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Solomon at ChaosMen

Solomon at ChaosMen

Solomon at ChaosMen

Solomon at ChaosMen

Solomon at ChaosMen

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Did you grow up with a cocky jock who you secretly envied. Maybe he was a nice guy to you, but you figured he was super straight, and you would never stand a chance with him. Kind of full-of-himself, but not in too annoying of a way.

Perhaps he was so proud of his body that he would parade around the locker room nude, whipping his junk around?

What is great about Solomon is the he IS that dude. He is nearly perfect. His body is amazing, and the only flaws I can find are some road rash from cycling, and few scratch marks on his back from some females drawing some blood.

And he likes it ROUGH.

That’s right, if you have ever wanted to trade blows with a smug hot straight guy, Solomon is here to make that fantasy come true.

He loves pain. Getting punched, scratched, whipped.

In fact, I think he is a REALLY NICE guy, but will balk talk or goad you until you take a swing at him. He will sit there and gladly let you pound on him. Getting a boner the entire time. You just try to wipe that smug smile of his face. He dares you.

His solo is intense too. He is often looking at the video playing for him, but he finally takes an interest in the audience, then his own body.

The best part is when he discovered he could slide his cock head into his own ass. I think that was a first for him, as well as

The fact that he was fucking himself with his own cock made his dick almost too hard to do the backward bend he was doing to push it in.

Ironically he hasn’t played with his ass, and that internal pain is something he hasn’t explored. He seems strangely leery of it considering how much he is into pain.

I think I can get him to at least top, based on what he did the next day…

Stay tuned next week for a vicious little Edge video!

Don’t you wanna hear him scream, “Pineapple!”?

Watch Solomon at ChaosMen

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  • jazz

    WOW is all I can say. I can’t wait to see this guy in action. I really hope there’s more after the Edge video.

  • ToraTora

    yes! yes! yes~

  • armour

    This guy is makes the new guys on SC and CF look like a joke. He has the face, smile, body, cock and is willing to fuck. Signing up to CM definitely now – at least I know he’ll be back.

  • PornJock

    And we have a winner! The only “flaws” are 2 inoffensive tats. Sounds lIke a kinky little fucker and CM already has a couple of people I can think of that would naturally reciprocate this guy’s fetish.

  • Jay

    This man has no flaws. Chaosmen is hilarious with their safe word, “PINEAPPLE”, otherwise known as, “get that thing out of my ass right now please.”

    • tomtomson

      he has one flaw.

  • elmtree

    I agree with everyone, this guy is hot…love his big ass! In the vid he said he was 5-7, which is short but still hot and thats about the size of several other CM models.

    I would point out Bryan exaggerated in his write up. Bryan says, “The fact that he was fucking himself with his own cock…” To clarify, there was no fucking himself in the vid…only touching his ass with his cock.

    There was also an outtake at the end where Bryan shows Solomon how to stroke his cock to get it hard. Interesting. Look forward to more from Solomon.

    • NineHorseTop

      Interesting is right!! I wish some of the guys I’ve played with could take instruction & direction as intensely focused like Solomon was in that outtake!! Damn!! He was studying that technique HARD too!! Attaboy, Sol!!!

  • moondoggy

    LOL @ elmtree — I assumed as much about the self-fuck. Guys who can self fuck are usually guys who have had way too much sex and their big dicks have turned rubbery from overuse.

    Top, bottom, or sideways — if they pair this guy with someone I consider his equal for a raw fuck, I will resubscribe.

    • NineHorseTop

      “Guys who can self fuck are usually guys who have had way too much sex and their big dicks have turned rubbery from overuse…”

      LOL, I can’t wait to tweet that one!!

    • solomon


  • zemyazem




  • Rictor

    Have him top Taylor AND Valentino in a hot three-way!

  • VegasRich

    Nice find Bryan.

  • Sushi

    Really fucking nice! Can’t wait to see him top…and then get that hole explored. Yowza!!

  • jinger

    I love him, he’s hot

  • Mr. Pink

    I’m going to join the lovefest. He’s fucking perfect and if he’s paired with Vander, Taylor or Valentino, I’ll subscribe.

  • porndog

    WOW!!! This guy puts Derek Atlas to shame. His personality kinda jumps off the screen (in a good way). Curves in all the right places, an impressive ass, cute face, and all-around hunk! Delicious! I’m looking forward to his Edge video (hope Vander does the honors). Can you imagine him and Taylor together; him and Valentino; him and just about anybody?

    • solomon

      I don’t think I put anyone to shame. MR. ATLAS is an incredibley good looking Guy and I feel lucky to be in the same sentence as him. If anything I work out to push other people and motivate them to be sexier. I simply have just been working out for a long time however I believe there is a Greek God inside everyone.

  • dio

    pretty shocking, big ass. LOL Nice bod in gen and OK dick, but his face is just… not doing it for me, at all.

  • He should have went to Randy Blue or Sean Cody; at least they use condoms over there…unlike this bug chaser site.

    • PornJock

      How are they bug chasing when they get tested before filming? Are momogomous couples that bareback bug chasing? Were your parents bug chasing when they had you?

    • What “monogamous” couples have been featured at ChaosMen? Testing shemesting; they’re still putting these models at risk. I can think of at least 3 instances offhand where porn stars “tested” negative at work when they were really positive.

  • bananahead05

    Oh hell yes!

  • muffintop

    Yowza, I think CM has found someone who physically surpasses even Taylor. Incidentally, he likes it rough and Taylor likes to be dominant, seems like a no brainer to me. Question is, who would be the bottom?

    • PornJock

      Probably the new guy. Taylor really doesn’t like to bottom!

    • PornJock

      Also, Taylor still has a bigger chest, ass, and dick so I guess it all depends on depends on what your idea of “surpasses” is.

    • muffintop

      Hmm, maybe you’re right. I think ‘rivals’ would be more accurate. Either way, they are both physical perfection. As is Johannes.

  • jag2power

    What a find.

  • Juan Diego

    Does not him resemble Shrek?

    • Beowulf

      Maybe the smile? But I like Shrek!

  • Daniel

    Masculine body but the face – not the sharpest looking tool in the shed.

  • Colby Parr

    This man is absolutely flawless. Anyone who disagrees is either blind, jealous, or both.

    • stevie nowonder

      Nobody’s flawless, don’t exaggerate! I like him very much, he has a great body and he is very funny and laid back but he is not perfect !!!

  • Nick Minaj

    He might do a bj scene, and we’ll never see him again after that. I doubt I’m wrong and if I am, I’ll be shocked. Taylor is the only hot guy like this to ever stick around with this site that I can recall.

    • PornJock

      I think Tobin would be an example of another hot guy who has stuck around, though his performances have been zombie-like.

  • Jiro-san

    he’s got a nice birthday dress ;)

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Wow, CM goes from one extreme to the other. This home run sure makes up for some of the “what were they THINKING” guys they’ve introduced lately! HOT! Can’t wait to see him in action, but please, NOT with one of those “what were they THINKING?” guys!

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    This guy plus Taylor, Valentino and Vander. ORGY.

    Make it happen, Bryan.

  • Paul D

    No one’s commenting that he likes to “beat and get beaten”? I lost my desire for him hearing he likes to beat women. Anyone who gets a sexual turn on from punching, scratching, beating, and whipping is a no-go in my book. I don’t mind rougher stuff at all–it can be sexy, but I’d never say or allow punching, beating, etc. It’s a bit different for gays, no? I mean, if he’s with another built dude and they are into it, it’s one thing, but he says he’s straight and has had blood drawn from women…it doesn’t sit nearly as well. Just makes me think some of them drew blood for a reason other than “fun”. I’ve known people into that stuff and there was a reason.

    • solomon

      I don’t like to beat women but I do enjoy a good fight. Sometimes I like to piss people off so I can get “beaten”

    • solomon

      And the blood gets drawn on my back cuz its “good”

  • solomon

    Thanks for the support guys I was very nervous for this shot for he first time. I honestly was extremely out of shape or at least what I consider out of shape. I had never truelly found myself attractive or even thought I was until I came to this site. I will be back with more.