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SouthernStrokes: Justin Wayne & Richard (FleshJack)

Justin Wayne & Richard (FleshJack) at Southern Strokes

Justin Wayne & Richard (FleshJack) at Southern Strokes

Justin Wayne & Richard (FleshJack) at Southern Strokes

Watch Justin & Richard’s Video Clip | Visit SouthernStrokes

I have to say that I couldn’t think of a better way to break in the Ranch than bring two hot guys over for a little naked fun. Richard and Justin are good buddies but they weren’t real excited about doing a video together. As hot as these two are and as much play as they get, I can’t believe that they haven’t tag teamed a girl together. Well it took a little coaxing but I finally convinced them by throwing a toy in the mix.

There are a lot of very sexual guys that are straight and they don’t know what them are missing out on when it comes to toys. I told Richard and Justin that I wanted them to check out the latest Fleshjack toys and let me know what they thought. Their curiosity got the best of them and they both said fuck yea lets do it.

Richard and Justin and really two of the coolest guys to be around. They are extremely hot, they know it but they aren’t arrogant at all and they are comfortable just hanging out and shooting the shit. It has been a hot hot summer and this day was one of the hottest of the year. They both love the sun so we waited until the heat of the day was over and went outside and just turned them loose.

Make sure you watch all of the beginning especially when they reach the point where they have to bring their cocks out. It is really pretty comical. One thing you will notice is that when they dropped their pants, they both have raging hardens in their hands. This video was so hot watching then work their huge cocks until they both spill thick cream loads of thick white cum all over the table. Welcome to Shut’er down Ranch.

Watch Justin & Richard’s Video Clip | Visit SouthernStrokes

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  • moondoggy

    This is sort of pointless, as others will no doubt express, but as a leg lover, I can’t hate this. The last couple of pics really rescued it from being totally throwaway, although I also really appreciate the nice outdoor setting and competent photography.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Looks like “jesus” shaved his beard! This guys IS HIDEOUS!

    • jazz

      Hideous? Really?

    • fresero_abre_culos

      OK… H-O-R-R-E-N-D-O-U-S!

    • tomtomson

      they are both rather appalling!!


    I find Fleshlight videos hot….love the big cocks :-)

  • porndog

    Both Justin & Richard have nice dicks. Richard should grow back the beard; it made his face more interesting. But c’mon. I wouldn’t pay to see two guys using a Fleshjack, so this is a worthless scene; as if one solo jackoff wasn’t enough.

    • jazz

      I agree with you on each point.

  • sliderboi

    cher had a sex-change.

  • adowhat

    i thought he resembled steven seigal…lol unattractive i know that much.

  • Riley

    1st Off WTH is this…….

    2. i could have sworn that I could just go to Fleshjacks website and see a video off the guys using the DAMN things doing the same DAMN THING.

    3. FIND GAY GUYS SO STRO. it shouldn’t be that DAMN HARD to do. nothing worse than two straight guys who will not return for more and even if they do it looks like crap on screen. Either get them in action with guys ASAP or SEND THEM the HELL HOME cause they are wasting our time and theirs. I swear So Stro gets a new place to shoot at and we get solos and duos of people we may not see again.

    Now they are HOT, but like I said Get’em with other guys or git gone as simple as that DAMMIT.

    • Ted

      Hahaha, oh man, this is hilarious!
      I feel a bit sorry for Richard though, I know the reason why he has his hair so long is probably bc his hairline is so far back… but that is ridiculous, if you want to hide that you are balding, don’t grow your hair out so that you look like a off duty clown, or in this case, a walmart paperback romance pirate, you cut it all off and face it head on. (pun not intended)

  • twinkemopunk808

    long haired dude has a nice cock and thick load but his face & hair are bleh

  • VegasRich

    Wow what a difference a beard makes. Grow it back Richard. That hair requires a beard to look interesting.

  • Daniel

    Caveman Neanderthals.

  • effierum

    Lol. Fresero! Horrendous is definitely the word!

  • Billy.Sive