SeanCody: Clark (II)

Clark II at SeanCody

Clark II at SeanCody

Clark II at SeanCody

Clark II at SeanCody

Clark II at SeanCody

Clark II at SeanCody

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Clark has an absolutely AMAZING body!

He doesn’t shave his body at all, and for the most part he is naturally smooth right down to his butt hole.

He’s really into fitness and weight lifting and he loved showing us some of his favorite exercises. His muscles and veins really pop when he’s lifting!

Overall, Clark seems like a very humble, traditional, home-type guy.

I would have assumed that a stud who is built like he is would be a player. Not so…

“I’ve always found myself in a relationship and I have always been faithful,” he confessed.


“100 percent.”

He wants to get married and have kids some day.

“That’s the plan,” he said with a big smile on his face.

He said that he wants to finish school first… and he hasn’t met the right girl yet.

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  • Ryder25

    He wants to get married and have kids, so of course, he needs to get the gay porn out of his system first.

    • elmtree

      LOL, I was thinking the same thing…

      Not beautiful in the face but he does wear his muscles very well. Love the first few nude shots as well as the ass shot when he’s kneeling on the couch.

    • TheSagaOf


    • FTLRSW

      LOL……Evil absolutely evil LOL……

  • CarlosEduarc

    I don’t care if he has that body! It’s a no for me.

    I think the next BB update will be tuesday.

    • Neobamboom

      The BB movies were for the holidays. No one can be certain if they will be a regular thing. But I hear Sean Cody might be starting their on Pay Per Video site too.

    • Mykons

      @ Neobamboom No Offense PLEASE don’t start RUMORS unless you have evidence*website please* to back up this theory or ACTUALLY work at LA Casa Sean Cody. Just Saying

    • Neobamboom

      Not exactly a rumor. Just wait and see.

  • ahartford123

    FUCK YES! He’s hot! A video doesn’t have to have BB to be incredible. Screw the family, Clark, and come back soon!

  • moondoggy

    yum!! The new red meat.

  • Gross.

    • Do you really have to describe yourself in every Sean Cody updates?

  • Clark II reminds me of Dawson with that forehead and Tintin hair. I wanna see him fuck the shit out of Carlton.

    • jeremyrain98

      Yeah, that’s what I thought too. He’s not bad looking. Maybe they can dye his eyebrows to match his hair then it’d improve. And his body is great. About the “marriage with kids” part?? Yeah right. Next thing he’d say he “would try” to take it up in his ass.

    • porndog

      If they do the PPV like CF, that’ll be my excuse to cancel.

    • porndog

      Oops! That should’ve have gone to Neobamboom’s comment.

  • clay

    his eyes are so unreal, it’s fascinating.

    If he comes back, I hope it’ll be as a bottom.

  • solidus4

    Great body, like his legs wanna see him fucked.

  • porndog

    Face notwithstanding, we don’t often get to see such a worked-out body such as his. But based on the write-up, I don’t have high hopes of seeing him do the nasty with another guy. Next.

  • DaddyYankee

    Next one please.

  • darkthunder1983

    Sure hope he’s another Amos. Muscle bottoms are always welcome.

    • darkthunder1983

      I know who else he reminds me of! Looking at his face a little more, he reminds me of the 90’s porn star Aaron Austin. His body shape and head are exactly like Aaron’s. Don’t know if Aaron is still in the business but I do know that he did model for Edendale Studios and the pictures look fantastic to say he’s 40.

  • Daniel

    That body is too large now for his head.

    • Mike

      Yep, they do not look in sync.

  • trixM92

    Kinda looks like s genetically engineered Hillbilly however he seems really sweet hope he finds a good wife lol

  • Timah

    Damn look at that hole, I need to see that in action.

  • jinger

    I dislike his face but he has an awesome body

  • Johnny2x4

    Looking a bit like he’s taking steroids…

  • PornJock

    I think his face isn’t bad. Like someone else said, kind of like Dawson from CF. Yes, the body is amazing and inspiring, but I don’t know, I think I actually prefer a few percent of bodyfat on a guy! And aside from his head, his dick is the hairless part of his body!

    • PornJock

      I mean aside from his head, his dick is the hairiest part of his body!

  • Billy.Sive

    super hot body, kinda good looking.

  • anoir

    Muscled out hardened bodies with veins bulging does not = hot, sexy, or attractive in my book, ever……I know SC has a type, but I wish just once he would use a cute cubby handsome guy with a hairy belly…..

    • PornJock

      I don’t think you’ll ever see that on SC or CF that target the chiseled collegiate look. If you want hairy, go to Chaosmen and you’ll find it in abundance.

  • jazz

    Blah where’s the next sex scene?

  • Dave91

    His cumshot is microscopic. Hot body, but not awesome cumshot is an automatic no for me.

  • Dave91

    His cumshot is microscopic. Hot body, but no awesome cumshot is an automatic no for me.

  • jockatx1981

    LOL @ all the self-proclaimed gay porn connoisseur here.

    It’s kind of funny how lots of guys are criticizing this handsome guy. I can almost guarantee that the same guys criticizing him don’t look even a quarter good as this guy does, and I’d be willing to wager that if an opportunity arose to “hook up” with this guy, they wouldn’t turn him down either.

    • lennylenny

      That’s what this site exists for. If you didn’t want to be criticized, you shouldn’t have gotten into porn.

  • VegasRich

    Dayum!!! That smile, those eyes, that ass, that body! What’s not to like? Yes I would hook up with him if I had a chance and apologize to my husband later.

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Forgot any hardcore scene or anything, he needs to have a separate section on SC on how to get those kind of abs. Goddamn.

  • humanoid

    why he needs more kids when he already has one lovechild? DAWSON at CF!!!

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson is Clark’s balding Mini-me.

  • Patrol

    Except for a meager, colorless cumshot, no complaints from me. Righteous body, intriguingly-shaped penis head. When he bends over his hole looks so tender and inviting.

    Clark looks like a cross between CF’s Dawson and one of my favorite character actors, Alan Tudyk.

  • jonesy


  • lennylenny

    Personally, I guess I prefer guys who look as though they got their muscles by and for actually doing things. This guy obviously never leaves the gym. The face seems kind of creepy too, but that may be more SC Solo Syndrome than the guy’s actual features.