Squirtz: Luda Wayne (Solo)

Luda Wayne (Solo) at

One of the most common themes we’ve been getting in emails over the past six months or so has been “Where’s Luda Wayne?!“. Luda’s been away from Montreal for awhile but he’s back now and looking better than ever. Those blue eyes and the dimpled smile are what gets people’s attention. It makes us wanna see what’s under all those baggy clothes. And Luda does not disappoint. A beautiful slim, smooth torso, shapely thighs with just the right amount of light blond hair and a perfect bubble ass is that he’s not shy to show off by spreading his cheeks. His eight inch uncircumcised cock is such a perfect shape that Luda really should have his own dildo. To make this a perfect Sqiurtz video, all he would need to do is have a great, blasting cumshot but I’ll let you judge the quality of Luda’s cumshot for yourself.

Watch Luda Wayne (Solo) at

He can rape and have his way with me any day

Daniel says:

Me first

dio says:

i don’t remember him being this hot…

I don’t remember him at all.

dio says:

LOL, I think he was on Video Boys?

I wish he was more main stream. He would be hot on Men. Com

dio says:

Cockyboys seems to be siphoning off doods from VB, so he is prob. in the process of becoming another CB ‘exclusive’. LOL

Mmmm doubt it. Cocky boys has their hands full with their new exclusive models. Tho they have been recruiting a lot lately.

I saw the video. He was hot until he opened his mouth.

dio says:

what, cockney? LMAO

Southbay says:

I love Luda he’s so cute!

jazz says:

Dumb ass name but I’d surely fuck him.

Res1 says:

I don’t understand videoboys/squirtz obsession with Luda Wayne. The guy has a pea sized interest in sex in the videos. Yawn.

elmtree says:

Beautiful, sexy eyes but too thin a twinkish for my taste.

littletimone says:

Qui ! Qui ! MAGNIFIQUE ! I have a folder of ALL his work. He is a very BEAUTIFUL BOY!

jag2power says:

Thug. If you’re going to bring him home better hide your purse.

twinkemopunk808 says:

hot load! sexy face and body too!

Fazz says:

Most likely the hottest guy on this site.

manu says:

Chris Crocker

Jonny Marzetti says:

Cute boy. Nice eyes.

BloodandFire says:

His voice is deep, beautiful and masculine. How could anyone have a problem with it?

Jonny Marzetti says:

?? I don’t see anyone complaining about his voice.

jinger says:

Dreamy. Yummy hole.