Squirtz: Dario Bello (Italian Bottom Boy)

Dario Bello (Italian Bottom Boy) at

Dario Bello caught us by surprise. Here was this cute young Italian boy who likes to play hockey and soccer and do all the regular “guy” things. But there was one exception. He really liked to get fucked. In fact he likes this so much that we had to make a special exception for Dario. Dario insisted that without some sort of big dildo to use on himself he wouldn’t be able to get really excited or cum. We almost never use toys on Squirtz but we had to concede that Dario knew his body better than us. And he was 100% correct. As soon as that big 8 inch dildo slipped into his little hole, his dick got hard as a rock. We consider Dario’s desire for big cock in his hole as a quality we could put to good use. Watch for him in the future.

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darkthunder1983 says:

Does he have braces? Either way he’s a cute one and I usually don’t like hairy/semi-hairy guys. Not that I like super shaved ones either.

asswipe says:

Dario Bello didn’t “makes a Squirtz” to me. As a matter of fact it “makes” me do a complete opposite to “a Squirtz”

EveArden says:

She’s a cute little thing, yes.

twinkemopunk808 says:

sexy face but that fake tan is a major turnoff

tomtomson says:

not my kinda guys at all, but like the dick!!

tomtomson says:


jinger says:

Don’t like him

solidus4 says:

Love the chest hair, hairy legs, ass, and beautiful face.