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Bentley Race: Chris Wyld (Young, Lanky & Uncut)

Chris Wyld (Young, Lanky & Uncut) at Bentley Race

Chris Wyld (Young, Lanky & Uncut) at Bentley Race

Chris Wyld (Young, Lanky & Uncut) at Bentley Race

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I’m totally hot for our new mate Chris Wyld. I’m writing this note with a boner this morning as I think about this first scene with Chris. He had emailed me a couple of times about possibly appearing on the site. At first I wasn’t sure as the photos he sent weren’t that good. But in real life Chris is gorgeous! His first scene was lined up with Zac. The boys met at my apartment and started with a photo session on the couch and then on the bed. 20 year old Chris is quite tall at 6’3″ and has a very lean lanky body. Our uncut cock fans are going to love Chris’ thick cock with a thick long foreskin that he likes to stretch out as he plays on camera. Zac quickly moved on to getting some video footage of Chris getting off. It’s in the video that you realise that Chris would love to be fucked. After shoving several fingers up his bum, he grabs Zac’s fat dildo and slides it right on deep inside himself. Then ties his cock and balls up with some elastic to make them really tight. Eventually the flashlight comes out and he really having a good time fucking and getting fucked at the same time. I can see that Chris is going to be a lot of fun to shoot with some of my mates. This boy is up for anything! Chris later told me that he wants to come back and get in on some gang bang scenes with my mates. I think we’ll be seeing much more of Chris Wyld in action very soon.

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  • dio


  • adowhat

    That is quite a reach in on that third pic. I think he’s already blown an o ring lol. It’d be like fucking a vag

  • darkthunder1983

    Ouch! What’s he doing to his balls in the third to the last pic???

  • Orion Hunter

    He’ll soon move on to being flogged, fisted, fucked and felched in Euro porn.

    • dio

      you don’t think he already has been? LOL It’s only a hunch, but I wouldn’t doubt dood’s been in a Absolute XXX/Gordi/Twinkz/Ikarus/LoadXXX film or five. x-D

  • He’s cute in an unconventional type of way.

  • agenttexas

    He look nice with his clothes on in the second pic but after that no….

  • humanoid

    He looks like one Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic…. Kinda hot in a chavvy way.

  • Daniel


  • ErryK

    “Nugood” is right.

  • sillyfanny

    A snaggle-toothed, twink Joseph Gordon-Levitt.