop says:

Yuck, I thought we were done with Lance once and for all. I like Franklin’s bush.

Daniel says:

Franklin is sooo UGLY argh! And Lance ain’t no pretty boy himself.


tyler says:

Franklin looks like he can fuck (from Lance’s reactions- which could be faked) and has good balls and a decent size cock is my take on him.
Lance loves cock is my take on HIM.
i will watch it, but likely not save it…

Tom says:

Agree ! ;-)

jazz says:

Well one thing I can say is that Franklin has an amazing cum shot! Those big balls ain’t going to waste.

Nate says:

Not even remotely interested in this pairing. Franklin just does nothing for me. Of all the hottie solos Sean Cody has had and none have returned thus far this is the one they can get to come back to fuck? No.

dio says:

Franklin (& Lance, for that matter) are so fucking ugly. *sigh* Not even Lance ravenous for that d!ck any way he can gets it (he’s a really good performer) can’t behoove me to partake in this vid’s visual, er… splendor. There are MANY things I can put up with, in my m/m action. I can take a not-all-there body, an equally not-all-there str8 guy doing it for the Benjamins, floppy dicks, overacting, bad acting, either or both guys not even bothering to hid how NOT into it they are, no reciprocation, even one ugly model… etc, but I CANNOT @ a facially unattractive duo. -_-

BladeX says:

I think you are holding back. Now tell us how you really feel:)

porndog says:

Man, dio! You’re more generous than I am, LMAO!

Orochimaru says:

I don’t know what to say.

Richard Egames says:

Franklin is awesome. I love his brown dick, saggy balls and big nose. More Franklin please!!!

As for the white dude, …………shrugs……………

lennylenny says:

WTF? Why would Sean Cody bring Franklin back?

…Oh, right, the huge floppy balls fetish.

codysf says:

Jesus – what a bunch of bitter queens – why all the hate?
I think Franklin is pretty hot – I like that look. Would love to see what you all look like

Tom says:

Just relax and enjoy those sick+laughable comments of those “Hurr Durr” -candidates !

lovelivelife says:

I think Franklin is sexy.

stevie nowonder says:

What to add to previous outbursts of disgust? These two poor creatures are really a nasty morning shock!

Tom says:

Hehehe … always nice to go through the comments … some of u guys are really insane and intemperate queens ! lol

Ryder25 says:

NOPE. Sean Cody has really started to decline.

HKguy says:

Loves me some Lance!

Sushi says:

Why bring back these two??? What is the point?? One overused hole, and another plain Jane top ( and that is being generous!)

Zee Brat says:

Hehe, I love his big nose.

You guys are really only interested in one specific look. Time to broaden those horizons. How jaded have you become that two guys in great shape, enjoying sex, leads to all of this hate?

Tom says:

I totally agree !
One day their heads will swell,burst and all of this gross mainstream-puke will be sloshed around. XD

LJ says:

Franklin’s ginormous nose and the plaid trunks that clash made me throw up a little in my mouth. That was before either of them took off their clothes…

Helluva Bottom Carter says:

Worst update of 2011 yet, SC. You owe me.

Aries16 says:


WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Arglebargle says:

Yawn. Lance? No one is named Lance anymore. Lance is what you do to a blister. Or what you use to stick a pig. And Franklin? Ewww.