ChaosMen: Kelton (Toys)

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton (Toys) at ChaosMen

Kelton at

Kelton is eager to start doing some adult work to help pay for college. He is a Pleaser, and was very eager to jerk-off and and show his skills with toys.

He plays rugby, which is not the most gentle of sports, and though he is shaved up, he still has a scruffy, rough look to him. I had a couple people tell me he looks like Don Draper from Mad Men, and a couple other people say he could be Vander’s brother.

I was in the process of waiting for him to grow back his body hair, but I had a Serviced video that Solomon was going to do fall apart. So I got Kelton in for a quick for a solo, and then a day later he was doing a G:hole video with Solomon (Airing next week!). Sorry about the overly trimmed hair, but he was local, and ready to go! Kelton did some major re-arranging of his tight school and work schedule to come in at the last minute, so I wanna thank him for his..uhhh..Flexibility.

Speaking of flexible, Kelton is a bottom boy, so having some toys on hand was in the plan for this solo. He clearly loves having his ass played with, and now I think I am officially Bottom Heavy! My trusty Longhorn orange vibrating butt plug puts him over the top and has him busting a crazy thick load.

He is a sweet guy, and I really enjoyed working with him. Stayed tuned next week as we check out his oral skills!

Watch Kelton at

Watch Kelton at

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manu says:

Something went wrong with the pictures .
Looks like a hot guy still

Cubankid says:

His eyes are beautiful, the rest of him isn’t bad either.

dio says:

i’ll reserve judgment until he’s in an action scene…

Mike says:

Looks like he could be Vander’s smaller cousin.

moondoggy says:

And that’s why I wet my pants when I saw him, even though he does not have Vander’s body. I still REALLY want to see him do a scene with someone good. I’m with dio — if this and maybe an oral are all we ever see him do, I could have done without him altogether. But if he does some fucking, all will be right in the world.

moondoggy says:

Is it me, or does he also look like an upgrade version of Hayden?

dio says:

he looks nothing like Vander. Like, at all, aside from the buzzcut. LOL

elmtree says:

My initial thought was he’s not bad, actually kinda hot. I was less impressed after watching the vid, especially during the interview portion. But i am still interested in seeing him bottom…

Southbay says:

I agree

CalRegularGuy says:

Potential. I’ll reserve judgment until his hair is grown out. As it is, not all that interested.

von schlomo says:


manu says:

Nothing to do with this topic but Vander has lost way too much weight , I couldn’t even cum watching his latest scene :( Needs to put 15-20 pounds back on

Juan Diego says:

¡What a nice, tender and sweet ass hole!.

Bradster says:

This guy has a weird body shape. The torso is a big blob.

Juan Diego says:

He’s not a bodybuilder but his body is very good.

muffintop says:

YES PLEASE. He’s quite handsome. What immediately caught my eye in the first pic was his eyes. Nicely built and nice cock to boot. I was a little disappointed to hear that he’s a bottom because CM is lacking a bit in good looking tops.

moondoggy says:

Especially tops with dicks like that. That thing is really nice to look at. Perfect shape.

porndog says:

I’m always a fan of beautiful brown eyes – they go with everything. And there’s something warm and inviting about them. Overall, not bad. Plus, he’s gay and that’s a huge plus, since most CM men are str8 and deliver str8 performances. It’ll be interesting to see how he does.

Rio Dong Janeiro says:

Pretty eyes.

Auggy says:

Gorgeous eyes. Nice ass and dick. Yes, he could use some gym time to gain definition but his ultimate mistake in my eyes is not letting his body hair grow out more.

Daniel says:

I have never seen such a blank… chest.

Ted says:

He’s hot but he shaves too much! Some one needs to get a letter to Kelton that not everyone can be a Twink in their late 20s/30s (and that’s a good thing)!

hollydick says:

Huumm he’s hot ! the eyes, dick, ass, feet and tall : hope he’ll get fucked soon or a flip flop ☺