ChaosMen: Simon (Solo)

Simon (Solo) at ChaosMen

Simon (Solo) at ChaosMen

Simon (Solo) at ChaosMen

Simon (Solo) at ChaosMen

Simon (Solo) at ChaosMen

Watch Simon at

I was a bit surprised when Simon showed up. His submission photos made him look fairly short. When he showed up all muscley AND tall, I was a little confused. But there was no problem recognizing his green eyes and Bieber-esque hair cut! It is funny how one perceives height just by a few photos.

Simon is a very friendly guy who only came out to do a solo, though I think maybe he might consider doing more. He is straight, but I got a vibe from him that he might at the very least be curious. I think he wanted to scope out the studios first before committing to more. So nothing filmed as of yet, so I thought I would put his solo in with the Holiday Marathon.

He is very into fitness, and worked hard to get cut up for this shoot. He grew out his pubes for us, and I think in general was excited to be doing the photo and video shoot.

The dude has got back door action. All those squats in the gym has given him an awesome bootie.

Simon loves pussy and eating it is his favorite. He jacks of daily, usually in the bathroom, because as he says, “It is really a mess.” Which is an understatement! The guy dumps a major load of jizz! It IS a mess!

Watch Simon at

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  • moondoggy

    I like the few pics at the end that don’t involve that goofy grin.

  • Dav1d

    Not into his looks.

    • His hair is AWFUL!!!

  • Nick Minaj

    CM will just post any damn pic won’t they..This is one of many updates where they have posted pics of a model or models with a weird look on the face, crooked smile etc. Not cute.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy back, I like what I see. He reminds me of Jude Collin (who I miss A LOT) not only in the face, but with the hairy legs and ass.

  • goldenboy

    Nice balls and cock head :-)))

  • Southbay

    Very nice body. Love that hairy ass

  • jinger

    Don’t like his face, looks like Cartman from South Park

    • jag2power

      LOL! He is cute and love the hairy ass and mouth drooling man lips (just sayin), but he does remind me a little of a cartoon character. Or is it one of the claymation characters in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, e.g. the elf who liked to build things. That alone makes it seasonal appropriate update.

  • humanoid

    toothy goof with 80s cheesy panties!

  • 007james

    Ewww, eww, and ewww (wookie ass).

  • topFlorida

    love the hairy ass.

  • alias74

    Commenters be insane….This kat is HOT HOT HOT! Loving the hair pants, loving it all! MORE MORE MORE!

  • porndog

    Like Mick Lovell, I don’t think Simon is helped by that hair. Not even Justin Bieber wears it anymore, and it just looks dumb on a 20-ish-yo, 6 ft-plus muscular dude instead of a shorter, 15-year old boy. That said, I think this guy’s body is perfect, and not at all what you’d expect from a sweet, innocent face. I hope he returns.

  • topher

    Am I the only one who feels insulted when he reads “He is straight…loves pussy and eating it is his favorite…only came out to do a solo, though I think maybe he might consider doing more?” Chaosmen is NOT SC or CF! The days of being satisfied with just seeing a solo at THIS particular gay action porn site, where guys are paying to see RAW fucking and seeding are gone. Even if he consents to doing a sterile “Simon Serviced” video, where he gets a BJ without touching the other guy, I would be truly turned off, and insulted. Don’t do me any favors Chaosmen. There are many hot guys out there who are willing to do gay for pay in this site’s RAW and seeding style. Drop the solo, and servicing videos, and do auditions on your own time and money…

  • Timah

    He looks like a chipmunk, or some other kind of rodent.

  • Daniel


  • twinkemopunk808

    i actually kinda like his face- reminds me of a dude from a band i like and his big body is pretty sweet too.