BentleyRace: Levi Hamil (Swings it out for Zac)

Levi Hamil (Swings it out for Zac) at Bentley Race

Levi Hamil (Swings it out for Zac) at Bentley Race

Levi Hamil (Swings it out for Zac) at Bentley Race

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As we traveled around I was keeping my eye out for some seriously hung men. Some guys were already showing off their big dicks. But Levi Hamil completely surprised us when he pulled down his pants. I spotted Levi’s pics online in New York during my visit there. I really liked this cute guy’s arty shots and invited him around. Zac thought he was pretty cute too and wanted to do this shoot himself. So the 2 quickly disappeared off in to Zac’s room. Later when I saw Zac again he told me that he’d never seen a dick that big before! So of course I couldn’t wait to check out the photos for myself. Levi must easily have 11 inches between his legs as he wakes it up. Zac tells me that the 22 year old dancer from Washington DC was a lot of fun to shoot with and loved showing off his big tiger. When they finished having fun taking photos, Levi layed back on the bed and watched some porn while stroking his cock. It got even larger the more he got excited. I’m surprised this skinny guy doesn’t pass out when that thing gets rock hard!

Watch Levi Hamil at

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  • moondoggy

    I think he could be attractive, but those are the worst poses I’ve ever seen outside of that stupid company that pairs white bottoms with the same black top over and over. No one remind me of their name, please — I’m happier not remembering.

    The thing he keeps doing with the lip is silly. The upside down pose to show off his clump of pit hair is silly and gross. The underwear is wrong, the hat is wrong … let’s move on.

    • von schlomo

      Yeah, spot on! I wonder about photo-shopped dicks and he has an awfully flat ass.

    • Daniel

      He’s fucking gross.

  • endeeeff

    That hole’s seen better days. Jesus.

  • porndog

    B-R, I swear, is the skankiest site out there. It has little to no erotic value for me.

  • jinger

    Don’t like him

  • MarissaCooper

    Absolutely disgusting.

  • EJ

    I generally try to avoid contributing snarky comments at Waybig, but honestly, my very first thought when I saw this guy was that he’d probably be able to do a killer version of Grace Jones in a drag show.

  • Ryder25

    What a nelly mess.

  • Johnny2x4

    What the fuck is he wearing?

  • tomtomson

    that cock is utterly disgusting

    • Tony

      if you don’t like thick black dicks… LOL

  • Tony

    waybig blog has been over taken by racist queens.