NextDoorMale: Trent Diesel (Solo)

Trent Diesel (Solo) at Next Door Male

Trent Diesel (Solo) at Next Door Male

Trent Diesel (Solo) at Next Door Male

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Trent Diesel has stopped by to chill out for a while and stroke his cock. You’ll join him as he gets comfortable and divulges a bit about himself and what turns him on. Trent is a rare breed: extremely hot and very sexually enlightened. Find out what kind of porn he prefers, what inspired his various tattoos, and what makes Trent horny. Get a candid look at this hottie while he enjoys his thick, hard dick and caresses every inch of his chiseled, delicious body. Enjoy!

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Nick Minaj says:

I’m so over this dude. And what the hell exactly is the point of this? ND studios, wasting peoples time since 2007..

adowhat says:

he has a nice butt, thats about it.

jinger says:

He’s nothing special

Johnny2x4 says:

Why is this used up pornstar with a lazy eye doing a solo?

topher says:

“rare breed?” There is nothing rare about Trent Diesel. He has been fucked, and has fucked, and done just about everything else two guys can do, short of some really out there fetishes, at a myriad of other sites. When NDM says that Trent is “sexually enlightened,” is that a euphemism for “the only sites where he hasn’t had sex with a guy are the one’s where he didn’t meet their standards?” After Trent’s boundinpublic video, where he’s hanging upside down, being fucked by a machine, and then gang banged on a turntable with guys using both of his holes, this solo is pointless. I have to admit that Trent’s boundinpublic preview video had me mesmerized. I’d never seen that kind of video before. I watched it over and over. It made this video seem like a Disney release.

Jerome says:

I’ve always loved Trent Diesel. Get him away from this crappy studio though…

von schlomo says:

The only thing special I can think of about Trent is he’s the genuine article when it comes to being bisexual.

Daniel says:

Pointless and he’s always been trashy.

Neo_ says:

Like we haven’t seen this guy get fucked all over Timbuktu already