EnglishLads: Tom King (Straight Boxing Pro)

Tom King (Straight Boxing Pro) at EnglishLads

Tom King (Straight Boxing Pro) at EnglishLads

Tom King (Straight Boxing Pro) at EnglishLads

Tom King does a lot of boxing and martial arts and has a natural body from playing many sports, hair in the right places, especially so on his legs! He has piercing blue eyes and when you get him to smile that young innocent puppy look that I am sure gets lots of girls into his bed! Confident about showing off his body; while clothed he is always playing and grabbing his cock and when naked he pulls and tugs lots at the end of his foreskin! A nice size piece of meat that he loves to play with, so much so that he can come several times straight after each other; wait til you see the video!

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  • EJ

    Nice-looking guy, and — just like every other model at this site — they always bill them as “str8”. I wish this site wasn’t quite so stingy with their previews. Every other site shows us the full guy instead of being quite such a tease!

  • adowhat

    the first photo is a little misleading…but he’s still cute. very pretty eyes. his body has potential to be even better, you can tell he’s working on it. i’ll have to check back later as only a few pics loaded.

    • Johnny2x4

      +1. He looks superfine in the first pic but in the others he just seems like a different guy.

    • porndog

      Even now, not all the pics are loading. How strange, and yet, I’m not too disappointed, seeing as EL’s pics leave a lot to be desired anyway.

  • jinger

    Don’t like him

  • HKguy

    He’s cute but that is not the body of a boxer!

    • Sushi

      Just what I was thinking: very cute, but he’s pretty soft for a boxer. Not that he’s out of shape, just not “in” shape.

  • TheSagaOf

    What the hell is this? What’s the point of covering EnglishLads in this blog when EnglishLads does not give you good preview pictures.

    • These are the only pics that we’re officially allowed to show. There’s nothing that we can do about it. It’s this or nothing at all.

  • von schlomo

    I think he’s just gorgeous and don’t mind that his body isn’t ripped.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Luv seeing an erect nips!!! Yum Yum!!!

  • Daniel


  • vistasins

    cute guy

  • Sam14

    Not bad and not good?!

  • lifted