ExtraBigDicks: Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler

Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler at

Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler at

Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler at

Watch Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler at ExtraBigDicks

Two new faces grace this week as we welcome hung, hottie Joe Parker and his buddy Dalton Tyler. Joe is complaining about how hot he is and that the heat is just killing him. He is so hot he peels off his tee shirt and once he does, Dalton has to agree he is hot. He leans in for a kiss as they start to make out. Dalton helps Joe out of his jeans and starts to tease the growing cock in the sexy briefs. He pulls them off and goes to work on Joe’s throbbing cock. “You like that?” he coos as he looks up at Joe. Joe then sits back so that Dalton can continue to worship his meat. Dalton shoves that thick cock as far down his throat as he can as Joe just sits back and enjoys the view. Joe’s cock is raging and needs more than Dalton’s hot mouth. They lay on the couch and Dalton backs that ass up onto Joe’s hard cock. Joe slides his thick meat all the way inside and starts fucking that tight ass. He holds Dalton’s leg up and starts to grind that cock in deeper. Joe t! hen gets Dalton on the floor on all four as he goes back to fucking that ass doggy style. He holds Dalton by the waist and gets busy impaling him with his meat. They then go back to the couch as Dalton sits on that dick and leans back against Joe’s chest. Joe slams his dick up into that hot hole over and over. That tight ass sends Joe over the edge as Dalton gets off him so he can bust his nut all over his defined abs. Dalton then sits back next to Joe, closes his eyes and jacks his dick off trying to bust a nut. Joe, having already handled his business, sneaks off leaving Dalton jerking off with his eyes closed. …um, RUDE! lol

Watch Joe Parker & Dalton Tyler at ExtraBigDicks

  • elmtree

    The top is kinda hot…nice cock and tight lean body. Needs a better hair cut/stlye imo.

    • pubert

      I agree. Those thin bangs are bad. He should have left his hat on.

    • Daniel

      And I’m still looking for the extra big dick.

    • elmtree

      Agree Daniel. The top has a very nice dick…I’d certainly spend some quality time with it…but “extra big” it ain’t.

    • tomtomson

      Daniel and elmtree, agreed… nothing extra nor big with that cock…. alas

  • Mykons

    Welcome Joe and Dalton HOT!!! :)

  • jinger

    Top is fairly cute but not really beautiful

  • porndog

    Joe Parker is pretty sexy, imo. I’d not heard of him before and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

    • ToraTora

      He was on bait bus fycking marc dylan

  • Mike

    Love cocks that curve and point straight up.

  • Ryder25

    They’re taking anybody off the street nowadays.