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Adrian Vega is a flight attendant and got into the business for the excitement of travel and meeting new people. His swarthy good looks and deep, dark eyes have such an intensity that when you look at him you just know that this tall Latino boy must be a smoking’ hot lover. When he looks into your eyes he seems to have vampire-like powers to “glam” you into doing anything he wants you to do. But the truth is, Adrian’s fantasies run toward being the one who is helpless under the power of others, especially if it’s sexy muscle men. Adrian really likes to be the bottom but with a cock like his, you can imagine that his dates often request that he be the top.

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personaljesus says:

Cute. Workin’ on that monobrow.

danni says:

kiddie porn

Cubankid says:

He kinda resembles Nicco Sky in the first pic.

Auggy says:

Yeah he looks like a close cousin of Nicco’s. Adrian’s adorable and his penis is nice.

jazz says:

He’s very cute though.

Paschal says:

Cute. And old enough to know what he’s doing.

humanoid says:

lovely yummy!!!!

Flapjack18 says:

Im sorry he looks 15….and i think u guys mean he looks like diego sans..

phalo18cm says:

I really would like to enjoy that big dick inside me