YouLoveJack: Blake Slater (Straight As They Come!)

Blake Slater (Straight As They Come!) at You Love Jack

Blake Slater (Straight As They Come!) at You Love Jack

Blake Slater (Straight As They Come!) at You Love Jack

Watch Blake Slater at

This handsome little devil, Blake Slater, wants everyone to know that he’s 100% straight. “I need the money and that’s the only reason I’m doing this but I’m not doing anything gay!” Wouldn’t dream of it…

He pulls his thick uncut cock out of his pants and shows it off as he looks down at the camera with his pouty lips and crystal blue eyes. Hesitant as he works up the courage to jack off for a bunch of gay guys! He pulls up his legs and shows off his virgin asshole before hosing himself down with a huge load of piping hot straight jizz. He swirls that mess around on his smooth chest and belly and for a second you’d swear he was going to take a taste… But no, eating cum would be too gay. Letting a bunch of dudes jack off while looking at your asshole? Not gay at all!

Watch Blake Slater at

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  • moondoggy

    The whole straight thing is completely pointless, but he’s a perfect fit for this site otherwise. Love that cock.

  • Auggy

    Damn. Devilishly handsome and mischievous with a gorgeous cock. Not so sure about him being “straight” or “that virgin ass” though.

  • Cubankid

    He has a nice face and peen.

  • Southbay

    I’d service his cock and hole all day and night

  • jag2power

    Hey fella, what cha’ doing New Year’s eve?

  • dio

    why does it matter what the sexual preference of the guys on this site is when all they do is jerk off? LOL

    • monster10

      LMAO right

    • swim400

      totally agree

  • elmtree

    Nice cock indeed…

  • insipid

    I’m getting kind of tired of these sites catering to the self-hating queers out there. News for Mr. Totally straight: gay guys get undressed and jack off in front of the camera for the same reason- to get paid. And they do it without informing us as to how repulsive they think we are.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yes, is anyone really supposed to find that putrid writeup titillating? Besides self-haters, maybe it makes people who are in-denial or in the midst of self-discovery feel more comfortable. But it’s still offensive.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Oh, now that I read the writeup more carefully, I see it specifically says the intended audience is gay. OTOH, at the end it also seems to be mocking the guy for insisting he’s not “being gay” when he really is.

  • Bradster

    As boring as they come!

  • pubert

    His hole looks abused.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      It really does. Big turnoff, just like the name of the site. I wouldn’t kick anyone out of bed because of a hole like that, but that doesn’t mean I want to stare at it in porn.

  • cmlver

    he did a solo for Cockyboys a few weeks ago if anyone is interested

  • Daniel


  • Arglebargle

    He’s about as straight as Lombard Street in San Francisco.