NextDoorMale: Jack King

Jack King at Next Door Male

Jack King at Next Door Male

Jack King at Next Door Male

Jack King is hanging out in a public bathroom today. He likes the feeling of cold, grimy porcelain on his ass. He also likes the idea that another man could walk in on him jerking his fat cock any minute. Oh the trouble in which he would be! If someone were to find him grinding his dick on the stall door, or tugging his boner while spreading his ass cheeks, he’d be totally busted! Lucky for you, Jack is allowing one person to watch the door. Just make sure the coast is clear for your pal Jack, okay? Oh, and if you wanna jerk off too, Jack doesn’t mind.

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  • jazz

    Oh gosh…”Buddy” is the latest to join. Why do they keep going to this doucebag studio. I guess they pay a lot of $$$.

    • Cause no one else wants them. Gay-for-pays gotta stick together! Anyway, most “buddies” end up leaving anyway.

  • topher

    I always thought “Buddy” hot, even when he had long Gothic black hair. I sure wish he’d manscape his pubes less. When he’s not totally hairless there, he just has a bit of stubble. With pubes, he’d be hotter. It seems like he’s lightened his black hair, and done other stuff that gives him a softer look, like the rest of the clones. I liked his looks much more, when he was with the college guys.

  • Caleb

    Jack King. I get it.

    I think Buddy’s hot, but the sentence “He likes the feeling of cold, grimy porcelain on his ass.” is a major boner kill.

    • EJ

      LOL! I agree!

  • dio

    why do I remember his dick being bigger, like, way? Hmm.

    anyway, glad to see that he’s gotten back in shape, because there was a stretch there when he had let himself go a bit. LOL

    • dio

      also, RIP his ass… WTF happened?! Dood used to have a beautiful ass. :'(

    • Daniel

      Didn’t like him before, like him even less now.

  • porndog

    I can’t say that I care all that much that he went to ND. He’ll certainly have less of a chance running into someone who’s actually gay there.

  • Sushi

    I guess he couldn’t keep his old name. Unless he starts to do more with his partner though, I’m not interested.

  • Not a fan of saggy balls.

  • Ted

    Aw, man! What the heck did that guy do to his genitals!? I thought he wanted to be in Gay porn! (All the straight sites must have rejected him)

  • MikeB

    Has he been dumped by Bang Bros as one of their straight studs? He actually looks better here.

  • pubert

    He has the balls of a 90 year old man.

  • cdman

    This guy was on the collegedudes site, right? If I recall, he never bottomed there, so maybe since he’s with NextDoor now, he’ll do some bottoming. He also looks really similar to Pat Bateman. Very good looking man, though. Would like to see him paired with Parker London at some point at ND.

  • EmpireState

    Not good, but not horrible. Somewhere in-between.

  • markjohnson200947

    Somehow “Buddy” sounded better…