Squirtz: Roscoe Hayes

Roscoe Hayes at

People who know Roscoe Hayes would probably not be surprised to see him on our website. Roscoe says he “celebrates nudity” and seems to do a lot of that kind of celebration. He poses as a nude model for art classes and participates in some naked retreats out in the woods.

Squirtz: Marco Gagnon

Marco Gagnon at

Marco Gagnon has just returned from an amazing trip to Mexico where he spent time in exciting Mexico City and then over to the beaches of Puerta Vallarta. He was with a friend while he was there and so he wasn’t out exploring what gay Mexico had to offer, but he was well aware that on the gay beaches there were many eyes upon him.

Squirtz: David Corey

David Corey at

A student at a tourism school, David Corey admits that he’s a very reserved kind of guy. No wild partying, no crazy sexcapades, just a conscientious student leading the balanced, conventional life of a 21 year old.

Squirtz: Tobias

Tobias at

We’re so glad that Tobias came to us to show of his new self. A few months ago a friend told him “If you worked out a bit you’d be very hot.”

Squirtz: Tony Star (Returns)

Tony Star (Returns) at

We were glad to have Tony Star back in front of our camera after more than a year. Video games still occupy most of his spare time when he’s out of school but even with all his game playing, he had time for a regular fuck friend for almost 5 months.

Squirtz: Colby London

Colby London (Solo) at

For Colby London this solo video marks a bit of a change of direction for him. From a small town on the English side of Canada, Colby made the trip to Montreal to explore gay clubs, meet a significant population of hot gay men and to start his porn career.

Watch Colby London at Squirtz

Squirtz: Gestahl (Solo)

Gestahl (Solo) at

It was over two years ago when Gestahl thrilled us with the cumshot that blasted him in the face. This time he’s back and naturally there have been some changes.

Watch Gestahl at Squirtz

Squirtz: Arnaud Chagall (Solo)

Simon Archer (Solo) at

The beautiful Arnaud Chagall first appeared on Squirtz back in May of 2010 and though he’s still in school and working part time at the same job, he’s changed a lot of things in his life. He’s training for a marathon, he’s going to the gym 5 times a week and most important, he’s pretty much only having sex with boys these days.

Squirtz: Joey Lafontaine (Solo)

Joey Lafontaine (Solo) at

Joey Lafontaine is an adorable, boyish 18 year old, whose face lights up with a smile every time he talks with you…

Watch Joey Lafontaine (Solo) at

Squirtz: Liam Emerson (Solo)

Liam Emerson (Solo) at

It’s rare that we meet a model so eager to please and easy to work with. Liam is a dancer and you can tell that the instant you see his powerful legs and his bubble butt…

Watch Liam Emerson (Solo) at

Squirtz: Michael (Solo)

Michael (Solo) at

Michael’s big, downward curving dick stretches the limits of his tight foreskin. The fat cockhead oozed pre-cum from the moment he got hard until the moment he silently let out a load of creamy cum…

Watch Michael (Solo) at

Squirtz: Adrian Vega (Solo)

Adrian Vega (Solo) at

Adrian Vega is a flight attendant and got into the business for the excitement of travel and meeting new people. His swarthy good looks and deep, dark eyes have such an intensity that when you look at him you just know that this tall Latino boy must be a smoking’ hot lover.

Watch Adrian Vega at

Squirtz: Luda Wayne (Solo)

Luda Wayne (Solo) at

One of the most common themes we’ve been getting in emails over the past six months or so has been “Where’s Luda Wayne?!”. Luda’s been away from Montreal for awhile but he’s back now and looking better than ever. Those blue eyes and the dimpled smile are what gets people’s attention.

Watch Luda Wayne (Solo) at

Squirtz: Andrew Elliot

Andrew Elliot at

You’ll see that Andrew has added a bit of muscle to his chest. But thankfully, a lot of things have stayed the same. First of all he still has the cute twinkish face and those big dreamy eyes. I guess it’s no surprise that he still has that big hard dick that gets hard at the slightest anal stimulation

Watch Andrew Elliot at

Squirtz: Jimmy Little (Rocks Around the Cock)

Jimmy Little (Rocks Around the Cock) at

There are just so many dimensions to Jimmy Little that we wanted to work with him more and get to know him better. We know he’s apprenticing in a trade, and we know he’s an avid sportsman but this time we wanted to focus on Jimmy’s love of the arts.

Watch Jimmy Little at

Squirtz: Jo Prince

Jo Prince at

You may not have seen Jo Prince before but you’ve heard about him. Jo is the hot little twink that won the heart of Squirtz model and former Str8 boy Samuel Laroche…

Watch Jo Prince at

Squirtz: Cam Fox

Cam Fox at

Young Cam Fox is sort of an “all-Canadian” boy next door type. He seems like the kind of boy you could be proud to bring home to meet your mother.

Watch Cam Fox at

Squirtz: Ben Rose

Ben Rose at

Ben Rose is a cook at a restaurant, but before he was a cook, he did a few years in construction. Normally we tend to go for models who are a little more “twinkish” but there was a certain boyish quality about Ben that really appealed to us.

Watch Ben Rose at

Squirtz: Sean II

Sean II at

Just listening to Sean talk, it’s hard not to like him. He’s a little bit shy but definitely easy-going and just his way of being is very endearing. He has a friendly smile, a nice lean body, a thick cock and gave us a great ass show. For the moment, Sean is a lady’s man, but recently something happened at a club that may be the harbinger (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a Squirtz description) of an expanding horizon.

Watch Sean at