Squirtz: Arnaud Chagall (Solo)

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The beautiful Arnaud Chagall first appeared on Squirtz back in May of 2010 and though he’s still in school and working part time at the same job, he’s changed a lot of things in his life. He’s training for a marathon, he’s going to the gym 5 times a week and most important, he’s pretty much only having sex with boys these days. And in addition to being in hardcore sex scenes with Videoboys, Arnaud has also done some amazing work for Cockyboys and Lucas Entertainment. If you compare his Squirtz video from 2010 you’ll note that Arnaud is still ripped from head to toe but he’s added a few pounds of muscle in all the right places. The question on our mind was: As Arnaud gets older do his cumshots diminish in power or get stronger? Masters and Johnson should study this scene.

Watch Arnaud Chagall at Squirtz

FeydRautha says:

Well, this was kinda pointless…

I like Arnaud though and prefer him with a shaved chest like this (anti-manscapers be damned).

carey579 says:

lol anti-manscapers :D

But I have to disagree on the would look better part because to me he looks like he could be Tommy Defendi’s brother and that is not a good thing, AT ALL!

Orion Hunter says:

I’d never realized just how expressive and warm Arnaud’s eyes are until now. I could drown in those deep, soulful pools.

Body and dick ain’t bad either – woof!!

bloody mary says:

Always thought he was a really cute/hot guy.

swim400 says:

agree but not the ink

Daniel says:

A solo is pointless.