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EnglishLads: Paddy Fucks His First Guy

Paddy Fucks His First Guy at EnglishLads

Paddy Fucks His First Guy at EnglishLads

Straight Geezer Paddy Fucks his First Guy – How Lucky is Dan our Mr Naughty UK!

We started this shoot Paddy telling me he had been nervous for the last 2 days, though once the shoot began his cock, in Dan’s mouth, is soon rock hard and he forgets all those pressures of what is to come as he enjoys Dan’s rather stunning blow job! So why the nerves; part of Paddy is soon slipped into a condom, he stays rock hard and Dan jumps aboard, Dan squeals, Paddy pumps and we are away on a ride I don’t think Dan is ever going to forget! Paddy had no reason to be nervous; this straight man got on with the job and pumped Dan so hard I think he didn’t catch his breath for several days! Who wouldn’t want to be the first to get fucked by straight geezer Paddy! Wow what a shoot, Paddy you sure gave it to Dan!

Watch Patrick O’Brian & Dan Broughton at EnglishLads

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  • Too little too late. Meh.

    • Neobamboom

      How is this too little too late? Cody Cummings hasn’t ever bother to even touch a guy and that troll has been filming for Next Door for years!

    • Who said anything about Cody Cummings? I don’t watch his videos.

    • porndog

      Speaking of CC he’s actually did just that in his upcoming ND video to be released next month where he flip/flops with Brandon Lewis. I’m sure it’s all fakery, but he actually does touch Brandon; don’t count on any kissing either.

    • shaman36

      lol i know im surprised cc site is still up he’s beyond boring

  • adowhat

    I think paddy is very hot…has a great body, attractive face, nice package. damn the preview pics for hiding the action!! (yes, i know it’s EL’s not WB’s doing…) haha

  • FeydRautha

    Whatevs. He needed a blindfold just to get through his blowjob. I highly doubt this scene comes off successfully. Probably two minutes of tepid/faked penetration tops.

    EnglishLads used to have solid sex updates. Now it’s just an endless procession of straight guys jerking off.

  • Southbay

    Wow finally! I’ve been waiting for this

    • shaman36

      yesss same here so happy.

  • jinger

    I haven’t seen it, and the pictures aren’t many, are we to trust what it says in the description?

  • Dixster9inch

    Well, I had just resubscribed. Dan sucks Paddy’s dick alot….his dick head gets really red and plump…his dick is only about 5″ long but he fills it out with his 5’7″ frame. Dan puts a condom on him and rides him or awhile…then they do the back entry spooning with Paddy’s eyes rolling in enjoyment at the newfound manhole. Then Paddy fucks him upright while Dan drapes the bed….Paddy gripping Dan’s asscheeks the entire time. Then they finish up with Paddy fucking him rear-entry spoon style and cumming on Dan’s hairy left inner thigh just after Dan’s 8.5″ monster spurts copious amounts of DNA all over a towel. Paddy cum shot is sizeable! The Paddy jumps on top of Dan and fist pump one another and it is a wrap. I’d rate it a 91 out of 100…but Paddy can only get better and I believe Dan will be fucking him soon because Paddy loves to have a fat dildo up his ass!

    • HKguy

      Ha! Your write up was awesome! Thanks. Love Paddy!

  • TheAceOfMen

    Paddy obviously doesnt like men.He looks totally bored.Look at his pictures fucking the man.He is not into him.He looks like,WTF im i doing here?

    I dont like Paddy.He is boring.

    Gay porn is becoming a joke.Stop the gay for pay cr?p.Gay porn should be all about gay men having sex with gay men.

  • porndog

    I dunno. I think Dan’s the hotter of the two. I’m sure there will be many for whom it’s too soon to get all excited; myself included. I’ll curb my enthusiasm until I see more in the future from him. He still seems like a reluctant g4p’r, and I’m so over it.

  • dio

    LOL, and so it begins. :-P ‘ZOMG, Paddy/ Patrick O’Brian are just Cody Cummings 2.0, hurrhurr!!’ I can’t. Dood is gonna make BANK fukin dif. doods all over the shop. I loves it.

  • VegasRich

    While Paddy is attractive he could have just stuck to one solo and I would have been happy. There are way too many men gay, bi, straight or otherwise who do a much more convincing job in gay porn and are frankly just as or better looking as this guy.
    I know this is a fetish for some gay men so I won’t rag on it too much but it’s quite boring for the majority of us I’m sure.

  • bloody mary

    Well, he at least fucked a guy, which is more than Cody Chummings can say.

    Also, these pictures do him no justice. His solo pics at Randy Blue and other sets for MAP are smoldering. These are Blackberry photo cheap.

  • shaman36

    aww man its only i photo set gotta wait till they decide when to put the video.

  • Paschal

    I think Patti is quite nice looking. And the bitch looks hot too. I’m going to download.

  • ic1male

    I bet my subscription runs out the night before they put this video up, knowing my luck.

    As for Cody Cummings, I’ll never understand to this day how he and the other guy Trystan Bull got their own sites. Who wants to watch porn with two guys who refuse to touch another man.

    • EveArden

      If I’m not mistaken, Trystan does kiss and has fucked (though not sucked). For some reason, I found him easier to take than Cody.

      As for Ms. Cody, he is a plague on gay porn.

    • AlfonsoR85

      Couldn’t have said it better. That’s what he is, a plague! I just don’t understand why people still pay to see him, it’s been the same for 5 fucking years!!

    • ic1male

      I don’t think anyone probably does pay for Cody Cummings. You can pay for one of the other guys and get access to the rest of them for free.

      As for Trystan kissing – I’ve never seen it and I think I’ve watched every video of his. But I’m dying to see him do so! :D

  • clusterfuck

    Paddy could barely stay hard when he was getting his “first” gay blowjob so lower your expectations.

  • Ted

    Paddy must have a huge man crush on Dan, isn’t this his 3rd movie with him? (Each time “experiementing” a bit more) I predict Dan will be the first to pop his cherry too. I don’t blame him though. Dan should be a bigger show stopper than he’s treated. To me he’s the star of this show, Dan Broughton gives me chemical hotness (even though his last name is too Brittish for me to pronounce).

    • FeydRautha

      Ha! I don’t think Paddy requested Dan or anything. It’s either him or Justin Harris that do “the servicing of straight dudes” at EL.

      But yeah, Mr. Gay UK 2007 is “a bit of alright”.

  • Daniel

    Where are the pictures?!

    • LikeWhoa!

      They appear to be back up, but they’re not the pics that were up originally.

  • Riger

    So Happy To See Paddy taking the next step & Topping A guy. Now to get David Jones to do the same ;-)

  • Beowulf

    Paddy’s RB solo is still his best IMO

  • Looks delicious!