SeanCody: Peter (III)

Peter III at SeanCody

Peter III at SeanCody

Peter III at SeanCody

Peter III at SeanCody

Peter III at SeanCody

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When Peter first took his pants off, I was instantly shocked at how hung he was!

“Sometimes when all the blood rushes to my dick, I feel really light headed,” he joked.

“Holy shit!” I said. “Stretch it out, I want to see how long it really is!”

It was huge. Huge!! Big and pendulous, right there between his legs.

So I had to ask: “You must get comments all the time.”

“Yeah,” he replied. “One time when I was showering at the gym, a guy came up to me and said, ‘thanks for the show!’”

He’s definitely got the whole package, with a giant cock, cute face, giant cock, great personality, chiseled physique… and a giant cock.

He’s been in great shape his whole life, but recently he started taking it to a whole new level.

“I just started doing fitness competitions,” he explained. “I like being critiqued… I’m just glad they judge from the waist up. I’ve got scrawny chicken legs!”

Then there’s his southern charm – he was full of stories about catching gators, dancing in the streets naked, and masturbating in public places.

“Would you ever have sex with a guy?”

A dick like his should not go to waste, so I couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m down for whatever,” he answered quickly. “I can’t regret anything I haven’t tried!”

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  • TheSagaOf

    Nice cock, bad face, nice body, bad tattoos. Eh… I’unno.

  • jazz

    It’s the new Jess! I am in absolute heaven!!!!

    So they’ve already set it up that he’ll be back as a versatile performer which I love. The only downside is that I’ll probably have to suffer through him fucking Pierce first :-(

    • You beat me to it, Jazz! He kinda reminds me of Jess too :)

    • And I pray to god he doesn’t get paired with that fug Pierce. This guy is way too beautiful.

    • TheSagaOf

      No way, man. The new Jess? Not by a long shot. Jess was waaaaaayyyyy better than this guy.

    • jazz

      Well of course I agree with you there…there’s only one Jess. But since he’s long gone, I’ll take this guy as a stand in.

    • elmtree

      Thin build…check
      Big cock…check

      I’m shocked Torrie and Jazz love this guy…not!!

    • jazz


    • dio

      LMAO, jessperate hoes. ;-P

      this guy’s dick is bigger/nicer than Jess’, he doesn’t have that ‘serial killer’ look in his eyes, and he’s also better looking… just sayin’.

    • elmtree

      “jessperate”…that’s great Dio.

      While I don’t see the same ‘serial killer’ look in Jess, and I’m not saying this Peter is a beauty queen, I definitely agree Peter is better looking than Jess imo.

    • jazz

      Dio – GIRL BYE!

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Again…has that MATURE look like the last solo update, Daniel III. Other than the tattoos, he seems ok-ish…I dunno as well like TheSagaOf said earlier…I’m still captivated by Daniel. I just wish he didn’t have those nasty tats on his right arms.

    • darkthunder1983

      Yeah, that one on his right arm is kind of… unique. A lighthouse on a seaside cliff? That’s a first. Every time I think I want a tat I end up seeing a person who makes me not want one.

    • darkthunder1983

      He has a nice pole, though. And as jazz pointed out, he does kind of remind me of Jess a little.

    • ChicagoBoyRN

      I like the mature look and i hope he cums back. Just nice to see some new fresh faces doing m2m action!

  • Paschal

    I’ll watch him fuck.

    • moondoggy

      Agreed, especially if he tops. I don’t care if he tops someone we’ve seen a lot. Pierce and all the other guys people complain about are still better than the bad variety we get at CM lately.

      As usual, I do hate the tattoos.

  • SuperDuper

    Well, I actually think he’s quite cute, and he has a very nice tool so I’ll welcome back. I’ve liked this update as well as the last one, and hopefully they both come back to do something fucking. :D


    I too think he’s gonna be a versatile model. I look forward to him breaking someone in actually. I wouldn’t mind if this guy or Daniel fucks Joshua or Brandon. ^^ LOL

    • jazz

      No “or” about it. It’s AND all the way cuz they should fuck them both.

    • SuperDuper

      LOL Sorry Jazz. But yeah, I totally agree with you there.

  • DaddyYankee

    Very hot!!! I hope to see him again soon!

    Now SC releases clips in full hd.

    • ChicagoBoyRN

      Full HD like 1280 x 720 like @ Corbin Fisher SELECT?

    • darkthunder1983

      Did this just start?

    • DaddyYankee

      Full HD 1920×1080!!!

    • von schlomo

      But what’s the file size? Are we talking North of a gig? My porn doesn’t need to take up that much room on my HDD, sorry.

    • darkthunder1983

      @von schlomo

      I feel you on that. I had to upgrade to a 3TB HDD because my CF and SC collections, along with the RB ones, are taking up the most space because they’re in HD.

    • ic1male

      14 minutes = 1.13GB so a full action duo will be around 2GB. This is early days though, the bit rate is very high so they may lower it for the next one. Hoorah to them for doing this though. Full HD is long overdue.

    • darkthunder1983

      I think I’ll stick with the old HD format they had. That’s too big and the less space they take up, the more porn I can have.

    • ic1male

      Maybe it’s time to prune the collection? I’ve been going through mine deleting crappy solos, passionless duos, etc. You only really need the good stuff. Unless you’re in a pickle because you’ve got loads of good stuff? I’ve increased my disk space massively by deleting drivel. :D

  • YES!!! Finally a hot guy on SC after an endless series of fugs!!!

    I really want to see him and Brandon together :D

    • darkthunder1983

      Methinks thou hast forgotten about the likes of, oh say, Gareth and a few others but I do agree that there have been some models that aren’t that appealing.

  • dio

    err… ‘fitness competitions’, really!? Does he get laughed off the stage as well? LOL I guess we can taker that to mean when he returns in a duo scene he’ll be ripped? Anyway, he’s cute in the screen shots, but not really in the shoot. I wonder if he’ll be another wasted big dick, or if he’ll actually tear some ass (that’s not Pierce’s, btw!) up w/ that thing? I’d love to see Marshall’s gorgeous ass fucked by a big dick… the dick he’s taken thus far has been pretty small fry, tbh.

    • brandon85

      Liev had a big penis

    • SuperDuper

      Yeha. Liev’s cock was right on. Too bad he only fucked him in one position. But it was awesome IMO. He should have just bottomed all the way through honestly.

    • SuperDuper

      *yeah LOL Whoops.

    • dio

      i’m sure Marshall’s (and they guys Liev’s run though with the thing) ass wouldn’t agree with me, but Liev’s dick was average compared to this guy. x-D

  • Southbay

    Oh yea hell yea I’m loving him! I love his big dick. And for him saying he “can’t regret anything I haven’t tried.” I hope he fucks some ass and vice versa. Get him back ASAP!

  • tandagay

    So this is my opinion. I hate how I have to remind people but here I go… This guy is such a flop. Physique completions? What?!? This twig shouldn’t even be allowed in a physique competition. Ugly face so naturally he gets ugly tattoos to go with it. It’s a perfect match. His dick is long, and skinny. Not “huge”. This is why I think guys with big dicks are usually so bland. I don’t think that Sean Cody even has the budget anymore for hot guys, even though they rape all the members for so much money. This site is a joke. They claim they asked him if he’d fuck a dude, but he won’t be back just like that other creepy dude with the “big” dick and shitty tattoos. Now let the hate on me begin for having an opinion.

  • Cubankid

    Not really liking this one. He has a nice peen and a nice body but that face of his is just well it’s bad. But i will watch him if he comes back.

  • DaveAtom

    Wow! Ok, is not the cutest guy out there, but is hot and handsome enough to want him back. In certain angles, he looks awesome, so I’ll be glad with more videos with him. He could be paired with Jarek or Pavel (I miss him btw)

  • Jay

    I like his butt better than his cock.

  • Dorse

    He reminds me of a less attractive version of Tom Brady, QB for the Patriots. Does anyone else see it? Not sure Brady is that hung though …

    • EveArden

      I don’t believe most of us here follow athletics. Sorry.

    • elmtree

      EveArden…why do you think “most of us here” do not “follow athletics”? I certainly do.

      Dorse…I don’t see the Tom Brady resemblance. Peter wishes he had Tom’s looks.

    • EveArden

      My apologies, Elm. As the professors used to say, generalizations are generally to be avoided. Go, jocks!

    • elmtree

      No prob Eve…maybe I’m the odd man out, a gay man who loves gay porn AND sports! :)

      But it sounds like you had wise professors.

  • elmtree

    Other than the cock, I can’t say I’m in love with him but wouldn’t mind a return visit from him. I would like to see him use that cock on a power bottom. Curtis, you available?

    • jazz

      Or Calvin, Ethan, or Troy…

    • elmtree

      Yep, any off your list would do just fine Jazz.

  • Patrol

    My standards of beauty were seriously challenged by bizarre tattoos in a way similar to when I saw RB’s Jordan Levine. I do see some resemblance to Jess, who I must say is genuinely handsome but always has a plastic, human Ken doll quality that I find difficult to warm up to. Peter could be Jess’s trailer-park-living older brother. Wouldn’t it be weird if they actually share a scene?

    • dio

      there’s actually something very ‘Zeb’ about him, facially, I find, in a lot of the pics. The dead-on shots where he’s quasi/half/forced- smiling @ the camera are striking, IMO. If he comes back, think he’ll be one of those guys that becomes hotter and hotter (to peeps) w/ every action scene…

    • jazz

      Him and Jess together!!!! Don’t toy with my emotions like that!

    • EveArden

      The “something ‘Zeb’ about him, facially …” does not really resonate with me. I agree with others that there is some resemblance to Jess. But to Zeb? It’s a whole different league, in my opinion.

    • jinger

      He reminds me of a starved David Taylor a bit.

    • Timrod

      Speaking of, where has CF been hiding Zeb?

  • Carl

    The noze is as big as the dick! ha Yeah, come back and perform for the boyz.

  • Sushi

    He’s alright. I’m not repulsed, like I have been lately with their updates, so that’s good anyways. It’ll be interesting to see who they pair him with, and how far he goes.

  • jinger

    Size queens will be happy, I guess, but as far as I’m concerned, I wish he wouldn’t come back. He’s not handsome, he looks nothing like Jess, he has a small butt, too many tattoos, a long face, and a big forehead. He should go to CM, not SC. But since he’s got a huge dick he’ll be back for sure, so at least I hope they pair him with a bottom I like. Make him top Landon, and I’ll forget about his bad looks :)

    • dio

      welp, he’s leagues better looking BSB’s Blake (who, incidentally I actually think resembles Jess far more than this guy!), the ‘hairy dude’ you find ‘so cute’ that’s for sure :-P

    • jinger

      Blake is cute enough for BSB, this is SC.

  • Hendricks

    Not a fan of the tats, but I’m willing to see how he looks putting that big dick to use

  • Snowflake

    I’m really surprised by the amount of negativity about this guy. I thought he’d get a lot more acclaim. Personally, I find him very hot and I hope he’ll be back soon to top Calvin, Joshua and Jessie, just to mention a few names. :)

  • theanonymous

    If there was an option to like or dislike these so called updates, I guarantee you the red dislike bar would be so much more longer than this guys dick and much less underwhelming than Sean Cody’s ability to put out videos (let alone choose models).

  • Timah

    Oh look I have a beautiful body, how boring, better cover myself in terrible scribbles instead.

  • southbaybj2

    WOW WOW WOW. This guy is gorgeous! Very handsome/cute face, nice smile, amazing amazing smooth body, great dick… I’ll look past the tats. 10/10! I hope to see him and Bryan together soon.

  • jag2power

    Curtis has been called to the front.

    • Helluva Bottom Carter

      IKR? You know he’s salivating seeing the pics now.

  • niftyguyatl

    OK, the dick is intriguing, in a freak of nature kind of way (though flaccid it is a bit unappealing), but I sincerely wish that somehow the ink could be covered with some kind of body makeup. I really can’t help wondering if some of these inked dudes do porn just to raise money to cover more of their bods with tattoos.

  • porndog

    He’s fine to me! Love the eyes, the body is nicely cut, if a little on the thin side. But he has a good, down-to-earth quality about him, and his dick rivals Jess’. It’ll be nice to see him pound Ethan and others, although with his slight frame, I wonder how much power he can bring to bear. Still it’ll be nice seeing that ripped body in motion. I’m really hoping he returns.

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait to see him in action.

  • pubert

    He’s built like Michael Phelps. Not really my type but I’d like to see him topping.

    Knowing SC they’ll make some smaller dick guy fuck him.

  • clay

    He’s photogenic.

  • Nice!