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Everything Michael does, he does with a purpose and with care and attention to detail. The way he dresses, the way he sits, the way he moves all reflect an underlying sense of purpose and a belief that if it’s worth doing, its worth doing right. Just looking at his sculpted pecs and six pack abs and it’s clear that this philosophy accompanies him to the gym. Michael’s big, downward curving dick stretches the limits of his tight foreskin. The fat cockhead oozed pre-cum from the moment he got hard until the moment he silently let out a load of creamy cum.

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adidas28 says:

Works for me…this kid is sexy.

dio says:

wow… all that going to waste on this site. I cannot.

endeeeff says:

I’m not crazy about the hair, but an emphatic hell yes to everything else (especially that uncut dick).

Juan Diego says:

He’s really sexy!. But his dick will look better if it was circumcised since he has a clear case of phimosis that makes his penis to slightly bend when erect. While flaccid looks great, but when erect is not that aesthetic due to phimosis.

agenttexas says:


agenttexas says:

I was thinking the same thing

manu says:

Circumcising his penis will remove several thousand specialized fine-touch nerve endings . the foreskin contains the 5 most sensitive parts of the penis .
When cut the glans hardens and progressively loses what little sensitivity it’s meant to have. The most sensitive part of a cut penis is the circumcision scar.
“Phimosis” can be treated with steroid cream in any case . A circumcision removes on average 12 square inches of extremly innervated skin on an adult penis (because it’s double folded , like an eyelid.Would your eyes feel better if you cut off your eyelids? no)
Genital mutilation started out as a cure for masturbation in the US, for both men and women .Please keep that in mind next time you want to make this type of suggestion.

DMWN says:

^ Ugh. Spare us that same old tired pro-uncircumcised propaganda.

tomtomson says:

circumcision IS mutilation!!! You can do other stuff if phimosis. Get informed!

von schlomo says:

All except for the razor tragedy

jag2power says:

The head of his dick looks highly sensitive.

manu says:

Yes , the cells on it are alive and have refined nerve endings, unlike the calloused ones on a circumcised penis.
Circumcision is a VERY bad idea.

Bob-omb says:

If circumcision is the reason my dickhead doesn’t look like an enlarged clit, then I’m all for it. Seriously, that cock is like something out of an alien movie.

samson says:

Ugliest dick ever. And, yes, I’m talking about his dick.

Fazz says:

Some uncut dicks look so raw, that it’s like looking at an open wound. Not my taste. I like uncut dicks, but not all of them. In this case, I’ll pass!

manu says:

Better to be sensitive than having an actual opened dried out wound with neuroma (tumor of nerve tissue that has been cut off) , which is what a circumcision creates .

You guys have a very twisted imagery of what génitals are “supposed” to look like, a bit like Burma men who expect their women to have 2 feet long necks. It is wrong, damaging and unhealthy.

Mutilation is not OK. It goes against Hippocrat’s oath. If it wasn’t for some religious crap behind it , it would be banned the same way female circumcision is ( for very obvious reasons!).


Bob-omb says:

God, give it a rest, manu. I have no problem with most uncut dicks, but I am allowed to say when one looks like it hasn’t ever seen daylight.

Fazz says:

Manu what you describe is unproven and is just a bunch of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence.

What scientists have proven, time and time again is that the foreskin – while allowing for slightly greater sensitivity in the glan – causes a myriad of health risks. These studies have been recorded and are public.

Greater risk of infection because of yeast buildup.

Greater risk for urinary tract infections.

Greater risk of penile cancer.

Greater risk for HIV transmission when performing unprotected sex.

To name a few.

Now, the foreskin might have served a larger role in our early development as a species, because we did not wear clothes, and therefore a protection for the sensitive glan was required. Evolution complied and gave us the foreskin.

The need for a foreskin in our current society does not exist as much as it did.

Much like the appendix is serves little use, other than the above mentioned increase in sensitivity.

However it may still serve a purpose for those who wear underwear made from sandpaper.

I know that I sleep far better at night knowing that what I gave up as a child will serve me in the future, and will decrease my risks of getting several diseases.

manu says:

You have a greater chance of contracting a nosocomial infection during circumcision than getting penile cancer. You have also a VERY high chance of getting it cut further than it should be . The stats for penile cancer are 1 man in 100 000, you don’t take preventive risks for that . Breast cancer touches one in 8 women in their lifetime , do we cut offf their breasts ? no

AS for urinary tract infections , it’s also bullshit , they touch women 10x more than men , do we cut them? again , no, because it’s barbaric.

In medicine, amputation is always a last resort except for that body part which is linked to sexual repression and has a religious stigma attached to it .

What I say is based upon the 2007 SOrrells study published in the British Journal of Urology, which has been since corroborated .

Your nipples are useless too , so are your ear lobes . Cut them off.

In other words your post above does not really make sense , and you don’t chop off OTHER’s body parts (as this is what happens in most cases) because you don’t understand how a body works.

By your logic, QUIte frankly you don’t need a penis either . Reproduction can be done in vitro nowadays . Pleasure is useless and leads to infectoins such as HIV. It might have been useful during the process of our evolution but it’s not anymore ( because as you said , pleasure/sensitivity is not a factor to take into account)

And to destroy your post even further , you americans who cut almost everyone have significantly higher STD rates (including HIV!) than Europe that doesn’t circumcise , so how efficient is it exactly?

There – Circumcision is a cure in search of a disease . I understand its victims want to perpetrate the abuse, I’m fine with it as long as there is no peer pressure and only adults are allowed to perform it on themselves.

Bye boo

Fazz says:

Really every point you’ve made is once again, completely nonsensical and anecdotal. You’re using emotionally charged and quite frankly ridiculous formulations that come across as very childish.

Cutting off nipples and earlobes, is just slightly different. (I cant believe I’m even addressing this because it’s a moronic comparison) Removing them will not lessen the chance of getting certain ailments or diseases.

You’re using a form of argument that really is very hard to respond to, because it’s just that, very childish and makes you look like a hormonal teenager. You’re attacking me because I’m right, and because you dont want to admit that, you are instead just arguing around the question itself, by using hyperbolic comparisons.

Cutting off dicks because we have invitro? Really? I mean really? You sound like a complete buffoon!

Here are some articles to enlighten you:

THESE are only a few studies, real studies not based on emotional outrage at an issue, you dont agree with.

Now leave me the hell alone you insane man. I have the right to think and say what I feel like on a blog such as this one.

I will say this, I do not want circumcision to be performed on children. I think adult people should make that choice themselves.

Daniel says:

Amazing. I could suck on that delicious cock all day.

Orion Hunter says:

Lips and eyes (kind of mouth I could kiss all day). Oh, and the body and face get high marks too.

Yes, yes.

lohan says:

beautiful guy but that dick is too weird looking. He probably didn’t roll his skin back when he played with it until his late teen years

DMWN says:

A circumcision and a haircut and this kid would be aces.

manu says:

You must be as braindead as your avatar .
You are the one with the problem here – this guy is fine the way he is . THe propaganda in place is that you need to chop off body parts to look acceptable.
Circumcision is a form of sexual repression , it as a punishment in AMerica , to prevent young boys from masturbating and numb sexual pleasure . You could read Maimonide on this issue but I doubt you have ever opened a book in your life, so don’t bother.

DMWN says:

Blah-blah-blah. I think I just heard the world’s tiniest violin playing over that gibberish you just wrote. Miss me on that anti-circumcision drivel that you whiny “intactivist” clowns spew at nasuem . Not interested. If you think cut men don’t jerk off and fuck as much as uncut men, and shoot just as much cum in the process, then I have a bridge to sell you for really cheap.

My position stands; if he removed that hood and neatened up his hair, he’d be on the plus side.

manu says:

OH I’m not saying cut guys don’t masturbate , I say it was implemented in order to make it more difficult ( which is why you need lube , sex toys , etc…). And it worked .
But I understand it takes a little bit of growing up to accept that something wrong has been done to you to numb your sexual pleasure. Abused people usually perpetrate what has been done to them , sadly.
Suggesting chopping off body parts is sadistic , I’m sure you’d look better without your foul mouth , yet I wouldn’t suggest you to remove it :)