Fratmen.TV: Asher (Straight Jock)

Asher (Straight Jock) at

Asher (Straight Jock) at

Asher (Straight Jock) at

Asher (Straight Jock) at

Asher (Straight Jock) at

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Bi Boy1986 says:

Very Sean Cody. Not hot enough for me to watch him if he isn’t having sex.

kevinporter says:

actually , no and no

007james says:

Agree. But he does have a nice hard cock on him.

jazz says:

Guy next door, but I’d fuck him.

elmtree says:


dio says:

err… jock? Really, Fratmen?! I can’t.

adidas28 says:

And “(Straight Jock)” as a descriptor differs from the other guys on this site how exactly?

Southbay says:

Very nice eyes and dick

clusterfuck says:

No thanks.

Sushi says:

Beautiful. Love everything about him. Wish he wasn’t on FratMen.

von schlomo says:

Pretty nice cock, which I like a lot! Nice eyes, but everything else is about average hot.

the last dodo says:

I like the eyes and body but don’t feel compelled to watch him do anything.

Bradster says:

The girls can have this one.

Rico says:

Oh how I’d love to be a “fluffer” at Fratmen!

asianhunk_69 says:

He should switch to Sean Cody now.