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Fratmen Kobe sort of reminds us of someone. Dark hair, warm brown comforting complection with a adequately framed physique. Kobe is a mix, but there is no doubt about it, Kobe, carries the characteristics of a fine latino male. A large ostentatious un-circumsized penis and a curvaceous backside, Kobe is a perfect catch for anyone looking for passion.

Watch Kobe at Fratmen.TV

  • clusterfuck

    Not bad, the uncut cock sweetens the deal.

    • Daniel


  • dio

    he looks like the malformed triplet to those twins FM has.

    • Cubankid

      That’s mean. Yes he isn’t the hottest guy but he isn’t the ugliest either.

    • Bradster

      “Malformed” is a good way to describe his face.

  • Rio Dong Janeiro

    Cute, but since he won’t be doing anything else, whatever.

  • sillyfanny

    This update was 3 days late, just like the last FM sucks with Braden was 3 days late. Don’t think we don’t notice this Alan! Sean Cody updates with hot, HOT stuff multiple times a week, and now Fratmen is down to a single update every 10 days or so. I know where my money is going next month!

    Btw, could you possibly cram any more out-of-place, multi-syllabic words into that description? It’s like a 4th grader found a thesaurus for the first time and wrote to impress his teacher.

  • Patrol

    Yummy slice of Kobe beef!

    • Dave

      My exact thoughts.

  • von schlomo

    I think the face is the weakest link but it’s not bad enough to kill the deal….not nearly. Thank god he had the inner strength to resist shaving his legs/pubes! That’s my favorite part of him.

  • Dave

    My only concerns are the neck tattoos and thin legs, but I wouldn’t let those stop us from having a roll in the hay. Then again, I do have an affinity for Latin men…

    • swim400

      don’t know any fm w/neck tattos. fmtv sucks.

  • darkthunder1983

    He kind of reminds me of Micky and Ajay for some reason or another.

    • darkthunder1983

      Oh, yeah. Because of the hairstyle.

  • Orion Hunter

    A ‘Wednesday night’ date at best (we all know that the closer you get to the weekend, the hawter the guy has to be before we’ll commit to an evening date – Thursday, Friday and the almost-impossible-to-score Saturday night dates are saved for the crème de la crème – lol!!!!).

  • Arglebargle