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Marcus Mojo: Strictly Business (Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque)

Strictly Business (Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque) at MarcusMojo

Strictly Business (Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque) at MarcusMojo

Strictly Business (Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque) at MarcusMojo

Watch Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque at

We move through life encountering different types of people in varying environments. We draw upon ‘schemas’ in order to conduct ourselves in a befitting manner. We play the handshake game, the smile-and-nod, swallowing every drop of status quo. Today Marcus Mojo will walk the line. He plans to give Johnny Torque an opportunity to expand his horizons. As Lead Talent Scout for Mojo Models, Johnny and Marcus pour over photos of hot, nude men together on a regular basis. When Marcus suggests that Johnny move to a role in front of the camera, he agrees to strip down with only a little reluctance. Johnny’s cock is to Marcus’s liking. But the true test comes when Marcus plants his two lips around it to see how Johnny reacts to receiving a blowjob from a sexy, chiseled gentleman. Find out how the industrious young Mr. Torque holds up under the pressure of evaluation when he slides his hardened dick into Marcus’s tight asshole. They are these passionate situations that blur the lines between pleasure and strictly business. Enjoy!

Watch Marcus Mojo & Johnny Torque at

  • jinger

    Johnny looks cute with a cock in his mouth

    • HKguy

      He sure does

    • adidas28

      He sure does, indeed. He goes to TOWN on that dick, too–he does a top-notch slobber job on that thing.

      I like Johnny, and I LOVE Marcus. That boy is golden.

    • dio

      well, it’s pretty easy to give Marcus head… it’s kinda like sucking your thumb, tbh. ;-P

    • dio

      nothing against Marcus, or Johnny, or any of the NDS guys. But, they really need to overhaul their scenes, because I’m finding it all just so very vanilla. The last scene I enjoyed from a NDS site was the threeway Austin Wilde had, and that was mostly because he himself is a good performer and the guys were into him.

      n.e-way, seeing Marcus in these VERY choreographed scenes got so old after his pizza boy gangbang.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    They look good, but I’m not interested in a no-penetration-shown scene, which is obviously the case based on these pics.

  • Barryfan

    No. penetration, the usuasl NDS drivel LOOSE THE DAMN SOCKS!!

  • BladeX

    Isn’t this like the 5th or 6th time Marcus & Johnny have been paired together in the same position? I know that Marcus endowment is average size or slightly smaller, but it would nice if the position were switched. Then again since Johnny is so thin I guess he probably average size as well, but his small frame makes him appear to have a bigger endowment. Johnny is attractive enough in the face, but he really needs to work on the lower have of his body: he has legs like a toothpick and no rear end at all.

    As a side note, don’t these two live together?

  • Southbay

    I love Marcus. He’s just so beautiful!

  • Daniel

    Marcus’s abs are beyond ridiculous.

    • elmtree

      Actually his entire body is beyond ridiculous. Just utterly flawless.

  • von schlomo

    I like Johnny but he’s just not near how enough not to get fucked, AKA top only! Marcus is always hot in my book!

  • Homo Anonymus

    Hate Marcus, just doesn’t do anything for me…

  • 007james

    Marcus is such a cock-hound. He’s cute as a button too.

  • cepsluvr

    I think these two make great video together..,.