Fratmen: Liam (at the Fratpad)

Liam (at the Fratpad) at

Liam (at the Fratpad) at

Liam (at the Fratpad) at

Liam (at the Fratpad) at

Liam has returned to Fratmen TV! This summer, our hot, hairy, uncut jock spent a month at Fratpad, building his tall body to muscular perfection. Before our frat boy departed for fall classes, we had him jerk his fat, uncut cock for us and give us one last hot cum shot. Also in this update, we have some candid, naked footage of his stay at Watch and enjoy his transformation from frat boy to Fratmen.

Watch Liam at Fratmen

  • KingSize


  • 007james

    fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear…

  • zemyazem



  • Dorse

    Great body. Great dick. Great ass. Great face. YUMMM!!

  • Dave

    Natural beauty at it’s best. LOVING HIM!!!

    • Dave

      He’s even uncut! A total natural man. My you know what just said “SPLAT!”

  • porndog

    Now, this is the Fratmen I’m used to. Woof!

  • CarlosEduarc

    It first i didn’t liked him but with time i started finding him hot. His Duo with Jayden was hot! I hope he come back to the pad.

  • dio

    sweet merciful… he’s cute-ish, but whatever he lacks in the face, he makes up for in the body (alone!!!) and d!!!ck department. I pray to L. Ron Hubbard that he follows in Taylor’s footsteps… @_@

  • bob80

    But I always wonder what life circumstances bring guys who look like that into porn. With his looks, he could have succeeded in so many other areas, good looks hold so much power.
    Anyhow, I am glad he’s exposing himself for us.

    • dio

      well, a lot of the guys (and girls for that matter) that do for these sites are somewhat exhibitionists, don’t take sex as seriously as most, and money is just a perk. LOL You should SEE the pics good-looking, well-built guys will post up on guyswithphones.

    • Fazz

      He is friends with another fratman (Dmitry), who convinced him to try it out.
      And because he was curious, to see where it would lead, he was also bi-curious as he admitted to the members, so that could have been a reason as well.

  • Southbay

    Damn he is hot! He’s perfect

  • brucesteggert

    I’m in! Definitely!

  • moondoggy

    That close-up of the ass is a terrible shot. (I am convinced that there has been a changing of the guards at Fratmen, and someone inferior has taken over from the experts who used to do the photography.) But the rest is very handsome indeed.

    • CarlosEduarc

      It’s Fratmen Alan who does all the Fratmen.TV photography.

    • Patrol

      Actually I think this photoset is quite an improvement over Hudson’s, so good job Alan. Of course, Liam is extremely photogenic so that helps too. But I agree these are just basic shots of faces and body parts. I don’t get the sense the photographer is turned on by his subject (which may be difficult if Alan is straight) the way some earlier Fratmen photosets do. Hopefully once Alan masters the technicalities he will think more about poses and angles.

    • Ryder25

      That ass looks good to me.

  • elmtree

    Sign me up…this guy is hot!

  • Patrol

    Thank heavens I didn’t know any guys like Liam when I was in school. There’s every chance I would have failed all my classes, stalked him to his gym and dorm, vandalized his girlfriend’s car, and sneaked into his room to steal his Hanes. My parents would be mortified when they visit me at the psychiatric ward.

    Liam is everything that is right about Fratmen.

    I always welcome an @Pad update. Good to see Chase and Jayden again. Is Sal fun, boring, or mean? My subscription was about to run out and I renewed after seeing his clip, so I’m curious how he’s doing at the pad.

    And does Liam cum as much as he did in his first video? Yes, he does.

  • custard

    WOOF! WOOF!!

  • humanoid

    he’s hot and sexy and fuzzy and adorable!!!!!

  • LGC

    thank god, hes uncut! :D

    • tomtomson


  • Sushi

    Absolutely gorgeous, and glad he’s returned! God that torso of his is stunning. Like that he’s not all shaved-up too, but no more hair on that ass. Yum yum yum yum yum.

  • Ryder25

    HOT as fuck.

  • Fazz

    Awww I miss LIAM so much, wish he could come back to the Pad soon.
    He is a true beauty, a gorgeous example of manhood, and what is best he’s one of the sweetest most sincere men I have ever met. He’s extremely genuine, very innocent and open minded to such an extent that when he came to the Pad he said he was bi-curious; and after doing a DUO in which he had difficulty getting hard with another guy, he could confirm that he was straight. But, he went as far as to suck peen to confirm that. We need more straight men like him, that’s for god damn sure.

    LIAM, if you’re reading this; all the members miss you very much, esp me (Loopster), and we all hope you had a great time in Europe and that your school year goes well so that you can come back ASAP.

    Love you! :)

  • Ashtom

    Cant say anythin inventin here. I just feel the need to agree on his natural gorgeousness.

  • Daniel

    Oh. My. GOD. *thud*

    This guy is masculine perfection personified. I want to sniff and lick him all over.

    • tomtomson

      took the words right out of my mind, girl! haha!!

  • bloody mary

    Yes. Although his cockhead could use some lotion.

  • BennyChan1990

    I LOVE IT!!love it, love it, and love it. I am addicted to his huge cock. Besides, his handsome face and great body is awsome.

  • Ted

    Honestly it’s hard to get excited about anyone on Fratmen (no matter how good they might look), the website might as well be something like NYstraightmen or on NextDoorStudios

    • Beowulf

      It depends on what you are looking for. I am OK with solos only. It takes away the “straight” allure if these guys just blow and fuck one another at the drop of a hat. I kinda like to have this pure image of them in my fantasy.

  • EmpireState

    He’s Playgirl material, oh yeah. Love him.

  • Ike

    Kind of a Tom Cruise thing going on there, only with a mind that hasn’t been sucked out. Probably how Cruise wishes he looked.

  • Alexei Zakharov