BelAmiOnline: Dylan Ayres

Dylan Ayres at BelamiOnline

Dylan Ayres at BelamiOnline

Dylan Ayres at BelamiOnline

Dylan Ayres at BelamiOnline

Dylan Ayres at BelamiOnline

Watch Dylan Ayres at

Some of you may recognise Dylan from a while back when he did his casting session, although then he had the name Thomas. This photoset was made by our Hungarian team. Dylan is cute, has a nice body and a big dick, and a lot of you liked him, so George decided that we would ask him back and show you a bit more of him.

Watch Dylan Ayres at

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  • scottnyer

    It’s like a torpedo. Sheesh. Cute guy, fit body. Big boner. But I’m not feeling him.

  • DaddyYankee

    Wow!!! That dick is huge! I want to see him fucking as soon as possible.

  • cuban223

    Holy cock!! Wow nice peen but that’s about it. He’s not hot enough to be on Bel Ami. Just Saying

  • Billy.Sive

    Wooow this guy is soo yummy. Nice fit body, cute young looking and that massive mouth-watering cock. Yes, yes, yes! Please have him fuck Kevin Warhol!
    Anyone else thinking that face looks familiar? I just can’t remember…

    • Billy.Sive

      I rememebr! He looks like and actor named Scott Porter who was in the Good Wife. Damn I hope Scott looks like that under his clothes =P

  • Peach

    OMG I think I’m gonna pass out!…. That’s a fucking tower of Babel!!!

  • Southbay

    Wow that dick should be considered a weapon! Damn

  • jazz

    I want him! And I want to see him fuck the hell out of Julien, then Brady.

    • elmtree

      +1 What a perfectly delicious looking cock!

  • clusterfuck

    That cock… OUCH!!! And YUMMMM!!!

  • Johnny2x4

    Oh god that I don’t believe in, what a lanky cock!

  • humanoid

    he’s like trevor yates’ brother – ugly guy with big cock.

    • Daniel

      Hahaha the face is rather creepy but that’s one jawdropping cock.

  • tomtomson

    now THAT is as COCK!!!

  • Aries16


  • jinger

    Not beautiful enough for Bel Ami. Very long cock though.