Squirtz: Jason (Solo)

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The first thing you notice about Jason are those stunning eyes. Then it’s that mischievous smile that he flashes in combination with those eyes and it’s just devastating. Jason works for a moving company hauling furniture up and down steps and that’s how he keeps in such great shape. He told us that he was bisexual and told us what kind of guys he thought were attractive but that’s about all we could get from him. He talked about some of his great moments with women but when we asked for anecdotes from his bisexual life, Jason got evasive. We don’t know how to interpret that, so we’ll leave it to your imagination.

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Sushi says:

Shaved all over, including his pits, but yet he leaves that stupid tiny “soul patch” under his lip. God that stubble in the close-up dick shot….I could feel the vomit in the back of my throat!
Pity, ’cause he’s got lovely eyelashes and a pretty look. I’d like to look at him after a month WITHOUT the razor.

Peach says:

I’m all for shaven pits and pubes, but I hate when they started to grow, look gross and feel weird. He’s VERY CUTE though. Love his nipples nom nom nom…

Daniel says:

Shame that cock is wasted on him.

adowhat says:

very cute…but shaving everywhere doesnt look good on him. hopefully he’ll figure something out and come back.

Timah says:

Jason makes a squirtz? Sounds like he’s being potty trained.

Johnny2x4 says:

Yum…but wrong site!

jinger says:

Indeed, maybe we’ll see him somewhere else too

jinger says:

Very nice indeed