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JakeCruise: Will Parks (Serviced)

Will Parks (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Will Parks (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Will Parks (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Will Parks (Serviced) at JakeCruise

Watch Will Parks (Serviced) at

One of the many benefits of owning Jake Cruise Media is that I get to play with all of the interns. Will Parks is busy cleaning off the grill for our weekly BBQ when I decide to fire up the cameras and have my way with him. I peel off his shirt and reveal Will’s chiseled, smooth body. He has spike-like piercings through his nipples so I’m extra cautious when I suck on them. I don’t want to wind up with a tongue-ring! As you probably have already guessed, Will’s nipples aren’t the only thing I suck on. I make sure his cock, ass, and his gorgeous feet get plenty of attention too. It starts to get a little chilly outside so I follow Will into the living room where he fucks my face. It’s so fucking hot staring up at Will while his cock slides in and out of my throat. I have my fill of cock and so it’s time for dessert. I suck on Will’s balls while he strokes himself. He pops off all over my face and mouth. I love when it’s my interns first day on the job.

Watch Will Parks (Serviced) at

  • remarkaboi157

    I wonder if Jake Cruise models get paid more…bc they should.

  • jinger

    ugly face

    • wuddup

      ugly soul

  • wuddup

    who wears short shorts?

    • trixM92


    • moondoggy

      The short shorts and the legs are the only good things about this.

  • Ziddi

    someone pls stop Jake Cruise and bring back SG4GE instead

  • Daniel



    I think the guy is hott…..I just wish the whale wasn’t in it.

  • 007james

    Jake’s expressions always look like he was just caught on camera for To Catch A Predator.

  • Ryder25

    Poor kid.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Poor Will. For his sake I hope he really IS unbreakable.

  • humanoid

    JC beat him up to force him into this video.

  • bjcalrock2

    Is that Miss Clay Aiken doing porn?

  • jasoncrew01

    Both are quite hideous.