NextDoorMale: Cameron Foster

Cameron Foster at Next Door Male

Cameron Foster at Next Door Male

Cameron Foster at Next Door Male

Cameron Foster at Next Door Male

Cameron Foster is taking a private moment at the gym. Slowly stretching his legs and torso in anticipation of his main reason for being here. After properly getting loose & limber, he raids his locker for his stash of porno mags, spreading them all around and getting into it properly. Watch as he stretches his cock and wanks it stiff. Then unwind with him for the final climax!

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  • jazz

    Oh gosh, I guess he’s making his rounds. He got fucked by Jake at SC and by Josh at CF (I believe). I wonder who will fuck him here.

    • elmtree

      I was thinking the same thing about him making the rounds. And lets not forget he got fucked by Brady and Riley at CSM. At least he avoided the clutches of “THE Jake”.

  • Billy.Sive

    he’s kinda cute, nice body. but not really wonderful in my opinion

  • von schlomo

    He’s a big ole bottom!

  • manu

    Jazz nobody fucks anyone at nextdorrmale , it s the place where old performers come to do solos or suck Tony Cammings and Samuel O’Toole, I can’t remember ever seeing a fuck scene from there aside from that horror with the blond boy that looked like RObyn .

    • jazz

      LOL OMG that blond boy was just too much.

    • jag2power

      I believe you mean, Cody Cummings. I like him. Anyway, Cam and his hole have been around the block or two.

  • dio

    you know, when a guy goes full-speed-ahead with the gay porn, they usually don’t slack off on the gym time; especially when their body was what distracted from their… face. I mean, not that dood’s ugly, but he def. has a fetal alcohol syndrome thing going on.

  • humanoid

    i recall seeing him many times before but here he just got fatter and more unappealing….

    • Daniel

      Look at those stretch marks… Gross.

  • Colby Parr

    I actually have a thing for Cameron, but he needs to start topping sometime or GTFO.

  • porndog

    I wouldn’t call Cameron handsome (in vids). He looks fine in photosets with the requisite touch-ups and camera tricks. But gotta say that he looks damn good in videos. His big body is nicely proportioned and sexy. And he’s a decent bottom. But I do see him looking hotter in a few years if he stays in shape.

  • stevie nowonder

    I can’t believe my eyes! What a downfall! I really liked him when I first saw him on SC, he wasted some videos there and now he keeps moving from site to site every time looking uglier and totally more wasted! Yuck!!!

  • tomtomson

    he looks a bit dim. the best thing on him are his feet…