Fratmen.TV: Ford (Innocent Young Jock)

Ford (Innocent Young Jock) at

Ford (Innocent Young Jock) at

Ford (Innocent Young Jock) at

Ford (Innocent Young Jock) at

Fratmen Ford is a real charming boy next door type, and we just know you’ll enjoy him. He has always been a bit of a jock all through school. Ford consistently wears a letterman jacket, and was even voted the homecoming king. Today, we have Ford all to ourselves as he strips down and jerks his cock for us. After a while of hot stroking, Ford gives us a nice, hot cumshot.

Watch Ford at Fratmen.TV

lee-dong says:

Now this is vintage FRATMEN!!!!!

elmtree says:

So true. Fratmen sure knows how to find near perfection…yum!

jinger says:

Nice ass

Neobamboom says:

I think that’’s ONLY requirement.


lee-dong says:

This “right here” is what I’m used too 10/10 sorry for posting 2 times just had too!

Sushi says:

Beautiful. Just wish he had a little more pubage. But what a nice complete (yet compact) package!

thach says:

+1. Also gorgeous dick, nice teeth and everything is proportional to his compact frame.

moondoggy says:

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!!!! This is so hot that my laptop has clawmarks on it now.

Fazz says:

Hell to the yeah!

moondoggy says:

Now that I have calmed down SLIGHTLY, I do have to add that it’s too bad from an advertising (or maybe performance) standpoint that he is not fully hard in any of the shots. That dick is so beautiful — brings to mind Jeff Stryker when flaccid, but I wonder if he’s just a shower and not a grower?

Res1 says:

Yawn. Not one fuck was given.

von schlomo says:

Very cute, nice smile, awesome body, nice skin, sweet ass…the only ify is the cock. It would be a real shame if he never really gets completely hard.

Dave says:

Agreed, 100%!

HKguy says:

Hes a keeper, kind of reminds me of Danny from SC, oh how I miss him

lee-dong says:


Nick Minaj says:

This nothing site is such of a waste of hot ass and a waste of time.

Dixster9inch says:

He has a nice fat root…..’bout all I can say. Needs to graduate and make pretty boy and girl babie’s with his wife to be.

007james says:

Please don’t shave off all your pubes…It never looks that hot (trimming is o.k.) Chihuahua’s look good hairless… dicks not.

Timah says:

6th pic down. DAMN, nuff said…

Patrol says:

Excellent, military-grade body topped by a firm, round ass and VERY defined abs. To be honest, I often have to fast-forward a few times while watching a Fratmen.TV update, but Ford is such a beautiful specimen that I even watched all of the bed-humping (usually my least favorite bit, as much as I love ass).

Ford does get hard in the video – not vein-poppingly hard, but he did grow by a couple of inches. I enjoyed the first cumshot (creamy and forceful).

jugde6 says:

SMGod, that guy has a very hot ass

Grant Urwish says:

Wow, super hot, my kind of lovable perfection.

Daniel says:


Why is there no picture of his cock erect?

Redboy70 says:

With a body, cock and ass like that, I doubt that he’s innocent! Despite what all the nit-pickers on this site say, I think he’s pretty close to perfection.

wkybuilt4 says:

Quite possibly the world’s most perfect ass.

Ike says:

Not buying the “innocent” for a second, but the rest, hubba hubba.

aussboy says:

One of the best Fratmen in a LONG time. Bring him to the Pad and I will join again!