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Fratmen.TV: Cheyanne

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Watch Cheyanne at Fratmen.TV

  • jag2power

    Are you kidding me? This dude has appeared on JetSetmen in many a hardcore scene, I believe under a different name. Do they think that we are not paying attention?

  • souse

    Whoa hahahhahahaha!

    This guy has been in every studio more or less… not sure why he even aplied for fratmen and more important, why they took him?

    God that face is Damn ugly

  • FeydRautha
  • Rictor

    These are older photos from his original time at FratMen. There was a “scandal” earlier this year when “Cheyanne” moonlighted as “Jason Goodman” while under exclusive contract with FratMen. He was booted from the FratPad and supposedly was sued for breach of contract.

  • DaveAtom

    Disgusting!!! *start to puke*

  • Cubankid

    He looks like a tanned gorilla.

  • Daniel


    • wuddup

      you start early with the cuntiness, don’t you? nice to see things never change. what’s actually gross is the fact that you never leave your keyboard and sit around judging porn all day, but i guess for you this is some lame attempt to make yourself feel adeqaute, when it’s obvious from all of your negative comments that your soul is black like all the other fags who constantly post comments here.

    • DAYUM! You told him, wuddup.

    • souse

      If you know so much about people posting it means you spend an equally amount of time here reading comments…. that doesn´t set you apart really

      And let´s be honest, this guy really isn´t pretty by any means

    • tadnarsa

      Anyone who thinks this is gross must be blind. Are you people out of your minds? Hes beautiful, a beautiful guy, a treat to my eyes. Lovely.

    • Daniel

      I think it’s rather comical that wuddup seems oblivious to comments from other users of a similar nature, and instead singles me out for attack every time. How sad and pathetic.

    • Maybe wuddup secretly fancy u Daniel?

  • Bradster

    Ewww it’s Jason Goodman. If this fug is a FM, then I guess the Mayans might be right after all.

  • moondoggy

    Fug. Puke. Gross. Gorilla. Ugly.

    I’d say the comments are as worthy of that description as the model. This is shriller than the Jake comments.

  • Orion Hunter

    Not really my flava, but dat azz looks oh-so delish and his body is top-notch. I’ve seen dood on other sites so I am a bit surprised to see him show up as a Fratmen frosh, but I guess the current state of the economy is forcing difficult choices even in porn.

  • I happen to think he’s cute. In fact, I had a bit of a hard on for him and found myself searching for the video he did with the dude with ass implants…his first bottoming scene.

  • tadnarsa

    I actually like him, a lot. He is really beautiful all around. A gorgeous man. How could anyone not think that he is beautiful, people who have absolutely no taste is who. This guy is a feast for the eyes, a treat for anyone who loves healthy, young, beautiful, vibrant young men.

  • Rio Dong Janeiro

    Looks more like Sean Cody material.

    • clusterfuck

      SC already has a shovel-chinned model we already see too much of – Pierce!

      Sorry, Cheyanne – no room at the inn for you!

  • Looks extraordinarily gay.